10 Tricks to make you look younger instantly

I’m not talking at this point about cosmetic miracle cures and their promise to make you look ten years younger overnight. Because if there was such a cream, it would be in my bathroom long ago. But there are days when it does not hurt to use one or the other trick to erase the traces of the previous night, to cover the circles under your eyes or to conjure up some freshness on your cheeks. And if you look fresher, you automatically look younger too. And to achieve this, you do not need an arsenal of beauty products. Sometimes a few tea bags, a cold washcloth and a red lipstick are enough.

1. A touch of color

Noble pallor: Cate Blanchett. (Keystone)

I belong to the pale ones, like Cate Blanchett. And if I have slept badly, I look really waxy. In other words: a case for the wax museum. To have some color on my face in the morning, I mix a little bit of self-tanner into my night cream in the evening and look more rested when I wake up. Even if I have slept only five hours.

2. Less is more

The thicker the layer of makeup, the older it makes us look. The color pigments settle into the wrinkles during the day and dig into the skin. Better variant: dip your head in cold water in the morning, remove old skin cells with a peeling and then apply a light BB cream (tinted day cream). A dab of apricot blush adds freshness.

3. Smile!

Natural white: Inès de la Fressange. (Keystone)

When asked how she maintains her youthful appearance, French top model Inès de la Fressange says: "Well-groomed, white teeth make you look younger than all the makeup in the world."And no, we’re not talking about a marshmallow Hollywood set of teeth here, but well-groomed little teeth. The most effective way is a professional dental cleaning. And for at home a toothpaste with whitening effect and an electric toothbrush. And then of course: smile, smile, smile!

4. Coffee for the eye

Puts tea on her eyes: Jennifer Aniston. (Keystone)

Quick and helpful against bags under the eyes are eye gels with caffeine effect. Caffeine has a skin-tightening effect, it stimulates blood circulation and gives a rosy complexion. Alternative: compresses with black or green tea. Put on, lie down, wait ten minutes and let it cool down. Jennifer Aniston is said to swear by it.

5. Dense eyelashes

The older we get, the more our eyelashes thin out. The same goes for our eyebrows. To accelerate the growth of the hairs, there are various eyelash serums on the market that show an effect after only 28 days and contain no harmful prostaglandins and parabens (Optilash by Apot.care). If you have less patience: be sure to use an eyelash curler. Curved eyelashes make our eyes look bigger. And then mascara vigorously.

6. Red lips

Decisive for a great appearance are not only the clothes you wear, but also details. Wear bright lipstick with simple outfits like jeans and a white blouse! One of my friends, Edith, has long white hair and wears bright red lipstick consistently. It has become her trademark.

7. Bright hair color

Shines with her hair: Jessica Chastain. (Keystone)

Whether blond, red, brown or white – the main thing is that the color is rich and the hair is shiny. And no one says that mature women should wear their hair short, although the majority do so. On the contrary: a flattering head of hair rejuvenates immensely. Alternative: have a fringe cut. This one not only hides a few wrinkles, but also gives a girlish appeal.

Even James Bond can"t resist her: Monica Bellucci. (Keystone)

8. Better than Botox

Well-groomed, shaped eyebrows open the eyes and make us look more awake. The new Bond lady Monica Bellucci, who still looks great at the age of 51, knows this too.

9. Manual work

Could work as a hand model: Charlize Theron. (Keystone)

You can tell your true age by your hands. Hand creams with shea butter, almond or olive oil provide valuable fatty acids. The anti-aging active ingredient Q10 also works against wrinkles. Also true in winter: Light protection on the hand!

10. No powder!

Be careful with too much mattifying powder, because it likes to settle in wrinkles and makes the skin look dull. The skin looks more radiant if individual areas are slightly shiny, accents can be set with highlighters, which have light-reflecting particles mixed in. Fluids can be smudged by finger and are ideal for highlighting individual areas such as the eyelid, chin and cheekbones.

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