10 Years of “shopping queen”: “textile downfall” – guido maria kretschmar on his worst moment

Today, Monday, the anniversary week for ten years "Shopping Queen" starts. Designer and presenter Guido Maria Kretschmer looks back on the past few years in an interview and reveals what he hopes for the future.

Ten years of "Shopping Queen": That would be Guido’s personal horror motto Wunderkind-Entertainment

On 30. January 2012 started the first"Shopping Queen"-Episode on VOX. Ten years later, the format is with fashion designers Guido Maria Kretschmer (56) still one of the station’s most successful and popular shows. On 31. January sees the format enter its big anniversary week. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Guido Maria Kretschmer looks back on the past ten years and reveals under which motto he himself would like to go shopping one day – and which would be his personal nightmare.

When you started the format ten years ago, did you ever think it would be such a big success?

Guido Maria Kretschmer: I didn’t do that. That would also be the wrong way to go, if you say beforehand: "This is going to be great. That’s what I do now for life." Then it won’t be. It was just a good fit and I was the right person for this format. The time was ripe to do something new on TV, to tell something different and also to talk about fashion differently. It was also the right time for a German designer to do something like this.

There was this fashion Olympus before that. It was all very top-down. I think I’ve managed quite well, so that the viewers see that my intention is that the women in the show are doing well. I gave them my little tips and told them what fashion can do. And so I have also been able to spread fashion knowledge.

What do you think "Shopping Queen" does? so successful? What is the secret recipe of the show?

I often call my own fashion "democratic couture" and I think that’s exactly what we have with "Shopping Queen managed: to show the joy of fashion. What she does and how different she can be. That you don’t have to be rich, particularly beautiful, particularly slim or particularly exciting to look good.

You see in the show that different people with different conditions have a common goal: They try to make the best of themselves. It’s very important that sometimes they don’t get it right, because that’s the crux of life. This shows the viewers that the failure of this ideal can also be a pleasure, if you do it carefully and lovingly.

What does "Shopping Queen" mean to you??

I really ought to get myself a crown for "Shopping Queen because I really owe a lot to the show. (laughs) This is simply a show that is closely associated with me. A woman once said to me: "If you die one day, it will certainly be on the ‘Tagesschau’. Then they say: The man from ‘Shopping Queen’ is dead." It made me laugh a lot, because she is probably right. That’s just the way it is when you do something exposed. Then it’s also up to you. I think it’s very nice.

They also like to dish out a lot in the show. Has a candidate ever resented you for that??

In fact, never before. But sometimes they are quite surprised about the verdict. Once, however, a mother said to me: "That was a very nasty thing you said about my daughter." I then immediately clarified that it was not about the look, but about how she behaved. For she was quite insolent to the salesmen. But actually I don’t get anything negative back. I always try to do it with love. And when I find something horrifying, you can just tell it’s me too. This is part of this show. When you’re on "Shopping Queen When you advertise for a wedding, you have to expect the worst.

Was there a crazy incident that you will never forget??

There were so many moments! Beautiful, like dramatic, but also partly really absurd. I can remember situations where I really thought, "Now they’re pulling my leg and Guido Cantz from ‘Verstehen Sie Spab’ is about to come on?’" Especially in my memory is a designer from Augsburg. I think I ruined her career (laughs). With her a candidate has bought. The designer has advised and dressed her herself. I was so stunned. This was really the textile downfall! State of emergency!

And what emotional moments remain in your memory?

There are at least as many touching as crazy moments. For example, I’ve gotten mail from chiefs of cancer wards who’ve written, "What would we have done in chemotherapy if we didn’t have Shopping Queen on the side??"

Others have separated from their husbands because I talk so much about love in the show and they realized that way: This is not it. There are children who have meanwhile graduated from high school, although they always do their homework – even if it is forbidden – on "Shopping Queen" have watched. It is wonderful to see that I have become a part of so many lives with the show.

Suppose you were to participate in "Shopping Queen" yourself what would be your absolute dream motto??

I like to wear everything in black, so maybe "Black is beautiful"! But in fact there are also many things that I would not be able to do well. On "Shopping Queen of the Year I always play the escort once a year. Then I always have the money and pay myself and think to myself every time: "How do they manage that with 500 euros?? How do they manage that in the time?" I always have problems with this and therefore have the greatest respect for the candidates. If I were to do it though, I would definitely like to have a motto that slims down nicely (laughs).

Would there also be a motto that you would not like at all?

Absolutely! My horror motto would be "All in white". When I am invited to a wedding and I see "White Wedding, please come all in white", then I am already out.

What do you wish for the next ten years of "Shopping Queen"??

I would wish that people stay smart and awake and see that fashion is nothing mundane. But that it can be a good vehicle to be everything in life that one would like to be or could be and perhaps should be. As long as people can dress freely and well and wear whatever they want, then you live in a democracy. I would wish that this would work out.

The article is published by spot on news and was supplemented by TVSPIELFILM authors with further information. Contact with the partner here.

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