110 Sweet sayings for any occasion

Sweet sayings convey appreciation, gratitude and love. Put a smile on the face of your partner, friends or family with a sweet saying. We have categorized 110 sayings so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Write the sweet words in a card or send them as a message.

Make your loved ones happy with sweet sayings

Sweet sayings are not common. They are not phrases that are just said, because they show those around us that we really care about them. In them there is love, truth and goodwill. They are solely to please and show appreciation to your loved ones. Since sweet sayings are so rare, they are special and the joy is all the greater.

Sayings of this type are suitable for cards and nice messages for all kinds of occasions: birthdays, weddings, births or just to make a loved one’s day sweeter. For example, write your grandma a card with a sweet saying just to tell her you are thinking of her or

110 sweet sayings in 8 categories

In the following categories you will find sweet sayings for different occasions. Give or send love to your partner, family or best friend. Congratulate with a sweet saying for wedding, birth of a child, birthdays or prepare someone a great day with a nice message already in the morning. Our sayings are always loving and kind, so you can send them without hesitation.

Sweet sayings for her

Sweet sayings for her

Women often place extra importance on their partner telling them how much they love them. This is not always out of insecurity, but mainly because it is nice when the boyfriend makes an effort and jumps over his shadow. So surprise your girlfriend with a loving saying or use a special occasion to tell her how you feel. For example, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or her birthday are suitable for this purpose.

It is also very special when you confess your love to her with a sweet saying. The three magical words are wonderful to write in a card or memorize in saying form. Never send the first confession of love on WhatsApp, it is always nicer in person. You do not know if you are in love? Do the love test.

  1. I want nothing more than to go through life with you and for us to always be loving to each other!
  2. Franz Kafka once said: "He has best provided for the future who provides for the present"."I promise to always protect and love you, so that we can always build on each other in the future.
  3. You are the sun and the light for me – always remember: I love you!
  4. The next girl I will love will be our daughter.
  5. When I saw you for the first time, it was clear to me: it really exists, it’s crazy, the love at first sight!
  6. I wish I were the wind that gently strokes your hair, the sun that touches you tenderly and the moon that guards your sleep.
  7. The person who can put a smile on your face without touching you, without talking to you, should be the person you give your heart to! I hereby give it to you and tell you honestly: I love you.
  8. I now ask you a question,
    It’s been bothering me for many days.
    In my most beautiful dream
    I see you and me in the same room.
    Let’s move in together?
    You’ve given me powers I’ve never known before.
    My love, it has never been so strong,
    so it had to be that I ask you this.
    Now I finally see clearly.
    Now only you are missing – please say yes!
    (Johannes Haupt)
  9. i feel like a winner with you. Now a proposition: Inside for two, with me. If you read the message between the lines, you know for sure: I never want to share you again.
  10. "You are the fulfillment of all my prayers.
    You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don’t know,
    how I have lived so long without you."
    (Like a single day, 2004)
  11. I’m happy with you because we love and laugh and sometimes do something crazy.
  12. I’m counting the hours till you’re with me again.
  13. Every day I love you a little more.
    Every day I miss you a little more.
    Every day I become a little more sure that you are the dream girl I’ve been looking for all my life.
    (John Haupt)
  14. You impressed me from the first moment and awaken the feeling of future in me.
  15. Like two leaves in the wind we found each other.
    Since then we are connected forever.
    And when we blow in different directions,
    we find together again – unity in two souls.
    (Malin Poggemann)

Sweet sayings for him

Sweet sayings for him

Not only women are happy about sweet sayings. Even most men appreciate it when their girlfriend tells them how she feels. Since it is not always easy to put strong emotions into words, we will help you with a few sayings. Surprise your boyfriend with a sweet WhatsApp message or write one of our sayings in a card for Christmas, New Year, his birthday or other special occasions. You don’t have a boyfriend yet, but would like to have one? Here you can find tips for successful dating.

  1. There are so many beautiful places in the world, but the most beautiful is the place in your arms.
  2. With you by my side I can face the whole world.
  3. I love you… still like the first day.
    I adore your laughter, admire your energy.
    I look at you and can hardly believe my luck.
    (Malin Poggemann)
  4. You are my resting place and my rock. With you I feel protected like with no one else. You make me feel safe and I love you for it.
  5. I love that you are not only my great love but also my best friend.
  6. Every day I wish that what we have never ends.
  7. We were friends but that wasn’t enough for my heart. Love based on friendship is the most beautiful love there is!
  8. I don’t want a prince with all the riches in the world. I want a fighter who sees me as his greatest wealth.
  9. There are people you can let your legs and your soul dangle with. You can just be yourself, without facade, without doubt, sometimes even without words. These people are rare, once you have found one you have to hold on to it.
  10. They say you can’t predict the future. But I see our future very clearly and I’m sure it will be like this.
  11. Why were we given only one heart? We have two feet to walk on, two hands to touch, two ears to hear and two eyes to see! But why only one heart? – Because the other half is with someone we have to find first. In you I have found this person. I love you.
  12. "It does not matter how long you wait,
    but on whom."
    (Some like it hot, 1959)
  13. The best thing on earth is to be loved by you.
  14. You give me strength and yet you are my greatest weakness.
  15. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you.

Sweet sayings about love

Sweet sayings about love

Sweet sayings about love are suitable for a variety of occasions, but first and foremost for your own partner. Later, we’ll also have some wedding sayings for you that also celebrate love. The following sayings are serious and romantic and should be given only after you have already said "I love you" to each other. They address the most beautiful qualities of love and will probably speak to you from the soul.

Sayings about love are also always suitable to spice up a long-term relationship. When you have been together for a long time, you get used to each other and the partner becomes a matter of course for many people. It is very important to tell him again and again and to show him how irreplaceable he is. For this purpose are also suitable love sayings. Especially if you write them yourself, they show that you are willing to make an effort even after many years.

  1. The best gift in life is when a great love comes true. I want to thank you for that.
  2. Often one person is enough to make the world light up.
  3. My love for you is as endless as the sky, as deep as the sea, as dense as a pine forest, as clear as a crystal and as infinite as space.
  4. You and I: we are one. I can’t hurt you without hurting myself.
    (Mahatma Gandhi)
  5. For only he is rich who is loved and may love.
    (Adalbert Stifter)
  6. Real love stories never end.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  7. Love is… when reality is more beautiful than any dream. in love consists in finding peace in another heart.
    (Julie de Lespinasse)
  8. Love is … to reach for the stars together.
  9. Our life cannot always be full of joy, but always full of love.
  10. The love between two people
    lives from the beautiful moments.
    But it grows through the difficult times,
    which both cope with together.
  11. Love does not have to be expressed in order to make people happy. You can communicate love without words. But it is all the more beautiful when it is finally spoken: I love you.
  12. Love is not what you expect to get, but what you are ready to give.
    (Katharine Hepburn)
  13. That’s what love is: two lonely people protecting and touching and talking to each other.
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  14. Love is… being alone sometimes, but never feeling alone.

Sweet sayings for the best friend

Sweet sayings for the best friend

Already Aristotle dealt extensively with the topic of friendship. He came to some conclusions about true friendship and the deep connection that can develop between two people. An apt description is this one: "Friendship, that is a soul in two bodies."(Aristotle) With best friends this soul often becomes wonderfully visible. They are not only alike in language use and behavior, they also share experiences and secrets with each other. They support each other and make sure that the other is doing well.

So best friends give each other an incredible amount. But unfortunately, the friend is usually far too rarely told what value she has in the life of others. Sometimes girlfriends do not even know that they have long become best friends. Sweet sayings help to make clear to your platonic better half, how much you love them.

Below you will find different sayings that are suitable for a good or a best friend. Make her happy on her birthday, wake her up surprisingly with a sweet saying in the morning, recite it to her in a voicemail or post a picture with her and take one of our sayings as a caption. There are countless ways to tell your girlfriend how much she means to you. You don’t have a best friend? Here we tell you how to find one quickly.

  1. Friends are like stars, you can’t always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
  2. Who sees a true friend, somehow sees a reflection of themselves.
  3. The flower blooms only for a short time, our friendship blooms for eternity.
  4. A friend understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you in the present as you are.
  5. Of all the gifts that fate grants us, there is no greater good than friendship – no greater wealth, no greater joy.
    (Epicurus of Samos)
  6. Love comes and goes, but friendship remains.
  7. No friendship bond is more lasting than the one made in early youth. One is there even less suspicious, less difficult in little things.
    (Adolph Freiherr von Knigge)
  8. We have found each other. We are one now.
  9. You’re my rock on which I can always save myself.
  10. I appreciate you and your honesty. I love you.
  11. Friendship is a door between two people. It can sometimes creak, it can jam, but it is never closed.
    (Baltasar Gracian y Morales)
  12. Keep your word. Hold your hand. Hang in there. You and I can do anything.
  13. Friendship, that is one soul in two bodies.
  14. Time heals no wounds. Friends heal them.
  15. Really good friends are people who know us very well and still stick by us.
    (Marie von Ebner Eschenbach)

Sweet good morning sayings

It’s nice to wake up in the morning and be showered with love. It spreads directly a smile on the face and the good mood accompanies the rest of the day. You can live off of kind words for a long time, and by thinking of them, you can always keep yourself in a positive mood or motivated. Send a sweet good morning saying on WhatsApp to friends or relatives to give them a great start to the day. If the person you want to please is more of a morning person, try these goodnight sayings.

  1. I just wanted to tell you on this great morning how much I like you. You are special to me and I never want to lose you. Thank you for being there. Have a wonderful day!
  2. Hello and a beautiful good morning! If you’re waking up right now and reading this, I’m sure I’m still asleep, but I’ll be dreaming of you.
  3. When you get out of bed, rub the sleep out of your eyes, you know right away it’s going to be a beautiful day, because there’s a person who likes you with all his heart.
  4. You were fast asleep when I wrote these lines. But now you woke up and read: I love you very much!
  5. The day begins, the sun shines
    And even if the sky cries,
    Then think of me and believe me,
    I send the sun quickly to you.
  6. Good morning! I never thought I’d have the courage to wake an angel. But I think it is too late now.
  7. My first good deed today – a smile for you, to make your day beautiful.
  8. Hello and a beautiful good morning! If you wake up right now and read this, I am surely still asleep, but I will dream of you.
  9. Hey groundhog, I love you. Hope you didn’t oversleep, have a great morning.
  10. The goal of life is not to be a successful person, but a valuable one.
    (Albert Einstein)
    So don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you are the most precious person in the world to me.

Sweet sayings for wedding

Sweet sayings for the wedding

Sweet sayings are also suitable for wedding cards to congratulate the bride and groom. First of all, of course, is the theme of love and the future together. Maybe the couple is planning a special honeymoon, wants to start a family or build a house soon. Include such important events gladly in your wedding wishes. The more individual your congratulations are, the more the couple will be happy. If you’re unsure how to personalize your saying, you can always use a sweet quote, some of which you can find below. For a larger selection, you can find more wedding sayings of all kinds here.

  1. Marriage is and remains the most important journey of discovery that man can undertake.
    (Soren Kierkegaard)
  2. Your love is like a fairy tale. You go together like the "Once upon a time …" and the "They lived happily ever after …".
  3. True love comes from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of characters.
    (Theodore Simon Jouffroy)
  4. For where I am yours, I am only mine.
  5. For only he is rich who is loved and allowed to love.
    (Adalbert Stifter)
  6. The mind can tell us what not to do. But the heart can tell us what to do.
    (Joseph Joubert)
  7. Love is not just looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction.
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
  8. Marriage is one of the most beautiful and strongest buildings in this world. It survives every kind of force of nature.
  9. Happy is the soul that loves.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  10. Everything you do should be determined by love.
    (Corinthians 16:14)
  11. To go through the world together is more beautiful than to stand alone. And to take your word for it is probably the most beautiful thing in life.
  12. A good marriage is based on the talent of friendship.
    (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)
  13. A single person can be a whole paradise.
  14. Her heart’s melody became your favorite song – and his voice became hers.
  15. The most beautiful gift of life is when a great love comes true. For this I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.

Sweet sayings for the birth

Sweet sayings for birth

The sweetest sayings, besides those about love, are probably those about birth. They thematize new life, a cute baby and spread love and best wishes for the family. The foundation or enlargement by a new member is something wonderful. So to a birth you should always congratulate duly. Always refer to the beauty and happiness that comes with a child. You can be emotional with your friends and family and give free rein to your feelings.

With work colleagues and acquaintances you should hold back a little and adapt the saying to your personal relationship. Here, for example, a beautiful quote is suitable such as: "Three things have remained for us from paradise: the stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of the children."(Dante Alighieri) Here you will find tips on how to write your own congratulations on the birth of your little princess and helpful examples.

  1. I congratulate you on your new happiness, I am sure that it will not only enrapture you but will turn your whole world upside down. Enjoy the exciting time!
  2. A new life has seen the light and completed your wonderful little family. May every smile of your little prince brighten your world. All the best for you – from the heart.
  3. The warmest congratulations on the birth of your daughter! The little mouse will surely give you many happy moments. May your little princess grow up in security and one day become an equally loving mother.
  4. A new life has seen the light and completed your wonderful little family. May every smile of your little prince make your world shine. All the best for you – from the bottom of my heart.
  5. There will be hands to carry you, and arms to keep you safe, and people to show you, without question, that you are welcome.
    (Khalil Gibran)
  6. Congratulations on your baby happiness! Here’s to a wonderful time, connected with a lot of love, joy, happiness, security and health. I wish you that with all my heart.
  7. As long as the children are small, give them roots. When they are bigger, give them wings.
    (Khalil Gibran)
  8. For the birth of your little princess we send a bouquet of best wishes to your palace. We are already waiting eagerly and full of anticipation for an audience!
  9. Three things have remained from paradise: the stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of the children.
    (Dante Alighieri)
  10. What would the world be without children? We congratulate you on the birth of your child and wish only the best for your new little family. Enjoy the time and always let us know if we can help or baby-sit.

Sweet sayings for the birthday

Sweet sayings for the birthday

One of the best occasions for sweet sayings is your birthday. It does not always have to be your partner’s birthday. Friends and family deserve a nice saying from you, too. Finally, are special people in your life. Therefore, this year send special birthday wishes that will make you stand out from the gray masses.

Not yet found? Here you can find more birthday sayings of all kinds. You are looking for sweet sayings for birthday for a certain age? Here you can find birthday sayings for 18., 30., 40., 50., 60., 70. and 80. Birthday.

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