13 Effective proofs of love

By many small gestures you can recognize the sincere affection of your partner. You also show him your love through actions, gestures and your behavior. A 2016 survey result published on Statista shows what men and women feel is proof of love.

Loving interaction in the partnership as a proof of love

It is the many small things of the everyday life, which form the contact between you and the partner affectionately. Many small attentions keep the relationship alive.

With them you express your affection towards your partner, but also acceptance, respect and loyalty. Everyone wants to be loved by the other person for who they are. You can express this in words, but above all you can show it through your behavior.

13 tokens of love that go down well with men and women alike

Do you feel a pleasant shiver when your partner touches you tenderly as you pass by?
Do you feel loved when he also accepts your peculiarities?
Are you loyal to and behind your partner in public??
Do you give small attentions in between as a sign of perceived affection?
Do you think about the needs of the other in addition to your own??

When it comes to love tokens, men and women tick almost the same way. Read for yourself: Do you recognize yourself?

1. He takes you as you are

People are individual. Everyone has his little quirks, idiosyncrasies and weaknesses that simply belong to the person. Does your boyfriend constantly find fault with you? Do you feel like you have to bend over backwards for him or her?

That gives every relationship a stale taste. If, on the other hand, you feel accepted without any ifs and buts and are allowed to show your weaknesses, this proves your partner’s deep love and attachment.

Acceptance by the other person is most important to both men and women, the survey result shows, with 79 percent of women and 74 percent of men saying this was the greatest Proof of love to feel:

In particular, different idiosyncrasies distinguish you and your partner as individuals. They are part of the person you are in love with.

2. Being there for each other

"For better or for worse" it says. Of course this does not only apply to marriage.

You probably want to share positive moments. If things are going badly, your partner has literally gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, had a negative experience or is simply not feeling well, it is all the more important to be there for each other.

Strengthening your partner’s back in any situation is a definite proof of love. So he also shows his love by being there for you when you might not be feeling well at the moment.

3. Affection intensifies the relationship with each other

Just give us a hug: Tender touches in between are always new and clear proofs of love.

A fleeting touch in passing, a short kiss or even an intimate look shows the other person that you yourself feel the need to show him your feelings, and vice versa.

The small tendernesses tend to fall asleep in the daily routine when you are together longer. Habit sets in. This goes along with a feeling of self-evidence of the partnership.

Do you remember the early days when you were constantly Butterflies in the stomach and you could not show him often enough how much you love him? Continue this by taking him lovingly in your arms, stroking his hand at breakfast, giving him a kiss as you pass by.

4. Words as a carrier of your feelings

"I love you!" For 46 percent of women and 39 percent of men, these words are true expressions of love. Use them nevertheless with caution.

The words are quickly said and can thus become a phrase or be perceived as such. Therefore, it is best to express them only when they arise from the depths of your being.

Put your loving feelings into words, if you feel like it from the heart after that. Connect them with a tender touch. Choose special moments. You also feel it yourself the other way around when his "I love you!" coming from the bottom of your heart.

5. Small attentions

You want to please the beloved person? Whether it’s just in between or for a special occasion, put some thought into what your partner likes.

It doesn’t have to be anything great. Rather, you reveal your feelings with small, deliberately chosen attentions. Perhaps you can write a love letter or just spontaneously say what you like about your counterpart in recent years.

This shows that you have thought about it. It also shows that you take the needs and desires of the other seriously, they are important to you. A lovingly chosen Present, The right way to show how much you care about seeing the other person happy is to give them a gift.

6. Loyalty

Of course you are sometimes annoyed or there is a crisis between you. Everyone makes mistakes, behaves carelessly and hurts the other person in the process. It may even happen that there are differences between your partner and you or your mutual circle of friends.

You express your attachment when you stand behind him even then. Perhaps he is currently having problems and is therefore behaving somewhat inappropriately, simply because everything seems to be going over his head?

By being loyal to him, even or especially in difficult moments, you reveal your understanding and thus your intense, loving feelings.

7. Intimacy connects

When you fell in love with each other, you must have been attracted to your partner all along the line. Your mutual intense and intimate affection is a more than clear expression of love.

Say and show, that you find him attractive, like to feel his closeness, want to touch him. Being desired by the beloved keeps the familiarity and intimacy with each other alive. After all, this is what makes your togetherness much more than a simple friendship.

For 50 percent of women and 36 percent of men, this is one of the 13 greatest tokens of love. If, on the other hand, you have the impression that you are perceived as unattractive, or if you convey this feeling to your partner, this can lead to the end of the relationship in the long term.

8. Joint ventures as proof of love

Being together is an opportunity for both of you to express your affection. The whole thing gets its kick from Spontaneity:

  • shower together
  • conjure up a romantic dinner
  • spontaneous visit to a restaurant or concert
  • outing/weekend trip

Leave the daily grind behind for a while and do what you feel like doing. What is fun for him, what makes him happy?? Think of something nice for you or let him surprise you. The more thought the other person gives, the more clearly he reveals how much he cares about the person of his desire.

9. Always good for a surprise

Does your partner surprise you every now and then, just like that?? Last week it might have been a rose, today he lovingly set the breakfast table and charmed you with a Mon Cherie on your plate. Such little romantic surprises are always proof that his thoughts are with you because he loves you.

What are you making up for yourself? Paint a heart on his bathroom mirror with lipstick, secretly put a note or card in his jacket pocket, with the words: I love you.

Next time you go shopping, maybe you could get his favorite sweet treat to greet him on his pillow in the morning… Small tokens of love don’t have to cost much at all.

10. Put your own interests aside

Interests and preferences differ and of course yours should not be neglected in the partnership. But how do you feel about your relationship partner doing something for your sake that they are actually rather reluctant to do?

A good relationship consists of give and take. If you put your interests aside for a joint venture, that is a proof of love. You show him how much he means to you: It is obviously so important to you to spend time together, that you do something for it, which is less fun for you.

Whether it’s snuggling up to watch a movie that only he finds exciting, a shopping trip that is more satisfying for you, or simply expressing interest in the other person’s hobby, precisely because it is his passion and belongs to his personality.

11. Realize a lifelong dream

Putting one’s own interests aside in small matters of everyday life can also apply to larger, more complex matters. Do you or your partner have Life dream? Is it a trip around the world, a professional goal or self-realization in any respect?

Your wishes and dreams are not always compatible. If you want to study and the man at your side dreams of a trip around the world, this can break your budget. Giving up that expensive trip he’s been dreaming of for so long in favor of your career goals is a huge show of appreciation: you come first for your partner. Of course, the reverse is also true.

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