13 Simple tricks: healthy eating is so easy

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Sophie Singer

Healthy eating is complex, expensive and doesn’t taste good. Stimmts? Not true! We will prove you wrong and show you how simple good food can be.

Nutrition is a topic that heats up the tempers. Spark passionate discussions around moral meat consumption.

On whether vegans are pedantic do-gooders. And how nutrition has to be in order to have any fun at all in life.

On few topics (we’ll exclude politics) is so much half-knowledge spread and ironcladly defended.

Regular table slogans mutually before the Latz slammed. And "eating differently" condemns.

In surveys by the German Federal Statistical Office, almost half of Germans say that healthy eating is important to them. At the same time, the number of annual diabetes cases is rising steadily.

Cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancers are still the main cause of death in the western world.

Stress as well as hereditary factors certainly play a big role in it. But nutrition is also immensely important for our health.

Whether the results of the surveys are wrong? Certainly not. Hardly anyone would claim that they eat unhealthily.

Eat healthy

"There are exceptions every now and then.", "Actually I eat well.", "Eating should also be fun sometimes."

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And of course eating should be fun. That we like unhealthy food, we have a craving for burgers or soda, is nothing but a bad habit.

And we can question these self-critically from time to time. ;)

Healthy eating is so easy

Who eats healthy, does not only his health a huge service. We are also fitter and more efficient in everyday life. The midday slump disappears. And we can snack much more consciously without reaching the limits of our well-being.

Belly legs butt workout for home nutrition

So it is not at all a question of practicing in the short term in the renunciation. But permanently change your eating habits. So we feel better in our body. Are more likely to stay healthy. And excess pounds tumble anyway by itself.

This is how healthy eating works: 13 tips for everyday life

Even if you eat healthy as a matter of course, there may still be some room for improvement. How you can relax your body to a still healthier diet you can read here.

1. Start slow with good food

We recommend establishing new habits step by step. So the change is much easier. You love fries? Then try a delicious and healthy version of pumpkin: This is the secret for crispy pumpkin fries from the oven.

At the same time you can avoid setbacks. Like for example evening bingeing attacks. Or an unrestrained craving for sweets, fatty or salty food. Because they are the ones most likely to let the good plans fail. ;)

2. What can you do without?

First of all, choose a vice that you can actually do without. Whether it’s the weekly frozen lasagna or the third spoonful of sugar in our coffee, we’ll be fitter every day. Looks puny. But already makes a big difference.

3. Shopping the right way for healthy food

Have you ever thought about why the vegetables and fruits are at the entrance of the supermarket?? Because a cucumber and three tomatoes in the shopping cart soothe our conscience. And then we really hit the back of the line.

Outsmart the supermarket and your brain. And start from the back. So you end up with fruit and vegetables. Healthy food ends up in your basket or cart. And can not invoke the good conscience in advance ;)

We Go Fit Nutrition Plan

It is often very difficult to eat right. Especially when it comes to recipes, you can quickly reach the limits of your creativity. That’s why it pays to set up a cooking plan. It’s best to plan what you’re going to eat for a week in advance.

Always stay wild.

A conscious diet not only brings you closer to your dream figure. You will also change mentally. If you eat healthy, you are in a better mood and have more power.

To help you succeed, our We Go Fit program lets you create your own personal nutrition plan. You choose between losing weight, building muscles or Clean Eating and specify your favorite foods.

We will put together a nutrition plan for you that is adapted to your needs and that suits you 100%. It’s easy. Try it :)

4. Regular eating rhythm for the biorhythm

We are absolute creatures of habit. And also our body is into regularity! For the reason we should always try to eat at similar times. This ensures that our biorhythms can regulate themselves and we feel better!

5. Do not skip meals

No matter if you eat 3 big meals or 5 small meals a day. You should definitely not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. They provide energy for the day. And make sure you don’t get the munchies so often.

By the way, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Are you often at a loss as to what the perfect breakfast looks like when it has to be quick and healthy?? Have a look here: Without breakfast – without me: My tips for your start into the day.

6. Drink plenty of fluids for healthy nutrition

Dear ones, drink! Drinking is so important for the health of our body. Thirst is already an alarm signal from the body that you are dehydrated. So always try to take in a lot of water during the day. This also flushes toxins from the body.

Healthy eating always goes hand in hand with enough Water!

7. Drink consciously to stay healthy

But of course it’s not just about the amount, but also what you drink. Lemonades, water with "flavoring", alcohol or sweetened tea are good for the fluid balance, but they are not good for your health. But way too sugary.

If you have a hard time with tap water, it’s easy to spice things up a bit. This is how you supply yourself with vitamins and help your body to detoxify. How it works? Click here: 7 ingenious recipes for homemade detox water.

8. Eat green for enough vitamins

Establish more green vegetables in your diet. Broccoli, spinach, green beans and cabbage are one thing above all: mega healthy. The reason for this is chlorophyll. It stimulates blood formation, neutralizes free radicals and binds cancer-causing toxins in our body.

9. Healthy eating with less sugar

Take a closer look at the ingredients when you go shopping. You will be amazed how much sugar is hidden everywhere. In addition, you can try to replace chocolate or other sweets with healthy snacks. For example, berries or nuts.

Sugar in particular has a really bad effect on our health. And causes many diseases. Here you will find enough reasons to look for healthy alternatives: 25 reasons why you should stop eating sugar.

10. Healthy eating with Clean Eating

Clean Eating states the following: To avoid processed foods. How to avoid unhealthy and unnatural additives. Loads of sugar and bad fats. Healthy food coincides with home cooked Recipes very simple.

11. Cook yourself for healthy and good food

Healthy eating can be very simple. By cooking or preparing your own food, you are much more aware of what is really in it. You can choose your own ingredients and, if necessary, simply replace them with better alternatives.

By the way, cooking yourself does not only refer to whole meals. You can also make your own vegetable broth or sauces. You love ketchup so much too? Then click here: Make your own ketchup without sugar.

12. Pay attention to BIO quality in order to eat healthily

Healthy eating has a lot to do with the Quality of food to do with the food we eat. Good food to feel good is the motto. You can think what you want about BIO. The fact is that enough studies have proven that BIO fruits and vegetables are treated with less pesticides. People who don’t eat BIO have been shown to have a lot more pesticides in their urine. Disgusting or?

13. Shop seasonally and regionally for a balanced diet

We are totally spoiled. Strawberries in winter. Mangoes are available all year round in the supermarket on the corner. Artificially grown foods are often of terrible quality. Long transport routes also do the rest.

Whenever possible, eat seasonally and regionally. There are more vitamins in the food. Also, they were treated less. Those who find it difficult to understand when what grows, buy their fresh food at the market.

Our conclusion

Healthy eating is not much more than a habit. If you gradually change your eating habits, you get a much better awareness of healthy food and your own physical needs. At the same time the well-being increases noticeably, illnesses are prevented and unnecessary pounds fall by themselves.

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