5 Simple steps to decorate the christmas tree

5 simple steps to decorate the Christmas tree

Decorate the Christmas tree Is for many the most beautiful moment in the pre-Christmas season. But every year you ask yourself anew: should I hang the Christmas baubles first or the lights? We explain in five steps how to make your Christmas tree light up easily at home.

1. First put up the Christmas tree

First things first. You can buy a Christmas tree with or without a root ball. The following applies to both variants: first set up your Christmas tree in a stable way.

If your Christmas tree does not have a root ball, the best way to place it safely is with a Christmas tree stand. The EasyFix is a Christmas tree stand, with which you can

Do you have a Christmas tree with root ball? Then the root ball is often protected with a jute bag. At home, you can remove the jute bag from the root ball before placing the root ball in a growing pot. A growing pot has holes at the bottom to allow excess water to drain away. Therefore, always put something under the growing pot so that the water does not land on your floor. In the growing pot, add fresh soil to the root ball so the roots can absorb new nutrients. Finally, cover the bottom of the Christmas tree with a decorative Christmas tree skirt, basket or cave paper.

2. Christmas tree lights

Is your Christmas tree stable? Then it’s time to put up the Christmas tree lights. Check beforehand if all the lights are working. Then carefully hang the Christmas tree lights in the branches of the Christmas tree and make sure that the plug can still be plugged into the socket. Once you have gone around the Christmas tree with your lights, you can check from a distance if the distribution is successful. All around satisfaction? Then place some lights a little closer to the trunk to create more depth.

5 simple steps to decorate the Christmas tree

3. Lace

Then it’s time for the top! This is the most beautiful part of decorating your Christmas tree. Now you will think: why first decorate the top? The reason is quite simple. By putting the top on the Christmas tree first, you will prevent baubles from falling out of the Christmas tree. By the way, did you know that nowadays there are many ways you can decorate the top of a Christmas tree? Of course, there is the classic top, but you can also opt for a star, a bow or maybe just nothing.

4. Garland

If you want to hang garlands on your Christmas tree, better do it before hanging the baubles. Just like with the Christmas tree lights, hang the garlands carefully on the branches of the Christmas tree. Make sure they move naturally and in a wavy motion. Then push some parts of the garland a little deeper into the tree. Here’s how to add depth, and the Christmas tree lights make the garlands sparkle beautifully.

5. Christmas baubles and other decorative accessories

Finally the time has come and you can hang the Christmas baubles on the tree. If you have different types of ornaments, it’s best to start with a base. The base is often simple, round Christmas balls of a certain color palette. This will create a calm base tone and from there you can start putting the finishing touches on it.

You can now add different shapes, colors and patterns to the Christmas tree tags. Create a beautiful combination and don’t be afraid to hang full your Christmas tree. Of course, you can then add other elements such as berry branches, dried flowers and even feathers. Make your Christmas tree your own creation and don’t be afraid to really make it pop this Christmas!

After you have completely set up the Christmas tree, you can turn on the lights and start the fun CAN BEGIN!

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