5 Simple tricks for long legs on photos

Slim and long legs without Photoshop? That goes! With the right tricks, you too can quickly look like professional models and influencers in photos. In this post I will tell you my five tricks for long and slim legs.

Do you know that? You actually feel very comfortable in your body, but in photos you just do not look good. Small, thick and bulky? The reason is either your photographer or yourself! If you have no experience in front of the camera, it is often very difficult to find the right pose. Many are ashamed of "modeling" in the middle of the street, it must be done quickly so as not to draw attention to themselves. Accordingly, you often look like tourists in the photos. Inexperienced photographers behind the camera who don’t have an eye for the perfect angle aren’t much help either.

But with these tricks I can guarantee you slim looks and 100% instagrammable photos!

1. Perspective

Make sure you are photographed from below rather than above. So if your Instagram chubby is taller than you, it’s beneficial if he bends over when taking photos. Try a little and find the perfect perspective with your photographer. It is important that the picture is not shot from very far down, otherwise your legs will look extremely small and your head too big. Plus, your second double chin might come out&

2. Angle

Being photographed from the front and looking good is not easy at all. If you are not a professional and feel rather uncomfortable in front of the camera, you should stand a bit sideways and stretch your front leg slightly forward and lift it slightly. This pose will give you long legs, make you look taller and slimmer at the same time.

3. Pose

If you do want a frontal photo but don’t quite know how to position yourself, I recommend crossing your legs. The optical illusion automatically makes your legs look thinner. If you touch the floor with your front leg only with your toes, you’ll look taller.

4. Sitting position

There are so many things you can do wrong when sitting down. Legs can look fatter and shorter than they actually are. That’s why I recommend women who don’t have naturally long legs to be photographed sideways and always stretch out their legs. Also recommended: Crossing your legs while sitting and taking a photo from the side. It doesn’t just look sexy, it looks professional! Also, make sure you’re always on the edge of your seat!

5. Clothes

The right clothes are often half the battle. With High Waist pants and skirts you can make basically nothing wrong. For a stronger effect you should accentuate your high waist clothing with the help of a belt and tuck the top into the pants.

Did you like Yuliya’s tips? You can find more from her on her blog loveforyu – check it out!

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