50 Cute sayings for girls, boys and lovers

Cute sayings for every occasion whether for a crush, in love, for friends – or just because. The best messages are here.

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Flirt alarm! You’re totally in love- But don’t dare to tell your crush in person? Or do you just want to prove to your boy*girl again how much you like him*her? And your friend could use some cheering up too? Then this is just the thing for you! Here come cute sayings for girls, that are sure to please your favorite people!

Sweet news for lovers

Are you looking for a cute saying for valentines day – or any other day of the year to be in love? Then you are right here. Whether it’s in a message via Instagram or WhatsApp or on a little piece of paper… Nothing proves love more than giving love. Super cute sayings for girls, Boys and all who are in love please? Do you know all these sayings yet? ⤵️

  • I wish I could turn back time. Then I’d meet you sooner- and love longer!
  • In my life though I have everything- but without you everything is nothing.
  • With us it was not love at first sight – it took all of five minutes!
  • Dreams without fear- and love without limit!
  • Every time I see you I don’t care about anything else.
  • I know I’m in love when I can’t fall asleep because reality is more beautiful than my dreams!
  • Übrigens I wear the smile that you gave me. 殺
  • I am here, you are there. One is in the wrong place!
  • In my head it’s always you.
  • Diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m shining with you.
  • Guess who would like to be with you now?
  • As soon as you write, I start to smile.
  • No matter how strong I am- you would always remain my weakness
  • I love every moment with you
  • You’re so sweet, Like Stuttgart without a "T

Get to know each other even better- with the sayings from our video you will surely get closer to each other

Sweet messages for guys

Are you currently dating a cute boy? Or do you already have a boyfriend that you want to tell how much he means to you? Well then- what are you waiting for? To love means to be brave and to show feelings openly. You have nothing to lose. These sweet messages are perfect to show him how much he means to you. Show him that he is special You can also write the messages on little pieces of paper and put them in his pocket- I’m sure he’ll be happy when he finds it

  • Happiness is like a drug and you are my dealer.
  • I’ve really been falling in love a lot lately- and always only in you.
  • I don’t want a guy who can solve my problems. I want someone to solve it with me.
  • The other day I realized that I think about you all the time and I was wondering how long it’s been going on. Then I realized: ever since I met you, you’ve never left my mind.
  • I don’t love you for who you are- but for what I am. With you!
  • Some dreams are longer than others, some dreams are more beautiful than others. But my most beautiful dream, he is reading this message right now.
  • I wanted to send you something incredibly sweet, pretty, smart, beautiful and fantastic – but I didn’t have a photo of myself right now
  • Like a Nike without an Air, like a rubber without a bear, like a shower without a Das, like a Kontra without a Bass, like the sun without a stitch, so would be my life without YOU!
  • I was taught: day = 24 hours, minute = 60 seconds. But I wasn’t told that a second without you lasts an eternity!
  • If you need me, I’ll be there. Even when you’re far away, I’m close to you.
  • H)IP 383!7 H)! H)IP 77!M H)! H)!P 9VW H)!. Turn your broken phone upside down and read again!

Sweet news for girls

Sometimes it’s not so easy to make cute texts for girls. These cute sayings are perfect for expressing how you feel about them. ⤵️

You have what others don’t: My heart ❤️

  • I would like to be the reason for your smile- because you are the reason for mine.
  • Life is not perfect. You are!
  • I don’t think I can like you more than now- and yet: I know, tomorrow I will like you even more.
  • When I realized how perfect you are I fell in love. And when I realized how imperfect you are, it turned into love.
  • Want to arm wrestle with me? I come into your arms- And you squeeze me.
  • Hello, smile! Just so! So sweet! If you could see yourself now, you would know why I like you so much.
  • When I first saw you, I always wondered where I knew you from? But now know I do: You are the girl of my dreams!
  • I just got a call from heaven: they’re looking for their sweetest little angel on earth – but don’t worry, I didn’t tell on you!
  • Besides bullshit, I have only one thing on my mind . YOU!
  • I say it quite cheekily: From you I am ravished and away.
  • According to§11(4) of the dt. I will lock you up in my heart for life immediately. There is no way to appeal against this verdict!

Sweet sayings for all your loved ones

Sometimes short love sayings are enough to tell the person you love how you feel about him/her! Sweet texts for girls*boys don’t have to be half a novel. What you can also do, instead of writing them on WhatsApp, you can also print them out. You can send them oldschool and maybe make a photo collage with some pictures.

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