6 Ideas how to show your love “i love you” to your partner anyone can say!

If you really love your partner, you will show it regularly! We have 6 ideas for you, how you can show your affection to your partner!

1. Write a love letter

No matter whether a whole letter on special occasions like the birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. or just a little note in between at the breakfast table- write your partner sweet love messages and let him know what you appreciate about him. Because the effect on paper is different from the routine "I love you" via Whatsapp. Get creative and give, for example, not only flowers, but also the right words to go with them. With beautiful stationery will add a bit more to the whole love and specialness awarded.


6 ideas how to show your love 'I love you' to your partner anyone can say!

2. Kidnap your partner

Sometimes you just need a time out! And from time to time you should also be in front of your escape from everyday life and routine can. ÜSimply surprise your partner with a nice weekend trip, where you not only have time for two, but also switch off properly can. Time for love so! Even if it’s just a little trip to the nearest city, give yourself a break from the mundane!

Give the right gift

Yes, even a gift can give information about how much you are valued by your partner. Thereby it goes less about the material value, than much more about the thoughts behind it. Who gets anything just to have a gift, will not be able to make his partner happy. So give something with personality: jewelry for HER or a watch for HIM with personal engraving about. Even homemade little things, which are based on an insider, can make the partner happy. Do you even know your partner’s heartfelt wishes??

4. Accept tasks

Take your partner a few Tasks in everyday life from and help him! Women in particular suffer more often from double burdens when it comes to balancing family, partnership, household and job. Who his partner under your arms, truly shows his affection and efforts. It’s so easy to make your partner happy!


6 ideas how to show your love 'I love you' to your partner anyone can say!

5. Inventiveness scores

Sometimes you just want to show how big the love is! How could you possibly do this better than with a original idea? For example, make a photo collage of your favorite pictures together, where you can see one word or letter per picture, which together form an "I love you" form. Or how about a surprise breakfast, something you baked yourself or a romantic Candle Light Dinner at home with a specially prepared menu – it does not always have to be a meal in a restaurant!

6. Romantic marriage proposal

Probably the greatest proof of love on earth: A marriage proposal – provided you are not married yet! Design this especially romantic and unforgettable. All about the perfect planning of the marriage proposal, important tips and creative ideas for the implementation you will find in our matching article to it.

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