7 Serious ways to earn money online

There are two ways to make money: active income and passive income. With active income you only get as much money as you are currently working, d. h. if you stop working, no more money comes in. With passive income, on the other hand, you basically get paid even if you are not working or if you z. B. SLEEP.

1) Create your own blog

A blog is in my opinion the best and most reliable way, earn money passively. You are creating your own little empire. Like bricks when building a wall, writing blog post after blog post. At some point you will have built a huge wall that no one can take away from you either.

Because having a reach on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram can be very profitable, but you are also dependent on these platforms. If for some reason one of these platforms decides to block you because you z. B. Once you have used offensive language, it can happen that what you have built up for years is gone from one day to the next.

This can’t happen to you with a blog, because it is located on your domain server, to which only you have access and therefore the power to make decisions. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a blog:

Step 1: Choose the right niche

In the best case you have a Hobby, that you have been pursuing for a long time, where you have also built up a certain expertise. By doing this, you can help other people who are also interested in this field by sharing your Tips and Experience, help further.

If you don’t know exactly which blog niche to choose, think about what topic you want to learn about yourself.

After that, you can create your blog and provide value to other people through your research work and learn something in the field at the same time.

Step 2: Choose a domain name

Don’t think too complicated when thinking about a domain name. Trademarks like Google or Apple do not indicate the products or services they offer in the first place either.

The best thing to do is to choose a name that will appeal to people remembered, but at the same time easy to pronounce and to write is.

Small test: If you have someone write down your domain name and they can spell it flawlessly the first time, you’ve found a very good domain name.

Domain still free?

On Hostinger you can check during step 3 if your domain is still free.

Step 3: Get domain hosting

Now that you’ve found your domain name, let’s move on to Step 3: Getting this domain on the Internet on a hosting server.

For this I recommend Hostinger. This hosting provider has the best price-performance ratio in my own experience. You can start with this link for 2,59 € instead of 10,19 € monthly with the cheapest hosting package and get additionally for the first year your Domain name for free in addition.

-> Register now for only € 2,59/mo domain at Hostinger

Fill out the registration form completely and after the payment process you can create your password and get started with WordPress.

Step 4: Post contributions

  • Offer real Add value for your readers so post z. B. useful tips and tricks, and
  • Pay attention to the correct Structure so use a lot of paragraphs and subheadings in your post, a nice picture in between to make it more pleasing to the eye
  • Avoid boring headlines, because here the Pareto principle applies 80% of your blog post are the headlines and 20% the content, because most people only read the headlines. Therefore, it is enormously important to put a lot of thought into it
  • For post images it is important not to violate copyrights, so there are special sites that offer copyright-free images; z.b.: Unsplash or Pixabay. Check out these sites for thousands of images you can use as cover images for your blog posts.
  • Tip: Use a social share plugin. I recommend warfare plugins to allow readers to share your post on various social media channels.

Step 5: Monetize your blog

7 serious ways to earn money online

Since you are reading this post here on Geldpuls, I strongly assume that you also want to make money with your blog. The simplest method, which I also recommend to beginners, is Ezoic.

Through this platform you can easily communicate with Advertisements Earn money. Registration is free and after you are confirmed you will receive a code. You only have to place this code where you want to place your ad, e.g. on your website. B. between your posts.

The second method to monetize your blog are so called Affiliate Links. For this I recommend for beginners the Amazon Partner Network. There you can convert any product sold on Amazon into an affiliate link and if someone buys this or another Amazon product through this link, you get a commission between 5 and 10%.

2) Start a YouTube channel

YouTube offers the possibility to create a video once and earn money from it passively by placing ads.It works like this: you create a YouTube channel, upload videos and once you have reached a watch time of 4000 minutes and at least 1000 subscribers, you can start your YouTube channel Monetize.

That means you leave Advertisements in front of and in your video and get paid a commission from YouTube. The more calls you can generate, the more money you can take passively.

Here’s a guide that shows you exactly how to get started successfully with your YouTube channel, what to look out for, and how to make real money with it.

On mobile devices alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than news channels and cable TV.


3) Create gigs on Fiverr

On Fiverr you can by minijobs actively earn money. The good thing about Fiverr is that you don’t have to be an expert in your service area, most people want to have some of their work taken off on Fiverr to save time.

Creativity is already half the battle to make money on this platform. Logo or web design is always wanted, but there is also the possibility with games in the eSports area z. B. League of Legends, Call of Duty or FIFA to work as a coach.

How does it work?

On Fiverr you create so called gigs, which are shown in the search. If someone books your gig, you get a message, then you have 2-5 days to finish the gig, depending on the agreed deadline. During this time you communicate with your customer via the internal chat function to respond to their exact ideas. Upon completion, you will receive immediate payment to your PayPal account.

4) Make the Amazon platform work for you

Amazon started mainly with the sale of books, but nowadays pretty much everything you can imagine is sold on Amazon and this also offers good ways to earn money, namely there are three ways to generate income with Amazon:

1: Amazon Mechanical Turk

Become a so-called "Mechanical Turk" at Amazon Minijobs offered. It works kind of like Fiverr, except that you don’t create gigs here, you accept Amazon’s offers and only do small tests and reviews. Z. B. Write translations or transcriptions of audio recordings, test websites for errors, etc.

2: Amazon Kindle Publishing

Own Ebooks selling on Amazon is called Amazon Kindle Publishing. You can either write them yourself if you are very knowledgeable in one area or you can hire someone to write your book.

3: Amazon Partner Network

Probably the best method to earn money with Amazon. You can earn money via the Amazon Partner Network any product, link what is listed on Amazon.

This means you create a Affiliate link and if you have your own website, youtube channel or other online presence, you can publish your link under your youtube video or website.

As soon as someone clicks on this link and buys this product, you get a commission. The amount of the commission depends on the product in the product category.

The cool thing about the Amazon Partner Network is that your link clicks 24 hours and on all Products on Amazon are valid.

Example: Suppose you link a smartphone, the customer is interested in it and clicks on this link, but then decides not to buy a smartphone after all. However, if the customer visits the Amazon page again 10 hours later, because he z. B. If you need a vacuum cleaner urgently, then you will still receive the full commission on this vacuum cleaner.

When do you get paid?

Once a month all commissions are added up and when you reach a certain minimum amount, this amount is paid to your bank account.

5) Affiliate Star on Digistore24.com

Digistore24.com is an affiliate marketing network that offers thousands of Online products mediates. Here, too, the payment model works similarly to Amazon: via affiliate links.

The advantage over Amazon is the higher commission rate at Digistore24. Here you can earn up to 70% commission per product sold. However, the conversion rate is higher with Amazon, because the trust is higher.

6) If you’re a hobby photographer, you’ll love Shutterstock

If you like to take pictures, there is the possibility to upload and offer your photos on Shutterstock. Once other companies or individuals download and use your image, you get paid for it.

Again, the more work you put in, the more you can earn.

7) Offer your online course on Udemy

Udemy is an online platform where people like you and me can learn online Courses can offer and buy. Your course, which of course you have to create first, is hosted and advertised by Udemy.

Categories range from learning to program to web design and marketing, but also lifestyle& learn fitness as well as instruments. Many courses are offered for several 100 € and per sold course Udemy gets only a small share of your revenue.

Since you only have to create a course once and then it can be sold as many times as you like, depending on popularity, this is a perfect way to generate passive income.


Those were my 7 serious ways to make money on the internet. I have personally tried all the ways and they all work very well, the only difference is that you z. B. on Fiverr you always have to work actively on your gigs to get money too. While this is the fastest way to make extra money, it’s not scalable because you don’t have more than 24 hours in a day.

If like me you want to have the freedom to earn money even though you’re not working on it, I can really only recommend you to start your own blog, because that’s what I’ve been doing for several years now and I’m able to make a very good living from it.

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