7 Things no amount of money can buy you

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From now on we won’t complain about not having enough money .

  1. · Love
  2. · Time
  3. · Luck
  4. · Intelligence
  5. · Health
  6. · Friends
  7. · Satisfaction

Sure, the day our paycheck arrives in our account may be the best in any month. We won’t deny that we love money. But when we think about it, we still come to the conclusion that the things that really count in life are priceless anyway. All the money in the world won’t get us anywhere. Somehow a comforting feeling – or not?

1. Dear

Even the Beatles knew it: "Money can’t buy me love!" You can’t buy love. You may be able to work for it, but you certainly can’t buy it. And that’s why it’s so precious – maybe the most precious thing we have in this world. Once you find it, take good care of it, because it is as irreplaceable as it is priceless.

2. Time

Oh, how slowly the days and weeks passed when we were children. A month seemed like half an eternity, a year never ending. And today we wonder almost daily where the time has gone. New Year’s Eve again? Already one year older? It’s really been that long again? Yes, the clock ticks incessantly, life is not infinitely long and unfortunately cannot be extended even with a lot of money. That’s why we should use every day, every minute of our precious time as well as we can.

3. Happiness

Am I actually happy? A question that probably everyone asks themselves sooner or later in life. But a happy life has nothing to do with the state of the bank account. Certainly, a lot of things are easier when you don’t have any money worries. But that doesn’t automatically make you happy. But if it’s not the money, what actually makes you happy?? In Buddha’s words, "There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."

4. Intelligence

What makes a person really interesting and exciting is not a bulging bank account, but rather a bulging brain. Just imagine going out to dinner with someone. He takes you to the most expensive restaurant in town, orders the most exclusive menu on the menu – and then . nothing! Nada. No conversation comes up. The guy is just boring as hell (not to say slightly underexposed). No thanks. We’d rather go out with someone who has a little more going for them, even though they may only be able to afford a french fry barrier.

5. Health

When you are young, you don’t worry about your health at all. Occasionally you get a cold, but it’s forgotten in three days. But the older you get, the more important the subject of health suddenly becomes. At some point you realize that your body is NOT invulnerable. And all the money in the world is useless in life if our health doesn’t allow us to do what we feel like doing. That’s why we should always keep one thing in mind in everything we do: Health comes first!

6. Friends

They are the ones who give us a hand when the rest of the world turns its back on us: our friends. Together with them we laugh and cry, live through good and bad times. Friendship is always a give and take – but one thing friendship is guaranteed not to be: for sale. And the friends that money can actually buy are certainly not worth the price.

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