7 Ways to make money on the internet

7 ways to make money on the internet

How to earn money on the Internet? Many people are currently dealing with this question. The fact is: It is quite possible to earn some extra money on the World Wide Web. But only a few people know how this works in concrete terms. If you intend to build a small (or even bigger) online business, you should definitely read the following post. Herein you will get a comprehensive look at 7 ways to make money on the internet.

The post at a glance

In search of a quick buck

Many who are looking for a quick buck on the internet get disappointed after a short time. Although the World Wide Web offers many opportunities, it is not automatically an Eldorado. Here a click, there a click and there are 2.000 Euro on the account? This is of course not how it works.

If you want to earn money on the Internet and build up an online business, you need one thing first and foremost: staying power. All the opportunities we present below take time to establish themselves and bear the first fruits of success. The fast money earned comfortably from home is and remains a myth.

The difference between active and passive income

It is not a myth that you can earn money on the Internet without working. In technical jargon, this is referred to as passive income. We have already dealt with this topic extensively in the article Passive Income: What is it and how does it work? We have dealt with the differences between active and passive income and therefore we would like to list only briefly the differences to active income.

Active income

Passive income

income and work effort are linked

Income and workload are independent of each other

Work effort does not stop

work effort is unique

can be generated only in a limited way (because our working time is limited)

can be generated indefinitely

Requires constant monitoring

is based on automated processes

Examples: Online store, freelance work, surveys

Examples: digital products, workshos/seminars, affiliate marketing

Possibility #1: An own blog

Most people who start a blog do not intend to make money from it at the beginning – yet this is one of the now most classic online business models.

As a blogger, you have various earning opportunities. These range from typical banner advertising to paid collaborations with companies to affiliate marketing. What the latter is about, will be explained in more detail in the section on niche sites.

Requirements: Creativity, writing talent, basic knowledge of photography and website creation, organizational skills

active or passive?: When blogging, money can be earned both actively and passively.

profit prospects?: Rather mediocre, really earning a lot of money only the very big bloggers who have been in business for years.

Time commitment: If you want to make a living from blogging, you have to make it a full-time job.

Reading Tip: What the everyday life of a fashion blogger looks like, you can read in this interview with Juliane Muller from the blog juliesdresscode.

Option #2: A high-reach social media channel

If you ask kids these days what they want to be when they grow up, you often get the answer "Youtuber". In fact, some people manage to make a living from their social media channel. While some upload videos on Youtube, others earn (good) money with their Instagram account. The main source of income here are companies that pay for their products to be shown in appropriate places and found to be good ("native advertising").

Requirements: Perseverance, affinity for technology (v.(a for cameras and accessories), negotiation skills, authenticity, charisma

active or passive?: As a rule, Youtuber and Co. their money actively.

Prospects of profit?: These depend significantly on the reach you have with your channel. Most Youtuber and Instagramer can not live on their earnings.

Time commitment: Higher than generally assumed! Especially the production and post-processing of photos and videos takes a lot of time.

Note: Paid product placements must be explicitly marked as advertising. Otherwise threatened with a warning letter.

Option #3: A niche site

Niche sites are websites that specialize in a single topic. Here the reader will find not only extensive tips and tricks, but also masses of purchase recommendations – all of which are equipped with an affiliate link. Affiliate or referral marketing is a source of income on the Internet that is becoming increasingly popular. For each purchase, which is completed via a corresponding link, the niche site operator receives a small commission.

Requirements: Know-How in dealing with WordPress, fun to learn new topics

Active or passive?: Affiliate marketing gives you passive income.

Profit prospects?: The more niche sites you create, the greater the profit prospects are. For the fact that the money flows into the coffers without your intervention, the business model can definitely be called worthwhile.

Time investment: In the beginning you have to invest a lot of work in creating the site, after that everything runs by itself.

Option #4: digital products

eBooks, checklists and printables are three examples of digital products that you can easily sell online. The advantage of such products: You can completely eliminate the logistics factor – because both storage and shipping are not necessary. Instead, automated processes ensure that the product lands immediately in the customer’s email inbox after purchase. Both sides profit from this.

Prerequisites: Technical/thematic know-how, creative talent, writing talent

active or passive?: Digital products are classic examples of passive income

Profit Prospects?: Depending on the quality of the product and marketing strategy, the profit prospects are very good.

Time expenditure: As in the case of niche sites, the following applies: First invest a lot of time and then lean back.

Opportunity #5: Online coaching, workshops and seminars

What works with products can also be replaced with a service. Online courses in all their facets are extremely popular right now. Accordingly, the market of coaches is highly competitive. If you want to stand out from the crowd here, you have to score with quality and personality.

Requirements: Technical/thematic know-how, personality, authenticity, charisma

active or passive?: Courses can be conducted live in front of the camera as well as made available in recorded form. That is why the income is both active and passive.

Profit prospects?: The prospects of profit are similar to the case of online products.

Time investment: The amount of work is very high, as courses usually require not only preparation but also follow-up.

Possibility #6: Working as a freelancer

When it comes to ways to make money on the Internet, freelancers tend to be ignored. If you want to learn more about this form of online business, we recommend this detailed article on our blog.

Prerequisites: technical/thematic know-how

active or passive?: Your income as a freelancer is 100% dependent on the amount of work you do. So it is active.

Prospects for profit?: Successful freelancers can live very well on their income.

Time investment: If you want to earn a lot as a freelancer, you usually have to work a lot as well. The amount of work only decreases when the hourly rate increases.

Possibility #7: Stock photography

The last way to make money online, which we would like to introduce to you in this post, is the so-called stock photography. Photographers who generate revenue through this specialize in particularly generic and stereotypical photo subjects that can be used for a variety of purposes. Once made available on a stock platform, the photo can be purchased and downloaded again and again.

Requirements: photographic talent

active or passive?: Since the photos are sold again and again, the income is passive.

Prospects of profit?: The stock photo market is booming. Accordingly positive are the profit prospects.

Time expenditure: This is not greater than with "conventional" photography.

You can think of other ways to make money on the Internet? Then you are very welcome to share them with us as a comment.

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