8 Ways angels communicate with people

Angels are more often present in your immediate environment and send you certain signals to communicate with you. They are often only a thought away. In this post, we’ll show you the most important characteristics of how your angel or spirit guide may have tried to connect with you before. From the moment you start to recognize and consciously perceive them, you will notice how often angels can enter our everyday life. And in very different ways.

1. White feathers

You have probably found a feather on the street in front of you before, you will think now. Of course, many of the feathers also come from birds. So make sure the feather is white. White feathers are a clear sign of angels. And it’s no coincidence that she falls from the sky just in front of you.

2. Repeating numbers

No matter where you look, whether it’s your watch, a digital display, or any other symbolism you happen to walk by, repeating numbers are a sign of an angel. Numbers like 11:11, 12:12, 444, or 666 all have very different meanings, which you can read about in another post.

3. Intuitive actions

Maybe you have noticed it before, all of a sudden you want to go a completely different way than planned. Or you think of a person with whom you haven’t had any contact for ages and suddenly you want to call them. This is a special favorite tool of your angel – the impulses to guide you in a certain direction.

4. Animals

Angels also often try to communicate with us through animals. Not caused by your pets alone, but for example, a small rabbit you meet on your walk or the bird that takes a seat in front of you on the path and chirps. You can read about their different meanings online.

Angels communicate with you through your senses – in this case through smell. Have you ever had the situation? You’re walking down the street and for some inexplicable reason you smell a special scent. Perhaps that of a deceased person, or your favorite incense stick. This is the way your angels like to communicate with you very often.

Angels also like to communicate with you through books. You suddenly feel drawn to a certain book, open it and read a sentence there that fits your question or situation exactly. Sometimes they guide you to read a whole book because it will help you further.

Angels can, when they are near you, suddenly give you a little goose bumps, or a gust of wind blowing around you, although no door was opened or closed and nothing else was around you either. In this way, they make it clear to you that they are with you, even if you can’t see them.

8. Through other people

Our angels can also communicate through people. Humans are capable of having very mystical experiences if we are open to them. Sometimes we meet certain people who suddenly say something to us that fits perfectly. They appear in so many different ways that in some cases we don’t directly recognize that an angel has just spoken to us.

Have you had encounters with angels as well? Tell us very gladly about it, we look forward to your experiences. ♡

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