9 Clever tips to decorate the christmas tree

Every year we look forward to Christmas and decorating the Christmas tree. But from when should you put up the Christmas tree? And how to decorate the Christmas tree this year? We have collected the best tips for decorating the Christmas tree for you.

The decorating of the fir tree, the sight and smell of the tree make you really look forward to Christmas. To help you make the right choice of tree and Christmas decorations this year, we have captured some creative inspirations for you.

1) Choosing the right fir tree

The first point deals with choosing the right tree. Because it is the canvas and should be chosen accordingly carefully. In Germany, up to 26 million Christmas trees are sold annually. Basically, you can choose between fir, spruce, pine or artificial trees. But for more atmosphere is suitable real and well-scented tree. You should always examine a real tree without a net. Then the following things to consider, these are also advantageous in a self-cut Christmas tree for the holiday and tips for buying Christmas tree.

  • Evenly distributed branches make decorating easier and look good.
  • A straight top is advantageous as an eye-catcher and place for a Christmas star.
  • A symmetrical shape of the tree is the most beautiful to look at, but also less symmetrical trees can have charm and enrich the Christmas celebration.

This is how you recognize a fresh Christmas tree:

The brighter the cut surface of the tree, the fresher it is also. In contrast, a gray cut surface testifies to less freshness. Another indication of a fresh tree are its needles. If they already prick when you buy it, it is already a little older.

2) The right location for the Christmas tree

In order for the Christmas tree to unfold properly and to bring its branches back into position, you should take it out of the packaging net at least one day before decorating it. And when setting up the Christmas tree, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Avoid close proximity to the heater, so that the tree does not dry out.
  • Drafts and direct sunlight are unfavorable, because they favor the drying out.
  • Use a level surface, so that the tree does not lose its balance.
  • Sturdy stand is essential and gives the Christmas tree a secure stand.
  • Place a blanket under the stand, so you make it easier for yourself to clean it afterwards.

3) Christmas tree decorating theme

Christmas tree decorating is easier when you choose a specific theme for your Christmas tree. There are no limits to your creativity. If you like it traditional, then themes such as the angel, the nutcracker or snowflakes are well suited. So you have a clear line and you do not run the risk that your Christmas tree is too colorful. Which can also look beautiful. In addition, read tips to tinker salt dough itself as Christmas tree decorations.

4) Christmas tree decorated with homemade decorations

The Christmas tree ornaments should match the interior style and properly set the scene for the Christmas tree. You can realize your original decoration ideas with self-made baubles. For this, paint or fill blanks from craft stores according to your creative ideas. In addition, also note great ideas to make Christmas decorations yourself.

5) Buy Christmas tree baubles

Possibly some Christmas baubles from the past have already broken or simply no longer fit into the current design. Then it is worth buying new baubles. For this, there are many different on the Internet Decoration sets for decorating the Christmas tree. And to set accents, it is recommended to mix several baubles from different sizes together. In addition, the baubles are available in matte and glossy. Shiny baubles are perfect for well-lit rooms. But let yourself be inspired on the Internet:

6) Choose the right colors to decorate your Christmas tree

So that your tree does not look too colorful, you should use a maximum of two to three basic colors for the Christmas tree decoration. Because a uniform color palette looks more harmonious. Consequently, it is recommended to match color tones or use Christmas tree decorations in the same color tone. You can also choose the colors to match the rest of the room decoration. And in addition, Christmas tree ornaments are a great gift idea to fill Advent calendar itself.

Furthermore, you need enough space for decorations and baubles. Older ornaments from childhood, among other things, may not fit into the picture. Here everyone must weigh for themselves, what comes on the tree and what not. The following color concepts are well suited for decorating the Christmas tree. So that there is no dispute in the color selection, also note tips to avoid relationship stress at Christmas time.

Type of Christmas ornament design:color and shapes of Christmas tree ornaments:
Traditional Christmas ornaments: The traditional and most commonly chosen colors for Christmas baubles are red and gold with a matching string of lights.
Classic variant: The classics are round Christmas tree baubles in red or green. They are matte or glossy. And transparent baubles can be filled with natural materials such as small twigs, cones or glitter.
Popular colors: Besides the traditional and classic colors, popular color combinations for the Christmas tree are white, silver or pink.
Modern tree decorations: A modern variant usually consists of baubles and figures in white, cream and champagne or petrol, copper and black. Also the combination of blue and silver Christmas tree balls is well suited.
Noble Christmas ornaments: Christmas decorations in white, silver, blue and black, which are combined with gold or brass pendants, look noble and modern at the same time.
Timeless design: Wooden tree decorations can be combined with glass or metal pieces. It is advisable when decorating the Christmas tree to pay attention to high-quality materials and to avoid too gaudy colors.
Jewelry selbstgemacht: Also sweets or self-baked things, like Christmas cookies or self-made things like straw stars or wooden figures can be hung up.

Different ways to decorate the Christmas tree at a glance.

7) Choose suitable Christmas tree lights chain

Small lights make a better impression than plastic bulbs. This makes the tree more mystical and looks even better. Here the task of lights is to emphasize the tree. But they should not stick out in any case. When choosing the Christmas tree lights are suitable lights that fit the previously selected theme. If you want to be on the safe side, choose white lights or lights with broken white. Likewise note creative ideas for Advent calendar tinkering.

Attention to the use of real candles

If the Christmas tree decoration is not enough, empty spaces can be covered with large bows. If the tree is decorated with real candles as sources of light, candle holders with weights should be used, as these are particularly stable.

8) How to decorate the Christmas tree

So that everything works out when decorating the tree, we have created a tutorial. Finally, the Christmas tree balls are distributed at regular intervals on the tree. With a natural tree, the growth is usually uneven, so holes can occur in places. If these gaps are filled up with stars or bows, the Christmas tree will look fuller. In addition, note valuable tips for planning and preparing Christmas dinner.

Instructions for decorating the Christmas tree:The correct procedure for decorating:
Step 1: First, hang the Christmas tree lights chain. The chain is wrapped around the tree from bottom to top. The wire is placed in the branches to hide it from the outside. Even spacing is important to create a harmonious picture.
Step 2: After that, hang the bows and garlands. These should match the color scheme of the tree.
Step 3: Then comes the Christmas tree top. This is attached before the Christmas tree balls, so that the balls and decorations do not fall down accidentally.
Step 4: Finally, the attachment of the baubles takes place. They are extremely fragile and therefore only at the end. Balls are attached to the bottom and top of the fir tree to allow for an overall visual appearance.

Step by step instructions for decorating the Christmas tree.

9) Extend the shelf life of the tree

Your tree will stay fresh longer if it is placed in a bucket filled with water. It is recommended to cut the trunk end by approx. Shorten two centimeters, so that the water can be better absorbed by the tree. Also is a sugar known home remedy to extend the life of the tree. For this, put a teaspoon of sugar in the water. But whether this method actually works, can not be confirmed by experts so far. In addition, read useful tips to keep the Advent wreath fresh longer.

From when to put the Christmas tree?

In most German households, the Christmas tree is put up a few days before Christmas Eve. Some even start putting up the tree and decorating it in early or mid-December.

Common questions and answers

When buying the tree you should pay attention to an asymmetrical shape. Likewise, the branches should be evenly distributed and no large gaps should be visible. And also a straight tip is advantageous. You can also tell a fresh tree by a light-colored cut and non-pricking needles.

It’s best to start by hanging the string of lights, followed by garlands and bows. Next, you put the Christmas tree top on the tree and finally follows the decoration with the Christmas tree balls.

The choice of color depends entirely on your taste. Traditional, classic color combinations include red, gold and green. Popular and modern options include blue and silver, as well as champagne and white or pink.

To make your tree last longer, you should put some water in the stand. Before shorten the trunk by ca. two centimeters. Some add a teaspoon of sugar.

In most households in Germany, the Christmas tree is put up shortly before Christmas Eve. Others already have the tree up in early or mid December.

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