9 Terrifying horror stories from around the world that will give you nightmares

Tonight you better leave your light on when you sleep!

Buzzfeed writers from around the world have teamed up to tell you nine of the scariest stories from their countries.

Some of these are legends, some are part of the folklore of each country, and some are sad, cruel memories .

They will terrify you tonight.

Some stories have their own versions in each country. For example, the American tale of Bloody Mary, known in Brazil as the Loira do Banheiro (The bathroom blonde) is known.

We have tried to put together a creepy selection. But if you have a good ghost story from your region ready, just comment below this post!

Mary-san no Denwa (or "Phone call from Mary")

9 terrifying horror stories from around the world that will give you nightmares

This popular Japanese legend is about a porcelain doll that decides to murder its owner after being abandoned by her. With each step she takes to get closer and closer to her victim, she calls out to the girl. What sounds like a prank at the beginning of the story gets darker and darker as the narrative progresses:

A family moves and their daughter throws away a porcelain doll named Mary. That evening the girl receives a phone call.

"Hi, it’s Mary. I’m at the dump now."

The girl hangs up, but the phone rings again. "Hi, it’s Mary. I am now at the corner store."

The phone rings a third time and a voice says, "Hi, it’s Mary. I am now in front of your house."

The girl plucks up the courage to open the front door, but sees no one there. This must be a prank, she thinks- and then the phone rings.

"Hi, this is Mary. I’m standing right behind you."

La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)

9 terrifying horror stories from around the world that will give you nightmares

La llorona or The weeping woman Is the story of a poor Mexican woman who married a rich Spaniard. After they had children, the Spaniard lost interest in his wife and was ashamed to be married to a woman without prestige.

Enraged, the woman took all her children to the river and drowned them, hoping to appease the Spaniard, but she immediately regretted the act. She began to cry:"My children, my children."

It is said that to this day La Llorona wanders near riverbanks looking for her children. When La Llorona discovers children alone near the river, she lures them to the water and drowns them.


With the rise of the Nazi regime, the Franciscans were expelled and the function of the institution changed dramatically. First, the adult prisoners were forcibly sterilized – a common fate for those considered by Hitler’s supporters to be undesirable parts of society, including alcoholics, schizophrenics and people with "congenital weaknesses. After the "euthanasia decree", the pensioner from 1939 the adult prisoners were sent to the gas chambers.

The same decree decreed that all babies born with "incurable" diseases were to be taken to the hospital The Waldniel-Hostert also became a killing center for mentally handicapped children.

It is believed that at least 97 children died in Waldniel-Hostert. Most of them were killed with a large dose of sleeping pills administered to one child after another in a long line. This process was slow and agonizing. It lasted up to eight days and not all children fell asleep immediately. Some suffered from severe respiratory distress and slowly stopped getting air.

After the end of World War II, the facility was returned to the Franciscans, who in turn sold the property to the federal government, and large parts of the building were used by the British Army as a military hospital and, from 1963, as a school.

The entire complex has been empty and for sale since 1991, and visitors to the building insist that they can sometimes hear children screaming and crying in the empty hallways.

La Maison Sanglante (The Bleeding House)

9 terrifying horror stories from around the world that will give you nightmares

The bleeding house was located in Saint Quentin, a small town in the Aisne region of France. His story begins in 1986, when a family moved to the property and after a month began to hear strange noises (moaning and banging) from the first floor.

At first they thought it was just the neighbors, but then it got stranger and stranger. One day, the woman saw a strange and viscous red substance running down the walls of the kitchen. Was it blood? Her husband dismissed her concerns, saying it was probably just old paint returning to the surface. But then it started in other parts of the house and so the couple decided to call the police. The investigation led to a grisly conclusion: they were not paint at all, but human blood.

The family decided to leave the house for a week after sprinkling flour on the floor (hoping to catch someone playing a prank). When they returned, there were no footprints, but all the walls of the house were completely covered in blood. A priest was called and passed judgment: this was the work of a demon and the house should be demolished immediately.

When they demolished the house, the bodies of about 50 German soldiers from World War I were discovered under the building. By the way, the photo above is of the house that was built on the site of the bleeding house.

O Corpo Seco (or "The Dried Corpse")

A few years ago, the Corpo Seco (in German: dried corpse) spotted on a wall in a cemetery in Mogi Guacu, Sao Paulo. "I always thought this was just an old story about cemeteries, but no, I saw with my own eyes that Corpo Seco exists and I don’t want to go near that cemetery again", pensioner Maria Aparecida Soares Branco told her local newspaper.

There are many different versions of the origins of Corpo Seco, but the consensus is that he was once human and a very cruel man during his lifetime. According to other reports, he even beat his own mother. When he died, the earth rejected his buried body and his corpse kept returning to the surface. After being denied his eternal rest, he turned into the Corpo Seco.

The Corpo Seco is said to have the power to dry up and kill trees, but also to suck the blood of people at night on lonely streets.

Bloody Mary

This legend is about a young girl named Mary Worth who was very pretty and spent hours admiring herself in her bathroom mirror.

One day, however, she suffered a terrible accident and her face became so disfigured that no one could bear to look at her. After deciding to see the damage for herself, she snuck into the bathroom one night, stared at herself in the mirror, and broke down screaming and crying. She wanted her old face back so badly that she went into the mirror vowing to find it and was never seen again.

To this day she haunts mirrors, and young girls can summon her – if they dare – by turning off the bathroom light, spinning in circles three times "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" and look in the mirror, where the cruelly disfigured Mary Worth will appear.

Hotel Cecil

9 terrifying horror stories from around the world that will give you nightmares

The Cecil Hotel opened in Los Angeles in 1924, where it became a notorious site for crime and tragedy. It became the residence of at least two serial killers and a place where many guests committed suicide by jumping out of the windows.

In 2013, for example, a tourist, Elisa Lam, was found drowned in the water tank on the roof of the hotel. (HERE is the surveillance camera video) Her death was ruled an accident, but elevator security footage showed Lam acting erratically in the corner of the elevator, as if she was hiding from someone.

Over the years, people kept reporting strange happenings at the hotel and consequently inspired the TV show American Horror Story: sightings of a young boy appearing outside the fourth-floor windows, a guest claiming to have been strangled while trying to sleep, and guests encountering cold spots in various locations throughout the building.


9 terrifying horror stories from around the world that will give you nightmares

In the eastern parts of Russia – behind the Ural Mountains and far away in Siberia – there is an ancient myth about a creature called Antsybal (or Achibal), an evil spirit that lives in swamps.

No one who has ever seen him has survived to tell the tale, so his appearance changes depending on who you talk to: a large creature covered in wet swamp water, with legs, arms and other parts covered by plants and wood.

Antsybal is mostly active at night and lives in swampy areas because they are neither land nor water – they are fickle, just like himself.

Although Atsybal does not hunt humans, it will try to kill anyone who approaches the place where it has taken up residence. It can make people deaf, strike them blind, and it can disorient those who get too close to it. He will do everything in his power to make sure you get lost in his swamp and drown if he feels threatened.

Depending on the region, people also believe that Atsybal has no eyes and that he can mimic any animal sounds, such as those of ducks and birds, and attract local hunters.

Chupacabra (The Goat Sucker)

9 terrifying horror stories from around the world that will give you nightmares

The Chupacabra, or Goatsucker in German, is probably the most famous legend in Latin America. It all started in the small town of Moca, Puerto Rico, where many people in rural areas complained of finding several dead sheep and goats whose blood had been completely sucked out through two small holes in their necks.

After the story hit the news, people from all over Latin America reported similar cases and some even believed they saw the creature killing their sheep and goats.

According to multiple sightings, the chupacabra is said to be about 90 cm to 1.20 m tall and has spines on its back that extend down from its neck to its tail. Although some sightings are still reported to this day, no one has been able to prove that the Chupacabra actually exists.

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