9 Tips for deregistration

If you leave Germany and move to another country, then you have to unsubscribe. Signing off can still be done after you leave. Ideally, though, you’ll unsubscribe a few weeks before the move.

Here you can meet in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart or another German city to deregister online.

#1 Who needs to sign out?

If you’re moving out of Germany, you’ll need to deregister your residence here. This applies to foreigners as well as to Germans. If you do not deregister, you may continue to be assessed for taxes and contract payments.

You can also be registered at two residences. But here you have to be registered as your main residence. This is the place where you live and pay taxes.

If you have never been registered in Germany, you don’t have to deregister either.

#2 When do I have to deregister in Germany?

It is best to deregister before you leave Germany.

Ideally you should send the deregistration form 3-4 weeks before departure.

Why? As soon as you have deregistered, you will get a Deregistration certificate / Deregistration confirmation.

You need this document to cancel current contracts in Germany. To do this, you need to send a copy of the certificate, e.g. a letter from your landlord.B. send it to your gym or mobile phone provider.

Only after presenting this deregistration confirmation you can terminate current contracts in Germany. The end date of the contract will be the move-out date that you indicate on the deregistration form.

#3 I forgot to deregister& have already left Germany.

Don’t worry! Ideally, you should send the deregistration form to the Burgeramt 14 days after leaving Germany.

If you have already left Germany, you can fill out the deregistration form online. It is important that you enter the correct date you left Germany. This date can also be in the past.

#4 Which documents do I need for deregistration

Which forms do I need to deregister in Germany??

To deregister successfully in Germany, you need the following papers:

1. the deregistration form

2. Copy of your identity card (black and white)

On our deregistration page you can fill out the forms online. After that you get 1. the deregistration form and 2. A cover letter for the Burgeramt. Just print out both forms and send them to the Burgeramt!

Attention: the landlord certificate / confirmation of moving out> since 1. As of November 2016, you no longer need this document!!

#5 How to deregister in Germany?

Deregistration in Germany is easy and uncomplicated.

  1. Fill out the deregistration form.
  2. Print the form and cover letter.
  3. Sign the form and cover letter.
  4. Send both documents and a copy of your ID card (black and white is sufficient) to the Burgeramt or to the local authorities. the registration office of your city. Or bring it there personally.

#6 Where do I send the deregistration form??

You have to send the deregistration form to the registration office in the city where you are registered. If you are registered in Berlin, you can send the form to any Burgeramt in Berlin. It does not matter which one.

In smaller towns there is often only one registration office, so the choice is a bit smaller.

Here you can deregister Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart or any other city in Germany online to deregister. In these cities, the address of the citizens’ registration office is already noted for you on the deregistration letter. So you only have to sign it and send it off.

#7 How to get a ‘deregistration confirmation?

The deregistration confirmation is an official document that certifies when you are deregistered from Germany. This certificate is an important document. You should keep it in a safe place.

To get your deregistration confirmation, you only need to fill in the deregistration form and the confirmation of moving out / landlord’s certificate and send it to your citizens office. This process is described above.

#8 How do I know that my deregistration was successful??

You know that your registration was successful when you receive a confirmation of deregistration.

If you have not received a deregistration confirmation, you can call the Burgeramt to which you sent the deregistration form directly. The staff can tell you right on the phone if you are entered in the computer as "logged off".

To find the phone number of your local government office, type in ‘your city or town’ on Google. District + Citizen’s Office Phone’.

#9 Do I have to unsubscribe if I move to another city?

If you move within Germany, you don’t have to deregister your old address. All you have to do is register your new address (officially "re-register your residence").

In fact, as soon as you register the new address, the old one will be automatically deregistered. Unless you indicate in the registration that it is a secondary residence.

Even if you only move a few houses away. You have to register again in any case. You need to be registered at the address where you actually live.

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