A glass in the evening does not hurt? 5 persistent myths about alcohol

A glass in the evening does not hurt? 5 stubborn myths about alcohol

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Myths about alcohol abound. Find 5 of them here& learn how fatal the consumption of even the smallest amounts is..

A glass of alcohol relaxes and is good for your health? Find 5 such myths here and learn what is behind them. Credit: Elizaveta Dushechkina Pexels via canva.com

Alcohol is a German cultural asset. In this country, people don’t ask: "Why do you drink??“, but "Why don’t you drink?“. And although alcohol is an integral part of many people’s lives, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding it. Let’s just take the idea that a glass in the evening makes you sleep better or the myth that drinking with a straw makes you drunk faster. With five such Myths about alcohol I would now like to clean up..

These myths about alcohol await you

Germany, the alcohol paradise

The other day I was out for a walk with a friend and we were talking about our drinking habits. She told me that there is nothing wrong with a glass of wine in the evening. You have even heard that a glass of red wine a day is healthy! I was stunned by this statement.

Although I also know these studies about the health-promoting effect of moderate alcohol consumption. Unlike them, I want to with it however no longer itself to fool. Alcohol is a popular drug that drives more people into addiction and even death every year. People who may have fallen for these very myths about a healthy glass of.. only that in reality they could never leave it at that one glass.

The following Facts about alcohol consumption in Germany You should let it melt on your tongue, discolored by red wine:

  • Drinking in Germany 6.7 million people risky. And these are only figures for the 18 to 64 age group.
  • 1.6 million Germans are addicted to alcohol.
  • 74.000 people die from the effects of alcohol.
  • Per capita consumption in Germany ten liters of pure alcohol per year.

Drinking risky means consume more than the amount recommended by the WHO. According to it one should live alcohol-free on two to three days in the week. on the other days it should not be more than a small glass of champagne or beer. For men it may be two glasses or small bottles.

People love alcohol. No wonder: the stuff makes you loose and in a good mood. Some, however, become addicted and that has nothing to do with fun anymore to do. Credit: Getty Images/ Tara Moore

5 myths about alcohol, which you surely also believe

These numbers should make you think. Also that Germany in international comparison Always among the top ten countries with the highest alcohol consumption is more than questionable. What helps against it? First and foremost, of course: Stop drinking.

For many, however, this is not so easy, especially since alcohol is omnipresent. That’s why we have already written you a text on the subject of alcohol withdrawal here. But it is also important that a change in thinking takes place. How this can be achieved? For example, debunking some myths about alcohol…

1. A little alcohol is good for heart health

There are numerous studies that try to prove that red wine in particular is good for the cardiovascular system. And in fact, these studies show that above all older people can profit from it.

But these studies more than controversial. In fact, other high quality studies prove that alcohol damages every organ in the body – so in addition to the liver, the heart and blood vessels. As if that were not enough, scientists are certain that alcohol is one of the greatest risk factors for various forms of cancer.

Even the WHO now says, that there is no harmless consumption of alcohol. So a life without alcohol is scientifically proven to be healthier than a life in which you drink a glass in the evening. And if we’re being honest: Does it really stay with this little glass?

2. A "foundation makes you drink more

This myth about alcohol is partly true. A full stomach, whether it’s filled with fatty or high-protein foods- generally makes alcohol enter the bloodstream more slowly. Who drinks in addition also a ZwiWa (intermediate water), mitigates the effect of the alcohol also. Here’s the thing, though: Just because the alcohol does not go to your head so quickly, it is not less harmful.

There are no tricks to outsmart alcohol. If you want to live without its negative effects, you have to give it up. Credit: Getty Images/ Agustin Vai

3. Coffee& sleep help to sober up quickly

Who doesn’t know the phrase from series: "Now I’ll make you a coffee first"?, When an alcoholic friend knocks on the door. It’s a shame that coffee doesn’t break down alcohol any faster.

It is also a misconception that you only need to lie down for a few hours to quickly sober up again. The body does not care whether we are awake or asleep: It breaks down alcohol at the same rate. On average, women lose 0.1 per mille per hour, men lose 0.2 per mille per hour.

4. Alcohol makes you sleep better

Alcohol reduces inhibitions, relaxes and makes fears and worries fade into the background. Many also like to have a glass in the evening, because they promise themselves to fall asleep faster with it. This is also. However, sleep itself is much less restful, if we have drunk before.

The organism is busy to break down the alcohol. The body now lacks this energy to stay in the deep sleep phase. Instead, it causes sleep disturbances, one sleeps restlessly and wakes up more often at night. You can’t remember the last time you fell asleep without alcohol? Indicates an alcohol problem.

5. Drinking with a straw gets you drunk faster

This myth about alcohol has been haunting the ether of the Internet for years. Many already know that this is a misconception. In fact there are there is no solid scientific evidence that, That drinking alcohol through a straw gets you drunk faster.

Too little alcohol is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. A large part becomes only after swallowing üabsorbed through the mucous membranes of the small intestine. They are significantly larger and thus offer more surface area to metabolize the alcohol.

One thing you should still keep in mind when drinking through a straw: It is more tempting to constantly sip the drink. If you want to drink more consciously and less, it’s better to drink from a glass.

Myths about alcohol lead to the trivialization of the substance

We don’t need to fool ourselves: Alcohol is a poison. Nevertheless, we can easily get it in any supermarket or gas station- Provided we are 18 years old. Whether we should, however, is the all-important question.

And if you’re wondering, "Maybe I drink too much, too??“, then maybe it’s time to give it a try with an alcohol break. Do not sit meanwhile further any myths over the alcohol on, but begin to learn more about the fatal consequences of alcohol. We have some article ideas for you here…

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