A miscarriage can be caused by food

A miscarriage can be caused by food

Papaya Salad Thai Food Asian

Papaya Salad Thai Food Asian

Our diet is always a very decisive factor in all the processes in our body and even in our head. Of course, the development of the child in the womb is not excluded from this. This is how your diet can significantly help prevent a possible miscarriage. Nutritionists and doctors know that certain foods can trigger a so-called "spontaneous abortion".

Placenta – nutrition of the baby

When the unborn baby has taken its place in the uterus, it is supplied via the placenta. The placenta serves, among other things, the exchange of substances from the mother’s blood, that is, the child is thus supplied with oxygen and nutrients, while the waste products of the child are carried away with the mother’s blood.

Placenta – the natural filter

In addition, the placenta acts as a filter against external pollutants. This is how the so-called placental barrier protects the embryo from poisoning. However, their dynamics have limits and these are exceeded with sad regularity by:

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Bacteria
  • Medications
  • heavy metals
  • Environmental toxins

In this context, also keep in mind that certain foods can have a labor-promoting effect. The fetus is particularly sensitive to toxic substances between the third and eighth week of pregnancy (SSW), as most organs are formed during this phase. This means that you have to be very careful with medicines and always ask your doctor for advice.

Deformities caused by alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Toxins do not immediately lead to miscarriage, but they do cause lasting damage to the embryo. Through Alcohol This often results, for example, in short stature or malformations, which can also include a mental handicap.

When mothers smoke during pregnancy, allergies are more likely to develop in their children, and lung health problems can also result, which is primarily due to the risk associated with smoking in the Cigarette smoke is due to the heavy metal cadmium contained in it.

At Drugs mostly the chemical composition is completely unclear. There is also the high risk of infection from heroin injections, for example. If you’re already addicted, be sure to consult your doctor and, if necessary, talk about a substitute substance that will hopefully cause less harm to the fetus.

No raw animal food

Raw meat, fat or fish is a breeding ground for the explosive growth of bacteria such as salmonella, listeria or toxoplasmosis pathogens. While a resulting diarrheal illness is not immediately life-threatening for the mother, if such germs do make it to the child, they cause quite significant damage there.

Therefore you should eat fish, meat& Co. always heat more than enough. Fat, tartar, raw ham, raw sausage, as well as raw fish products such as sushi, oysters and caviar do not belong on your table, at least as long as you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cold-smoked meat or fish is hardly inferior to the foods already mentioned in this respect.

Raw eggs Always harbor the risk of salmonella infection. You should know that in this regard tiramisu or mayonnaise is equivalent to it. Products made from raw milk can also be carriers of salmonella because they are insufficiently heated during production, which is why germs survive. If you are pregnant, cross soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert or Gorgonzola off your menu.

Heavy metals and other environmental toxins


Offal like kidney and liver contain many important trace elements like magnesium and iron. But this is no reason for a pregnant woman to eat such food. Since these organs act as toxin filters in all living things, they are consequently filled with heavy metals and other environmental toxins. By the way, liver contains a relatively high amount of vitamin A, which in larger quantities is not necessarily good for your child.


Large predatory fish are also great sources of mercury and especially this heavy metal has a very harmful influence on the development of the child’s brain. So to be avoided are mainly:

  • Eel
  • Barsch
  • Blue ling
  • Bonito
  • Fan fish
  • Shark
  • Pike
  • Halibut
  • Marin
  • Redfish
  • Bluefin tuna and albacore tuna
  • Swordfish
  • Monkfish
  • Spearfish
  • Rockfish

Foods that can trigger a miscarriage

  • QuinineThis substance is found in bitter lemon and tonic drinks.
  • Spices: The ingredient coumarin is used very sparingly by the pregnant woman. It is contained, for example, in cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Since it stimulates among other things the blood circulation, it could cause early contractions. Chinese herbal mixtures and even cookie varieties such as cinnamon wafers should therefore be treated with great caution. The following spices or spice mixtures stimulate the uterine muscles in a rather undesirable way: Curry, coriander, marjoram, cloves and thyme.
  • Green papayaThe unripe papaya in particular contains a substance that promotes contractions.
  • CaffeineTwo cups of coffee contain about 200 milligrams of caffeine and this daily ration should be enough for a pregnant woman. Keep in mind that caffeine is not only in coffee, but also in green and black tea, in Coca-Cola or in energy drinks.
  • LicoriceIt contains glycyrrhetinic acid, which is harmful for fetuses. This also applies to salmiak pastilles.
  • Sugar substitutes: They usually have a laxative effect and thus can induce labor too early. Especially diabetic products contain sugar substitutes.

Everything that has a strong laxative effect, always remember your medication, can cause a miscarriage.

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