Afd: tafel sees red – “don’t make up stories”

AfD: Tafel association sees red – "Do not make up stories"

The rapid rise of the AfD

Since 2013, there has been the Alternative for Germany (AfD). Since its founding, the right-wing populist party has made a rapid ascent.

Tafel does not want to be influenced by a politician of the AfD let instrumentalize.

With clear words they put themselves on the Internet against a false allegation from the ranks of the AfD to the defense.

AfD: Tafel association takes a stand – “Don”t make up stories”

"This is nonsense, of course," makes Tafel Deutschland e.V. clear. Meant is a Twitter post by AfD politician Petr Bystron, who has even been in the Bundestag for the party since 2017 and was once chairman of the party in Bavaria.

This is the AfD:

  • The Alternative for Germany was founded in 2013 as an EU-skeptical and right-wing liberal party.
  • Since the refugee crisis in 2015, the party has moved further and further to the far right ideologically.
  • In 2017, the AfD managed to enter the Bundestag.
  • With Jorg Meuthen, Frauke Petry and Bernd Lucke, three ex-chairmen have already resigned from the party.

Bystron had shared a video on his page of police officers clearing a food stand. In this regard, the politician wrote: "Police clear a Tafel, which distributes food donations to the needy outside. Who is radicalizing? The citizens or the state?"

AfD politician puts story right only with delay

The German Tafel association is annoyed: "We would appreciate it if this AfD politician does not make up stories at the expense of our customer:inside and the commitment against food waste".

Twice Bystron had been pointed out to the true background of the police action, "both times he deleted the tweets late and without correction," the boards write further. "The second time at the latest, the "apology" is completely implausible."

More news about AfD:

Bystron has since responded on Twitter: "We have corrected it, resp. deleted. Far be it from us to intentionally spread false information." From the point of view of the Tafel, however, this is not reliable.

After fake news by AfD man: That was really behind the police action

But what is now the real background been? The Tafeln clarify: "Activist:inside have food with supermarkets containert and them given away."Afterwards they had denounced themselves "in order to draw attention to food waste". The police disposed of the food afterwards.

That is of course nonsense, Tafeln were not taken away donations.

The video comes from the @AufstandLastGen protest. We would appreciate it if this AfD politician does not make up stories at the expense of our customers and the campaign against #foodwaste.

— Tafel Germany e.V. (@Tafel_DE) January 31, 2022

The action was carried out as part of the "Save Food – Save Life" campaign of the so-called "Last Generation". These climate activists are currently stressing the nerves of motorists in Berlin as they block highway access roads in protest.


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