Application 2022: samples, tips and application trends

Check out our application tips guide for everything you need to know about applying for a job in 2022. Step-by-step, we’ll walk you through the components of your application materials and show you what’s important in your cover letter, resume, cover page, and motivation letter this year.

Cover letter

Cover letter

Next to the resume, the cover letter is the most important part of your application. However, for most applicants, the cover letter is the supreme discipline when creating..

Resume 2020


There is no standard for resume design. In creative professions such as z.B. Design or online marketing, the presentation of the resume in the form of an infographic is a proven tool.

Motivation hole when writing applications

Letter of motivation

Learn more about the structure of motivation letters and how you can stand out from most applicants with a convincing motivation letter. In our store..

Cover letter – advertising on your own behalf

The cover letter is the first thing the recruiter sees from your application. It is your plea, presenting arguments to the employer why they should hire you for the job – and not one of the other applicants. A pretty layout and design will not help you if your cover letter is not convincing enough. If you are applying for a position that has been advertised by the company, then use the following as a guideline when writing your cover letter Job advertisement and the following guiding questions:

  • Which profile is desired by the employer?
  • What prerequisites, skills and qualifications should you have?
  • What tasks are waiting for you in the job? Have you already gained experience in this area of responsibility?
  • What added value do you offer the company??

These are typical questions that employers and. personnel decision-makers to select the right candidate. It is crucial that after reading through your cover letter, the recruiter has the feeling that you are the right person for the company and that he or she must get to know you better in an interview.

Cover Letter 2018

Cover letter sample 2022

Nurse resume

Nurse cover letter

Cook cover letter

Application letter cook

Office administrator cover letter

Letter of application Burokauffrau / Burokaufmann (office administrator)

Architect cover letter

Cover letter architect

Educator cover letter

Educator cover letter

Application letter for a training position as a police officer

Application for police training 2022 / 2023

Baker cover letter

Cover letter baker

Computer scientist cover letter

Application letter Fachinformatiker / -in

Saleswoman cover letter

Cover letter salesman / saleswoman

Banker cover letter

Cover letter Bankkaufmann / -frau

Tax specialist cover letter

Letter of application hairdresser / -in

Letter of application for geriatric nurse

Design and structure of your application

When structuring your application, it is advantageous to pay attention to a clear layout. No personnel officer will meticulously measure the page spacing with a ruler. However, they will thank you if they read a clearly structured application and find all the important information straight away. Below we have compiled some general tips for a legible and well-structured application:


For the body text, avoid ornamental fonts and use legible fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Georgia, Times New Roman or Verdana. For headings and subheadings, sans serif fonts such as Lucida Sans or Arial are particularly suitable.B. Lucida Sans or Arial.

Font size:

Longer text passages in the cover letter or resume are easy to read with a step size of 11-12 points. For headings and subheadings, we recommend a font size of 14 or larger. 16 points.

Font color:

The effect of font color in applications is still greatly underestimated by many applicants. The use of different shades of gray in the cover letter alone can increase the readability of your cover letter. Colorful headings also draw the reader’s attention to important sections of your application.


Although it is not obligatory to write your application according to DIN 5008, the rules for formatting the margins, spaces, paragraphs, highlighting, etc. should be followed. but ensure that the cover letter as a whole is more readable and clearly structured.

Personal Branding

There is no second chance for the first impression. To ensure that your application documents don’t get lost among all the other applications, they should not only be convincing in terms of content, but also look good. For example, make sure that both cover letter and resume are clearly structured and clearly formatted. With an application design that matches your personality and the respective job description, you also give your application a high recognition value. With a matching color scheme, custom fonts or monograms, you have a variety of options to create coherent and eye-catching cover letters. If your application is also convincing in terms of content and the employer has the feeling that you fit the job description exactly, nothing should stand in the way of an invitation to an interview.

Give your application a personal touch

The evolution of the traditional paper application to the online application brings new challenges. With the elimination of paper and printing costs and the ease of reusing digital application photos, applicants are sending out far more applications than they did a year ago. The increasing number of application letters poses a challenge for personnel decision-makers: They have less time available for reviewing an application. It will be all the more important to stand out positively with the application and to arouse the interest of the personnel managers.

In the current application year, it is therefore particularly important that your application is individualized. With an application design that fits the job description and a cover letter tailored to you and your skills, you’ll give your application documents a personal touch and stand out from the gray mass of applicants. We will show you how to increase your chances of being invited for an interview with an impressive and convincing application and how to convince your future employer that you are the right person for the job.

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