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Once you have found your dream apprenticeship, it’s time to apply: Apply, apply, apply. To make sure you do everything right in your cover letter and make a perfect first impression on the training company of your choice, we’ll take you through the following step-by-step process. Let’s go!


Find a training position.

The first thing is to find an interesting apprenticeship in your area. On the one hand, companies and small businesses naturally advertise their jobs.

But it doesn’t hurt to ask around in your circle of friends and acquaintances, or to actively approach companies yourself and ask if they train people.

In doing so, it is of course helpful for your search if you already know in which direction it should go for you:

Tips for the job search

What do you want to work as?

Application letter sample.

Whether you prefer a modern or a classic style, here are some ideas for what your cover letter could look like.

Cover letter training_modern_apprentice

Sender and recipient.

To make sure that the company you are applying to knows who sent your cover letter, include your name and full address in the top left-hand corner. Further information, such as your phone number, is not necessary here, as you mention it in your resume.

Below that follow the name and address of the company and the name of your contact person.

On the right side, one line below the recipient, indicate the date. Here it is common practice to also mention the place where you are located. It will look like this:

Bremen, 02.03.2015

Now follows the subject, which you place on the left side of the page. The subject is a kind of headline for your application letter, so you should emphasize it visually and try to formulate it as precisely as possible. A good example would be:

Applying for a training position as a fruit juice technology specialist

Once you’ve adjusted all the formalities, it’s time to move on to the..

. Salutation.

Here it depends on whether or not you know the name of the contact person for the training you are aiming for. This is often stated in the job advertisement. If this is not the case, it is always worthwhile to call the company and ask for the contact person. This makes a very good first impression for the application and also shows your keen interest in the position. If you are able to find out the name, you formulate the greeting like this:

Dear Mr. Schmidt, .

Make sure here that two line breaks follow the salutation.

If you can’t find out the name of the contact person, write:

Dear Sir or Madam, ..

If you have also formulated the greeting, you move on to the next point – you explain, ..

… how you became aware of the training!

If you have also formulated the greeting, you can move on to the next point. You start the body text with an explanation of how you became aware of the company and the training for which you are applying. For example, you write:

… via the job advertisement you posted on Azubi.I became aware of the possibility of training as an industrial clerk in your company in. This aroused my interest.

Since big words alone don’t say much, the next step is to explain ..

What do you want to work as?

… why you are aiming for this training in particular!

Here you convey your enthusiasm for the training to your desired employer. What are your personal interests that drive you to pursue this profession?? For example, you formulate it like this:

The profession of IT specialist is particularly interesting to me because computers are one of my great passions. I spend a lot of time with them in my free time and would like to learn more about their nature and function on a professional level.

It is also important to emphasize, .

. why you want to work at this training company in particular!

Personnel managers like to hear why you have chosen their company to start your career. It is very important to them that you have dealt with the company, its values and the way they earn their money.

For example, you can go to the company website and look in the section "About us" or "Our company". There you will find a lot of valuable information that can be helpful for your application. For example, you write:

As the Mustermann-IT GmbH is one of the most distinguished companies in the field of information technology, I am firmly convinced that your company is the ideal employer for me to start my professional career.

Once you have mastered this step as well, you try to make clear ..

… why you in particular are perfect for this apprenticeship!

Easier said than done? You may ask yourself what makes you stand out from other applicants – after all, you are still at school or have just graduated. No problem, it’s not just you!

You start, for example, by explaining which school you go to and what degree you are aiming for:

I am currently attending grade 12. I’m in the 9th grade at the Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium in Bremen and will probably graduate from high school in June of this year.

Further, have you perhaps completed internships, been active in a club, or played an instrument for a long time? Now is the right time to state:

I was already able to gain my first practical experience during a two-week school internship at PC Notdienst 24 GmbH. My activity there has additionally strengthened my desire to pursue the profession of an IT specialist.

In addition, I have been active in a soccer club since I was eight years old. In addition to regular team activities, I am involved in various organizational club tasks and volunteer to coach a youth team.

Furthermore, playing the guitar has been one of my passions for nine years now. In the course of the annual theater performance of our school I am part of the school band.

Internships, for example, indicate that you have already shown an interest in the subject area in which you would like to do your training. Activity in a sports club shows that you are a team player. If you have been playing the piano since you were six years old, this is a sign that you are enthusiastic about something and also develop ambition. your favorite subjects at school could also be relevant.

Attention: When it comes to internships and your favorite subjects, it’s especially important that they have a direct reference Have a good understanding of your intended education. If this is not the case, you’d better leave it out of the cover letter and refer to your other strengths. If you completed your school internship at a hairdresser, for example, but would like to train as a bank clerk, do not mention the internship.

After you have clarified your personal merits, it is almost done! The following is the ..

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