Application on recommendation: sample, formulation& examples

You can become aware of vacancies not only via job exchanges on the Internet or in newspapers. Exciting opportunities often arise through the recommendation of acquaintances. Applying by referral can be promising if you keep certain aspects in mind.

Application on recommendation by acquaintances: Why it can be so rewarding

Who is on job search, can use many possibilities. The application is often particularly promising if you know someone whose employer is looking for new employees. Applying on the recommendation of an employee can be promising if the applicant has the right profile.

It happens all the time that acquaintances give a tip about a vacancy at their own or another employer’s company. Sometimes it is not about a specific position, but about the general interest of the employer in capable specialists. Then speculative applications are in demand. In other cases, applicants benefit from the fact that the vacancy is not officially advertised. This greatly limits the number of competitors.

People who apply on the recommendation of others are often successful. This is not only due to the fact that he or she even knows that there is interest in new employees at the company in question. If the referrer works there him/herself, he/she can also act as the applicant’s advocate. If the decision-maker appreciates the employee, this is likely to have a positive influence on the chances of the application being made.

Applying on recommendation: tips on how best to proceed

An application on the recommendation of a co-worker or an acquaintance is not a foregone conclusion. If you think that you simply have to mention the name of the contact, you are mistaken. Applicants should bear the following aspects in mind to ensure that applying on the basis of a recommendation does not have any undesirable negative consequences.

The first step should be to clarify whether the person who gave the tip can be mentioned by name at all. Not everyone wants to be mentioned – sometimes the person is breaking the rules if he or she passes on the fact that a position that has not yet been advertised becomes available.

If no mention by name is possible, applicants should consider whether they should mention the tip at all. The recommendation does not tend to have a positive effect, because the employer does not know who recommended the respective applicant.

If the person giving the tip is willing to be mentioned by name in the application, you should ask yourself how much use this is at all. Only if the employer thinks highly of the employee is a recommendation really beneficial. Conversely, it can also happen that the person who gave the tip does not have a good position in the company. In this case, the recommendation may even reflect negatively on the applicant. If the person works in a large company, not only the name but also the function or department should be mentioned.

False impression: Do not apply only because of the recommendation

If the person who gave the tip is mentioned by name, the recommendation should not be given too much prominence. An application based on a recommendation carries the risk that it appears as if you are only applying because you know that a job is available. However, employers want applicants who are specifically interested in joining their company. It is therefore important to make it clear what draws you there and what qualifies you.

Only in the second step you can write that you have heard good things about the employer from the person who gave you the tip. You can be specific and, for example, mention the good working atmosphere or the opportunities for development. Let it be clear that you have studied the company. Only in the case of applications for jobs for which no essential qualifications are required is this aspect of secondary importance – for example, when it comes to a temporary job.

Make sure that the person making the recommendation knows basic things about you. So he or she can tell something about you when asked. Also, be careful who you ask for the favor of acting as a recommender – if that person doesn’t think much of you, the employer may notice. This can reduce your chances of getting the job.

Where to mention the person who recommended you in the cover letter?

Should the recommender be mentioned in the first sentence of the cover letter or even in the subject line?? Both increase the likelihood that the recommendation will be noticed at all. The more evidence there is that the recommender is valued by the employer, the more prominently the name should appear in your cover letter.

In order for your application to be promising, you should also take to heart all the tips that apply to a good application in general. This means that your cover letter should be meaningful and interesting to read. Your application should be written individually for a specific employer and should include all the evidence that is of interest to that employer.

Application on recommendation of an employee: sample and formulation examples

You can only benefit from a recommendation from acquaintances or friends in an application if you include the reference to it in your cover letter in the best possible way. As with any application letter, the following applies: Only with an excitingly written, credible formulation do you have a chance of landing the vacant position. To help you write your own personalized cover letter, see this section on how to write a letter of recommendation. The following two samples for an application on the recommendation of an employee comprise the first sentences of the application letter.

Application on recommendation: Sample 1

"Dear Mr. Sample,

as an experienced master mechanic I am looking for a new challenge. I have heard only good things about your company from your long-time employee Mr. Muster. I am particularly attracted by the good working atmosphere and the employee-friendly working conditions. Therefore, I would like to work for you as a shift supervisor."

Application on recommendation: sample example 2

"Dear Ms. Musterfrau,

You are looking for committed, creative employees for the marketing department, who have relevant experience. That’s what I offer – and at the same time I’m looking for an employer where employees are encouraged and where working in a team is fun. I know that this is the case with you from my acquaintance Max Mustermann, who also works in marketing at your company."

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