Applications for building plots soon possible

"The agenda is clear this time," Mayor Bruno Kellner explained to his market town council: "Many processes are ongoing, have already been initiated, but are not yet ready for a decision."

With visible relief and pride, the head of the municipality pointed out that the administration, in cooperation with the company INSIDAS (Altdorf), had successfully passed the auditing of the information security concept two days before the meeting and would thus receive the desired certificate after the "briefing. With these requirements, Kellner gave as an example of a security measure required for this, a paper shredder in Germany must shred paper both horizontally and vertically. Making staff aware of these procedures could also take some of the mayor’s liability out of the process. "A year and a half of hard work, a rocky road came to an end with this, and only now," the mayor explained to the committee, "with total costs of 30.000 euros, the promised 50 percent funding will also be called up."

The measures for the current RZWas 2021 (renovation of water and sewer lines) were discussed with engineer Ingolf Eckert from the engineering office Hohen& Partner (Bamberg) selected the day before and set in motion.

"Brand new", said Kellner, the market Rattelsdorf also received the award "Digital Office", which is awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Digital Affairs after the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG). In the meantime, more than 50 documents have been posted on the Bavaria portal and linked by the administration for further processing. This internal process had tied up additional resources. The now achieved electronic processing of administrative services should accelerate the processing time of applications.

For the sewage treatment plant in Ebing and the combined sewage treatment connected in front of it, the technical processes could be checked with the help of the engineering office and clerk responsible for it, and thus the extension of the water law permit for the next twenty years, until 30.12.2041, will be reached. The approval process for the wastewater treatment plant in Helfenroth/Freudeneck has been initiated, but the result is still pending.

The Ebing wastewater treatment plant and its upstream combined sewage treatment system received water-law permission for the next 20 years.

Schedule for the allocation of building plots "Am Ruhstein Sud

The lecture on the scheduling for the allocation of now eight plots of land in the new building area "Am Ruhstein Sud", on the other hand, formed the basis for a further need for information on the part of the market town councils.

First, Mayor Bruno Kellner announced the publication of the award information for the Official Gazette on 25. February 2022 to. Then, he said, all interested parties are invited to submit their applications. The return must be made by 1. April, so that the evaluation of the application letters could be made by mid-May. The builders received a reply by 31 December. May, and the actual selection is scheduled for the meeting on 23. June scheduled. However, any of the eight selected would have the opportunity to withdraw until the notary produces the documents. The signing date is scheduled for the end of September, so that on 1 January the contract can be signed. October, construction could begin.

The land prices would be fixed after the survey had been carried out, was the answer of the mayor to the question of market councillor Sabina Sitzmann-Simon (CSU). However, they should not be mentioned in public meeting. To the process of actually selecting applicants, scheduled by 31. May 2022, it was added that construction applicants must submit their application again due to equal opportunities, so far there have been over 100 applicants. Recommendations for the "shortlist" are made according to the elaborated award guidelines. In the end, eight candidates are selected, plus two or three substitutes in case someone drops out just before the notary deadline. This has certainly happened before," Kellner explained.

The building area "Am Ruhstein Sud" is waiting for eight new owners.

Market town councilor Jurgen Stobel (Ebinger Liste) inquired why the results of the fiber optic/broadband expansion "Am Ruhstein" were so long in coming. This is easy to answer, Kellner said: because of the expected costs and subsidy legal requirements, a normal tender is not sufficient. In addition many companies would have jumped off, if the delivery period had been terminated on January. Now the bidding ends on 31. March 2022. However, the expected costs would not affect the building site prices, it was concluded.

"Ruin" in the lower road 14 in Ebing becomes living space

No one objected to the conversion of the rear building, a barn, on plot number 126 (property "Untere Strabe 14") in Ebing into two apartments, which is located in the unplanned inner area. The isolated deviation from the building code regulations regarding the distance areas was also approved, especially since the neighbors did not object to the modification. Except for the southwest side, all exterior walls of the barn are to be renewed, while retaining its cubature. First mayor Kellner mentioned appreciatively: "We may be glad that this ruin is animated by the owner; altogether also seven parking bays are proven".

In the "ruinous" barn in Ebing, Untere street 12, two dwellings are inserted.

Corona crisis – further deferral of trade tax

Once again, the market town council followed the recommendation of the Bavarian Municipal Association (according to the circular letter of 9.12.2021) and extended the period of deferrals for business tax payments by six months to 30. June 2022. Deferral interest of six percent would also be waived. The first mayor was authorized to grant deferrals up to a sum of 5.000 euro without further agreement to be allowed to express. In response to a question from local councillor Dr. Martin Hoffmann (RatZ) followed the answer of the head of the municipality that within the pandemic so far one or two applications had been received, more details would be part of the non-public session.

Announcements for Dementia Award and Social Medal of Merit

The Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care called on the market town councils to submit outstanding and innovative projects for people with dementia and their relatives for the Bavarian Dementia Prize, which will be awarded every two years in the future.

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