At msv duisburg, the bar is now higher after the victory

At MSV Duisburg, the bar is now higher after the win

Enjoying the moment of success: goalscorer Aziz Bouhaddouz (right) and newcomer John Yeboah after scoring the 1-0 goal for MSV Duisburg.

Photo: Heiko Becker / HEIKO BECKER/firo Sportphoto

Wiesbaden/Duisburg. MSV Duisburg leaves the relegation places for the first time since the eleventh matchday with a 1-0 win in Wiesbaden. The coach now wants to move on.

The victory was important. Therefore, no squiggles for now. Only slim main sentences. The third-division soccer team MSV Duisburg won on Saturday in the Brita Arena with 1:0 (0:0) against the SV Wehen Wiesbaden. The goal of the day headed in front of 1000 spectators – including 150 very brave cheering MSV fans – Aziz Bouhaddouz. In the 62. The striker completed the Meiderich side’s first real good move in the 42nd minute. Rolf Feltscher had served accurately from the right side for the win.

MSV Duisburg: Third penalty missed

Later thundered Aziz Bouhaddouz (76.) an unauthorized penalty next to the goal. The grille in front of the bleachers rattled loudly. For the third time this season, the Zebras missed a penalty kick. After Moritz Stoppelkamp and Orhan Ademi, Bouhaddouz now also missed such a safe opportunity.

Success has consequences: Trainer Hagen Schmidt Had called for a reaction to the 0:5 against Magdeburg. The team has complied with his request. This ends the discussion about the coach for the time being. After Wednesday’s defeat, fans had expressed doubts. Is Schmidt, previously in the youth of Borussia Monchengladbach, right for men’s soccer? The three-pointer lifted the zebras above the line. For the first time since the eleventh matchday, MSV is not in a relegation place. Kolja Pusch threatens to drop out on Wednesday in the catch-up game against the VfL Osnabruck. The midfielder pulled out in the 80th minute. Injury to the knee in the second minute. Pusch limped off the pitch, visibly injured.

Hagen Schmidt had completely overhauled his team after Wednesday’s defeat. The starting eleven was new in five positions. The goalkeeper position was taken over by Jo Coppens from Leo Weinkauf, who was suspended for two games. Coppens played strongly. Stefan Velkov moved into central defense. The coach was not satisfied with the performance of former chief defender Oliver Steurer on Wednesday. This is what he said in the press conference.

Schmidt also returned to the usual 4-2-3-1. Previously, the coach had experimented with other systems. The coach is apparently still looking for a regular formation and a reliable order. That worked against Wiesbaden. The reason: the team fought tooth and nail. That looked like work. That’s exactly what the fans wanted to see.

Match luck is back at MSV Duisburg

And so to classify what we saw on Saturday. Schmidt did what bosses like to do when their employees perform better than they usually do in a workday: he raised the bar. On television, the coach said: "We showed what we are made of. This is the level the boys have set and this is what we want to bring to the pitch week after week." And even at this level it will be hard enough to stay in the class. The coach had also recognized: "It was a fight at eye level. It certainly could have tipped to either side. We just had the luck of the fittest today."

The so often missed luck of the game helped a lot in the second away win after the winter break. Ms. Fortuna is a very moody diva. On Saturday, she winked mischievously at the Zebra when the goal was wide open for Wehen’s Gustaf Nilsson. Then Rolf Feltscher intervened and Stefan Velkov knocked the ball off the line. A minute later Nilsson was alone less than six meters from goal. Jo Coppens was as happy as he was efficient at that moment. Then the corner and again great danger. Velkov came to the rescue a second time. All this happened within barely three minutes.

Duisburg goalkeeper Jo Coppens praises morale

And just in this phase of urgency, MSV launched a clever attack. The goal of the guests affected the home side like a cold shower. The Zebras could have saved themselves any trepidation afterwards. There was not only the penalty. John Yeboah had another great chance, but failed to score against keeper Florian Stritzel. On Saturday, such sins went unpunished. But there are also very different soccer days.

Nevertheless, how the Zebras threw themselves into the shots, how they plowed the field that was once a lawn in the hectic final phase: Respect! This is how the relegation battle works. Goalkeeper Jo Coppens enjoyed the exuberance of the moment: "It was the first time that we did what we said we would do: that we would fight. Therefore a giant giant compliment to all. To see everyone fighting for you, that’s just an outstanding feeling." Coppens showed himself quite self-critical: "We have the last two days on the face got. 100 percent rightly."

MSV Duisburg on Wednesday against VfL Osnabruck

In Wehen, the eleven showed that they did not want to turn the other cheek in a good way. Hagen Schmidt, on the other hand, remained free of any euphoria: "You have to put this in order, stay calm and keep working like this." To be more precise: "We need to step up our game," said Schmidt. And on Wednesday against Osnabruck.

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