Aufstocker hartz iv – additional income – aufstockend alg ii: what you need to know!

What is Aufstocker Hartz IV? Can you be gainfully employed and still get Hartz IV?? If so, how much am I allowed to earn and how much ALG II am I entitled to? Find out here everything you need to know about the supplementary unemployment benefit II.


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  • Calculation
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Aufstocker Hartz IV - additional income - aufstockend ALG II: What you need to know!

Basic information about unemployment benefit II

The German social security system provides several levels to prevent you from falling into an undignified living situation due to insufficient income. So, if you are unable to earn a wage on your own, or can only earn an insufficient wage, unemployment benefits will first be.

In its first stage, your lost wages will be replaced to a certain percentage. This is usually enough to maintain your standard of living. After that you are only entitled to ALG II. The benefits, which you receive thereby, are to ensure only a basic safety device.

In addition, the unemployment benefit II can also be paid in addition to a salary, or that you are allowed to earn something in addition to the ALG II. The regulations are not easy to understand in detail, but in the following you get an overview.

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Hartz IV benefits

If you get unemployment benefit II, you get a basic amount and money for rent. There are different constellations, depending on whether you live alone, with children or together with a partner. Therefore, there may also be the case that you have a job with which you could support yourself alone, but the money is not enough for all the people in your community of need. In this case, your income can be supplemented by a Aufstocker-Hartz IV extra income.

Who is entitled to supplementary Hartz IV benefits??

Before the introduction of the minimum wage, there were repeated accusations that employers were taking advantage of the state’s social benefits by having their poorly paid employees financed by Hartz IV. In fact, anyone can apply for Hartz IV, no matter how long they work and how much they earn.

It is irrelevant whether his income comes from unemployment benefits, wages from a mini-job, alimony or self-employment. As a rule, however, there is no entitlement for pensioners and Bafog recipients.

How is the ALG II supplement calculated??

In order to calculate the entitlement to unemployment benefit II, it is necessary to know how much income you have and how much you need to spend. Thereby the regulation to Hartz IV provides that there are beside a Regelbedarf also people with Mehrbedarf and Sonderbedarf in certain cases. Depending on how you are classified, you will receive a certain flat rate amount. In addition, there are funds for your rent and utility costs.

There are also three groups when calculating income:

  • Non-self-employed employees
  • self-employed
  • Other income

In principle, it now only depends on what you are allowed to deduct from your income and whether the amount that remains is above the Hartz IV benefits.

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Calculation for non-self-employed work

In principle, you use the gross salary for the calculation, but you can deduct some expenses from it. However, you have to distinguish between mini-jobs up to 450 Euro wages and other wage relationships.

From your gross salary you can only deduct expenses for social security and taxes. For a mini-job, gross equals net.

This adjusted result can be used for further calculations. Next, you can deduct insurance. This includes contributions to the Riester pension, contributions to motor vehicle liability insurance and other necessary insurances. In case of doubt, you can use the insurance lump sum of 30 euros. In addition, travel and work expenses can be claimed. The flat rate for income-related expenses is 16.67 euros.

For everything, at least the basic tax-free amount of 100 euros can be deducted.

Calculation for self-employed work

For freelancers and other self-employed workers, the calculation is a bit more complicated. The basis for the calculation is the profit, i.e. the business income minus the expenses. These expenses must have been approved by the Jobcenter. Freelancers have much less possibilities with Hartz IV than with their sales tax return. In principle, only what is indispensable is recognized.

In addition, a profit forecast must be prepared for the period of three months. Here it should be noted that it is not possible to claim back Hartz IV if the profit forecast was set too high. On the other hand however too much received contributions must be paid back.

Calculation for other types of income

If you receive alimony payments or have other income for which you do not have to work yourself, only the insurance lump sum can be deducted from it. There is no allowance.

Another special case are activities for honorary offices and other charitable purposes, for which you receive an expense allowance. In most cases, this is not counted as wages and is therefore not taken into account.

Mix income types

It often happens that a further source of income is added to an income. This can be the case, for example, if you are self-employed and have a mini-job. Then the different types of income must be calculated separately. The total result is then compared with the ALG II rate.

Since the principle of subordination applies to Hartz IV, parental allowance, housing benefit and charitable benefits, for example from churches, also play a role.

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