Baby diary: template for boys and girls

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You can print out this baby diary yourself and expand it as you wish. Because every child is different and does not have to fit into a prefabricated book. For important developmental milestones and events, here are baby diary templates to download for free.

Writing baby diary: So that mom& Don’t forget anything about daddy

Babies are exciting and every day you experience something new with them. Within the first year, a little person learns to communicate, to move around, to eat and much more. Growing, teething, keeping parents on their toes – the program is varied, but after a few years, mom and dad unfortunately only remember it in a blur – after all, so much happens every day. Oh, I can’t even remember already – if only I had written it down!", so many parents moan after a short time. That’s why parents should definitely take the time to write down the highlights and mundanities of their life with the baby in a baby diary.

Individual baby diary printable

But how to write and what to write? A ready-made baby diary with a fixed number of pages is often not very helpful. Either the space is not enough or between the pages is yawning emptiness because there was simply no time. In retrospect, the reports are then either too much shortened or seem lost in a sketchy booklet.

Of course, you can also buy a simple diary or a blank calendar and make entries there, but what exactly should you write down there and how do you find the entry about the first tooth on all these pages later on, for example??

So you need a customizable baby calendar:

  • Pages to write as much as you like, which at the same time match the experiences
  • A clear structure that you can adapt and
  • of course, at the end everything should look so nice that you can give it to the child later – for example, for the coming of age or birth of the first grandchild. But wait a minute – then I don’t have a copy anymore?
  • So it must also be copyable.

With these free printable templates you can now create a baby diary just like that. It is designed in the style of a magazine and you can write everything that is important to you daily or weekly or in any rhythm. In a ring binder, the diary can be expanded at any time, the appropriate pages can be selected and arranged in your own order.

Baby diary: templates to print

Tip 1: Copy the pages of the baby diary regularly and share them with friends and relatives with regular issues of the "Baby News"!
Tip 2: A prepared ring binder with the pages printed out makes a great birth gift!

Baby diary: template home

The baby diary home page is all about the events of the birth: describe your first thoughts when you held your baby in your arms. How was the weather? What was going on in the world that day?

Click on the link and download the baby diary home page for free:

How to expand the home page

Did the delivery take longer or so much happened? With this continuation page you can go into overtime as you like and also document current trends (movie hits, charts, Bundesliga, fashion …).

Baby Calendar Home Page Extension:

Baby diary profile

How does your baby look like? The color of your baby’s eyes and hair, hand and footprints, likes and dislikes – all these things belong in the front of your baby diary, too.

Baby calendar profile download:

Baby diary: template 1 for the weekly report

Here you can download the standard template for the daily or weekly report of the baby calendar. Just click on the link, open the PDF document and save it or print it right away.

Download baby diary report template 1:

Baby diary: template 2 for the weekly report

This baby diary template provides space for a photo, comments and more for the regular report.

Baby Diary Report Template 1 download:

Weekly report for baby diary

For the short daily events of the week, this baby diary template is suitable: what happened, how was the day? Here’s what you can record.

Baby calendar weekly report download:

Extra lines if the space is not enough

you want to write more about a special week in the baby diary? Here you can download a few extra lines to fill in for free:

Also the health report belongs in the baby diary

Keep a record here of childhood illnesses and colds, vaccinations and readings from the U examinations. Maybe these are not the best memories but so you always have a good overview.

Baby diary health report download:

Lifestyle calendar entries

First smile, first friends, favorite porridge and favorite onesie … everything your baby does and likes can be noted on these calendar pages.

Baby Calendar Lifestyle Pages download:

Note developmental steps in the baby diary

Your baby makes many important growth spurts in his first year of life. Record his different developmental steps with this template: When could he sit, crawl, babble, ..

Download baby calendar "Developmental steps

Growth report template

On these pages you can document how fast your child is growing. When did which tooth come in? A dental calendar is also included. And when was the first haircut due? Do not forget to paste curl!

Download baby calendar growth report:

Baby diary: Many important "first times

Your baby is not only learning new things, he or she is also inheriting a lot of new things. First, of course, there are holidays like Christmas and then, of course, the 1. Birthday. But the first vacation or the first snow are also wonderful "first times". The following baby diary templates offer space to record all these great memories.

Two templates for baptism

Who are the godparents, which church, which pastor and the baptismal chant

Baby calendar baptism templates download:

First time "Swimming

Whether baby swimming or first visit to the pool: how did baby like it?

Download baby swimming template:

The first Christmas

Baby under the Christmas tree – who was there, what was there to eat and what was there to give as a present??

Download templates for the first Christmas:

The first Easter

The first easter – what did the rabbit hide?

Download template for the first Easter:

The first journey

A trip to relatives or to a vacation destination – travel is exciting! How did baby like it?

Download the template for the first trip:

The first birthday

No birthday is as emotional as the 1. Birthday! That’s why you can give him extra space in the baby diary: what cake was there, who were the guests and what did they bring? What has changed in a year? So that everything finds its place, there are in addition to the baby diary template for the first birthday still two extensions.

Baby calendar template for the 1. Birthday download:

Even more space for baby’s honor day with template 2 and template 3. Download them for free here:

Baby diary video

If you like to take the photo or video camera in your hand, you can also design the baby diary as a video. The father in the following video has his daughter even until her 18. Birthday photographed every day. The development is truly amazing and the video is an irreplaceable keepsake:

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