Bar equipment for the bistro or the home cellar bar

" Capture the charm of days gone by with antique bar furniture "

Opening a bistro is an ambitious plan these days, as the trend in recent years has been toward "home drinking" and "cocooning," or setting up a cozy bar in your own four walls. Now, however, there is again a turnaround and the good old pub as a second living room seems to return. Whether for a home basement bar, the bistro around the corner or a real small pub – we show how authentic bar furnishings succeed. For this, resort to antique furniture, rustic decor and stylish lamps to create a coherent ambience.

How should my guest feel?

When setting up your bar, you should first put yourself in your guest’s place. How should he feel when he enters the pub, what mood do you want to convey? After spending the whole day in a brightly lit office, in summer under an air conditioner, in winter in the dry heating air, you want a completely different ambience when you enter your favorite bar. Dim lighting, a friendly greeting, a comfortable temperature and inviting seating wordlessly invite you to enter and feel at home.


Antique bar furniture emphasizes the cozy flair much better than a chrome flashing counter and fashionable bar stools could. These give a stylish impression, but you really want to sit here for hours and can relax? In this point, the antique bar furniture is far ahead.


By the way, this also applies to the popular house bar in the basement – here, too, a buffet cabinet or showcase cabinet made of solid wood and beautiful, comfortable bar stools are the best choice and a guarantee for cozy hours with friends and family.

What to look for in bar furnishings?

We will go over some of the bar furniture that should not be missing in any case. Of course, here can be added at will, if there is enough space. For example, a pool table is a great focal point in a bar and will attract new patrons, but only if there is enough room around it to play comfortably.


Also darts or table soccer are popular furniture respectively. Accessories for a cozy pub. They should be considered in the planning, because large bar furniture such as the counter can not be moved later.

The counter is the centerpiece when setting up a pub

The counter is the heart of every pub and should be in the field of vision of the door. If it can be arranged, then not necessarily so that the guests sit with their backs to the door, but rather sideways. The advantage: the person behind the bar can always see who enters the pub and get rid of a friendly greeting. A guest who comes in, on the other hand, is immediately encouraged to sit down at the counter and order something.


A counter can be bought ready-made or built completely by yourself. It is important that the necessary cooling compartments and the sink are large enough. For antique furnishings, of course, only a counter made of wood can be considered!

The back of the counter

For the service behind the counter this area is of utmost importance. Glasses, alcoholic beverages and other ingredients are stored here. It is especially nice if a mirror is placed in this area, so that you can always "take a look over your shoulder". In addition, the principle from the supermarket, where fruit and vegetables appear more lush through mirrors, also works with bottles, of course.

Add some nice lighting and it’s easy to create a beautiful ambiance.

On the back of the counter you can work with fixed fixtures or put a buffet cabinet or showcase cabinet.


Bottles and glasses can be stored dust-protected and especially stylish in a teak buffet cabinet in vintage look.

Bar stools

The more comfortable this furniture is, the more guests prefer to stay seated and then consume more. The stools should be adapted to the style of the basement bar or your bistro, because with bar furnishings it is important to create a uniform look.


Upholstered bar stools are particularly comfortable. The lower struts allow to put down the feet, which provides more comfort. There one remains gladly still a little longer sitting!

Table and chairs

If you have enough space, you can also set up a table and matching chairs. A nice, sturdy specimen of table emphasizes the cozy ambience. Here guests can sit comfortably and talk, play cards or eat a snack.


The decoration

Not only the bar furniture, but also the decoration is of utmost importance for facilities, because it gives the whole the final touch. The bar furniture is virtually only the canvas on which with the decoration the overall picture is completed. Nevertheless, you should not go too overboard here, but furnish and decorate wisely.

fish steak wood

For example, how about enhancing the impact that antique bar furniture automatically creates with a sailor look? This is not only a good idea if you run your restaurant near a harbor, but is always an original idea.

For this, you need a rough fishing net for the wall or ceiling, a steering wheel or an anchor, and maybe a ship’s bell to ring for the next round.

A vintage treasure chest also looks good in such an ambience and completes the effect:

vintage treasure chest

Another popular theme in a bar is the 1950s. Antique furniture also goes very well with this style, complemented in style with accessories such as car parts, original tin signs and movie posters of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. On fixed days, the waitress can appear in a fifties look. Guests are sure to come the better for it!

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