Barcelona – from the airport to the city center

There are countless ways to get from El Prat airport to Barcelona city center. The airport is very well connected with the city and from both terminals you are spoilt for choice. Which means of transport is best for you, you must decide in the end. I just want to show you your options with this article and present you my favorites.

More insider tips and individual tours for your smartphone can be found in my Barcelona travel guide!

Aerobus – Barcelona Airport direct bus

The Barcelona Airport Shuttle is the fastest and easiest way to get to the city center. At both terminals there is a regular bus heading to the city center, stopping at several stops until the final stop Pl. Catalunya. The bus runs 365 days a year, no matter if it is a holiday or a weekend when you arrive.

At the Pl. Catalunya you are directly connected to the metro lines L1 (red line), L3 (green line), L6 (purple line) and L7 (brown line). Trains of the Spanish railroad company Renfe and the trains of the FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) also run there, as do various bus lines.


10.20 € (round trip; valid for 15 days from redemption of the outward trip)

You can buy the ticket online or directly from the bus driver at the bus stop. For some time now there are also vending machines on site where you can buy a ticket.

Travel time

By train to the center of Barcelona

If you land at Terminal 2, you should have a look if the train is not also a good way for you to get into the city.

The station is approx. 200 meters from Terminal 2 and the way there is well signposted. Just follow the sign "Renfe" or "Trains". If your accommodation is near the following stops, you should take the train instead of the Aerobus (no traffic jams):

  • Estacio de Franca (ca. 38 min. travel time)
  • Barcelona Clot d’Arago (ca. 32 min. Travel time)
  • Passeig de Gràcia (ca. 26 min. Travel time)
  • Barcelona-Sants (ca. 19 min. travel time)

From these stops you have a good metro connection. The train runs approx. every 30 min. Click here for the timetable.

Another advantage is the cost. The ticket costs 4,50 € (you can buy it at the ticket machines on site) or a Hola Barcelona Card (for several days).


By metro to the center of Barcelona

Since February 2016, there is now also a metro line that connects the airport with the city center. The metro line is called L9 Sud and stops at both terminals. The stops are called Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2.

I have not used this connection because it is not ideal for me. The bus stops are not located in the main hubs of the city, such as Pl. Catalunya. Depending on where your accommodation is, the route might be of use to you though.

Barcelona AirportTransportation Metro

Metro stations line L9 Sud

Zona Universitària (Barcelona city)
Can Tries/Gornal
Parc LogIstic
Les Moreres
El Prat Estacio
Parc Nou
Mas Blue
Aeroport T2 (Airport Terminal 2)
Aeroport T1 (Airport Terminal 1)


Bus 46 – Take the bus to the city center of Barcelona

The Aerobus is not the only bus that takes you from the airport to the city. There is also the regular bus number 46. It stops much more often than the airport shuttle, but with a single fare of €2.15, it’s also a lot cheaper. So you need longer, but you can save money.

Of course there is no extra space for luggage in the bus. But if you are traveling with hand luggage only, it should be fine. Another advantage is that you can use your T-casual ticket (10 trips on bus, streetcar and metro) and the Hola Barcelona card.

The bus goes from the airport (both terminals) only to the Pl. Espanya. Here you have to get on the metro if you need to go further. The metro lines L1 (red line) and L3 (green line) are running.


Airport Terminal 1
Airport Terminal 2B
Airport Terminal 2C
Autovia Castelldefels
Avenida Granvia
Hospital OncologIc
Centre Commercial – Gran Via 2
Centra del Prat
Placa Espanya
Avenida Parallel

Travel time

The travel time depends of course on the traffic conditions. In general you should take at least 55 min. To Terminal 1 and 40 min. schedule to terminal 2.

Cab – Quick and comfortable to the city center of Barcelona

A cab is the fastest and most comfortable way to reach your accommodation in Barcelona, but not the cheapest. You just follow the cab signs at the airport, tell or show the driver the address of your accommodation and you are in ca. 30 min. in the city.

If you have a lot of luggage or if you are several people, a cab can be really worthwhile.
The ride costs approx. 30 €, depending on the terminal (Terminal 1 is farther away than Terminal 2), your accommodation and the time of day (cabs are more expensive at night).

At the airport there are official cab stands and you will be assigned a cab. You don’t have to be afraid that you will be ripped off, because in every cab there is a taximeter. In addition to the price shown, there is an airport fee at the end. This is quite normal and the amount is displayed small, at the bottom of the taximeter. There are also other surcharges, for example if you take a cab to the port or if you drive at night. You can find a list of these surcharges in the cab. They do not cost the earth.

In general, cabs in Barcelona are very reliable and correct. With one or the other cab driver you can also have a good chat and maybe get some great tips about the city. Been there, done that. & Please get only into the official yellow black cabs.

Exra information about tickets in Barcelona

T-casual ticket

In the upper part I often mentioned the T-casual ticket. This is the perfect ticket for you if you are only in town for a few days and don’t plan to use public transportation too often because you prefer to explore the city on foot (good choice).

With the T-casual ticket you can make 10 trips by bus, metro, streetcar, FGC and/or Renfe. Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2020, you can no longer share the ticket.

The price is a little more than 11 €. The best way is to buy the ticket at the TMB machine in one of the many metro stations. In the bus directly from the driver you can only buy single trips. The ticket is not valid for the metro line L9 Sud (Airport line).

Hola Barcelona Card

Since some time there is a great alternative to the T-casual ticket. The Hola Barcelona Card is valid for 2,3, 4 or 5 days and you can use the metro, bus, Montjuic Funicular (cable car to get to Montjuic), FGC and Rodalies (trains) and streetcar for an unlimited time.

If you are in the city for a longer period of time and plan to use public transport often, this ticket is better suited for you than the T-casual ticket.

The ticket can only be used by one person.

You can buy the appropriate Hola Barcelona Card online or locally at the red and white TMB machines in the metro stations.


  • 2-day ticket: 16,30 €
  • 3 days ticket: 23,70 €
  • 4-day ticket: 30,80 €
  • 5-day ticket: 38 €

As you can see the infrastructure is great. To get from the airport in Barcelona to the city center is not difficult. There is hardly a place that you can not reach by public transport. I am sure you will find the fastest way to your accommodation with this information. to the city center.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments or send them to me by mail.

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We want to make a family trip to Spain for this summer and I want to take care about all the little things in advance. Thank you for this post and the description of possible options of airport transfer in Barcelona. Because we will bring a lot of suitcases, we will probably take a cab to the hotel.

If you have a lot of luggage with you, that makes the most sense. &

Thank you very much for your travel post! My sister is flying to Barcelona in a few weeks and has booked an airport transfer for the outbound flight. Good to know that in Barcelona she can use the aerobuses to get from the airport to the city center.

Gladly! &
With the aerobus you can get to the center very fast. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Best regards

I have a question regarding the Hola BCN Card. What exactly is the validity period?. I would arrive next Monday evening in Barcelona and leave Wednesday afternoon again, if these tickets are valid 48h in a row I would get along with the 48h variant without any problems. But if this ticket is only valid for 2 days at a time and not the pure time of 48h then I would have to buy the 3 day version, because I would have 3 days with Monday(arrival + ticket purchase), Tuesday and Wednesday(departure) in that case even if it does not exceed the 48 hours total.

Do you know exactly how this is handled?? You would really help me with this.

Dear greetings

Dear Laura,
we are flying to Barcelona next week and unfortunately had to book return flights at 6:00am. Do you have any idea how we (cab excluded) get to the airport so early in the morning? Our hotel is The Gates Diagnoal near the Glories shopping center. The trains, subways and co. seem to go unfortunately all only from 5:00 o’clock… at this time we should be at best already at the airport.
Best regards, Rebecca

Hello dear Rebecca,
You can go to the airport with night buses.
Here I have picked out a good route for you:
First you take the N7 and then from "Pl Universitat" you take the N16. So you would have to leave at 3:45 at the hotel and be one hour later at the airport without paying a lot of money for a cab. &
Greetings and have fun in Barcelona,

Hello Laura-Lee
I am traveling on 18.02. for one week. My hotel is the Atenea on Calle Joan Guell. What is your recommendation to get there from the airport?
What is the name of the stop where I have to get off?? Is it useful to buy the T10 ticket, what is the cost of the Barcelona Card?
I am looking forward to your reply,
Thank you

Hello Anette,
thanks for your message.
The easiest way, is to take the Aiport Shuttle Bus Aerobus to the stop "Pl. Espanya" (first stop) to get there. Get off there and take the metro (green line – L3) in the direction of Zona Universitària to the stop (Les Corts). From there it is only about. 3 min. on foot to your hotel. Depending on the traffic situation, the whole trip takes about. 35 – 40 min.
For the Aerobus you have to buy a separate ticket (5,90 € one way) and you can’t use the T-10 ticket for that. The Barcelona Card costs 20 € and is valid for one day. Depending on how many days you want to use the card, the price will increase. You can find the exact prices here and then book directly:
However you don’t have the airport shuttle with you here either, only public transport like metro, bus and train.

That’s why I would recommend you the Barcelona City Pass. That includes the shutlle bus, public, Sagrada Familia, hop-on/hop-off bus, Park Guell and many other discounts. You can book it here and get more information:

Have fun in Barcelona,

A train, a bus and a metro – are these all options for transfer in Barcelona? For me, the price of a cab would be interesting, because I travel with my children fully packed. In Kitzbuhel our first transfer was with a cab and since then I always order such a cab. The nerves are most precious!

Hi Helga,
the cab from the airport to the city costs approx. 30 to 35 €. You can easily take it from both terminals.
Best regards,

The info send really helpful and super. Is always easy when you can read such things on blogs.

I am very happy to read that.
Thank you very much! &

what do you think, how do I get best with luggage to the hotel 4 Barcelona and do you think for me a BCN Card or Pass is worthwhile?? I am there 7 days in October.

Kind regards

I will be in Barcelona for 7 days in October and I am trying to figure out how to get from the airport to Llacuna with luggage? What would you recommend?

does zone 1 mean that tzm you are not only allowed to use line 1 but you can use the other lines as well?

Kind regards

you are allowed to use all lines of the metro with the T-10 ticket. &
Zone 1 refers to the city center or. the zone in which the ticket is valid. The farther away you go from the city center, the more zones are added. Generally you are very well served with zone 1. &

Best regards,

I’m flying to Barcelona in October for a week and I have to get to Hotel 4 Barcelona from the airport with a lot of luggage. Which way could you recommend? I was thinking to take the aerobus to the city center first and then walk to Urquinaona on the metro line L4 to Llacuna and then walk to the hotel.

Hi Felix,
this is the best solution, but if you have a lot of luggage, you might want to consider taking a cab. I estimate that costs 30-40€ to Llacuna.
If you are in Barcelona for 7 days, the BCN City Pass is definitely worth it. You can already book it directly online here:

Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.

Love and have fun in Barcelona,

I’m also flying to Barcelona in August and wanted to ask how to get from the airport to Llacuna in the cheapest way. easiest is to get from the airport to my hotel. This is located at the Placa de Sant Agusti. And how expensive would that be?
Also, I was wondering if it is better to buy the Hola BCN Card or several times the T-10 ticket. Because I am in Barcelona for 7 days and would have to buy the Hola BCN Card twice, which I find really expensive.
One last question, would you recommend to book the tickets for the sights online in advance?? Are the prices the same as on the spot? And what sights and beach would you recommend?

Thank you very much for your great tips and thank you in advance.


the best is to take the Aerobus (leaves from both terminals; 5,90 € for a single trip) and get off at the first stop (Placa Espanya). Here you change to the metro (L3 – green line) and get off at the stop Liceu. From there it is only 4 min. on foot. Here is the map:

I think you should buy a T-10 ticket first, because you can reach many sights also good by foot. Your accommodation is very central and maybe you don’t need more than a T-10 ticket for the 7 days. I think it would be the cheapest and most comfortable option.

I recommend you to buy the tickets for the sights in advance online, because especially in summer it gets very crowded in the city and you waste precious time in the queues of the sights. The price is the same even if you buy online. I can recommend you the following sights in any case. Use the links to buy your tickets directly online. As I said, there is no extra charge for you, but I receive a small commission from the organizer with whom I have been working for over 2 years. I can really recommend it to you.

The first three sights are my highlights. If you want to see some more insider tips, I recommend the following monuments:
Palau de la Música Catalana
Casa De Les Punxes
Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

If you plan to see a lot of sights and want to save money, I also recommend the Barcelona City Pass. It includes the visit of Sagrada Familia with German guide, Park Guell, airport transfer, hop-on/hop-off bus + 20% discount for the best museums/attractions (z.B. Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Camp Nou experience and much more!).

As a beach in Barcelona I would recommend Playa de la Mar Bella or Bogatell. Outside of Barcelona, Sant Pol de Mar, Mataro, Sitges and Castelldefels are very nice and easy to reach by train.

I hope I could help you a little bit. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Love and have a great time in Barcelona,

I fly to Barcelona from Friday to Tuesday and my accommodation is at this address: Carrer d’Alfons el Magnànim, 40
Door code 4 3a.
I am not sure which ticket (10 Trip ticket or Hola BCN ticket) to take. Which one would you recommend?
From the airport to the city center take the A1 bus, I think this is the fastest. If I take this Hola BCN ticket this bus is also included?
Is this Hola BCN ticket the same price at the machine on site as on the internet? It is the price you quoted above or?

Thanks for your tips and help.

Kind regards

Thanks for your message.

Whether you choose the Hola BCN ticket or the T-10 ticket depends on how much you want to travel by public transport. I would spontaneously recommend you the Hola BCN card, because you live a bit outside the center and will at least already travel 2x per day.

Ticket prices are the same online and on site. However, you support my work if you book it through my site because I get a small commission. As I said, there is no extra charge for it.

Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.

Otherwise I wish you a great time in Barcelona,

Hello Laura-Lee,
do you have a tip for me how to get from T1 airport to Avinguda Diagonal 568 (Wilson Hotel) the easiest way??
Greetings, Paul

Hi Paul,
The best is to take the Airport Shuttle Bus Aerobus directly from the terminal to the bus stop "Placa Universitat" and then take the bus 67 in direction "Cornellà" to the bus stop "Còrsega – Aribau". From there it is only 6 min. walk to your hotel. Here is the route on the map:

Have a great time in Barcelona and let me know if you have any further questions,

I have now read so much about the different tickets (one-way tickets, T-10 card, Hola BCN card) and still do not know which one is the cheapest for us. Maybe you have a tip for us& And what is the best way to go?? We will stay next week from Friday to Monday. We will stay at H10 Marina (Avinguda del Bogatell). LG Michaela

Hello Michaela,
it all depends on how much you plan to use the public transportation. If you also like to walk, I would recommend you to buy the T-10 ticket. This can also be used by several people. If you plan to travel a lot by bus and metro, then the Hola BCN card is more worthwhile. Since you can reach a lot of things in Barcelona on foot (your hotel is also very well located), I would generally recommend the T-10 card. &

If you are in Barcelona for the first time and want to see the most important sights, I can recommend you the Barcelona City Pass. You can order it directly online via the link below and you will have many sights directly in it.

From the airport I would recommend you to take the Aerobus to Placa Espanya and then take the metro L1 (red line) in the direction of Fondo and get off at the Marina stop. Here is the map:

Have a great time in Barcelona and let me know if you have any further questions.

Love greetings,

Hello Laura-Lee,
I’m flying to Barcelona next week and I’ve already written down many of your great tips.
Just to be sure, if I take the bus 46 from the airport to the city, I can use the T10 ticket or the T10 ticket?
Thanks for your help,

exactly, the T10 ticket is valid if you take the bus to the city center.
Have a great time in Barcelona and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. &


Holla Laura, thank you for the interesting information.
We are going on 28. 12. 17 for a week to Barcelona. we stay at Hotel Atenea Barcrlona ( Joan Guell)
what is the possibility to get from BCN airport to our hotel??
which ticket is cheap for one week??
Thank you in advance

Merry Christmas dear Maria,

you could either take the aerobus or the bus 46 to the Pl. Espanya drive. There you take the metro L3 (green) in the direction of Zona Universitaria and get off at Les Corts station. From there it is only 4 min. on foot to your accommodation. Here is the map:

Because your accommodation is a bit outside the center I would recommend you the Hola Barcelona ticket. You can buy them for 5 days at the vending machines in the metro station. If it’s your first time in Barcelona, the Barcelona City Pass makes sense as well.

Have a lot of fun,

Holla Laura,
First many thanks for the great blog!
We fly to Barcelona on the 28th.12.17 to 04.01.18
What is the best way to go from Barcelona airport to Joan Guell??
Which ticket is better for us?
Thank you in advance.
Greetings Maria

Does anyone know how much the cab costs from the airport to Calle d’Oriol in Barcelona? ?arrive around 22 :30 (not far from the subway station via Julia )

Hello Denis,
the cab will cost between 35-45€ depending on traffic conditions.
Feel free to let me know if I can help you with anything else.
Love greetings,

Hello Laura-Lee,
first of all also from me a big compliment for the great info and tips. If only I had landed earlier on your great site. I could have saved myself a day of internet research.

I am also planning a combined beach/city vacation. The hotel is located in Coma Ruga. Arrival at the airport is T2 and the thought is to take a cab from here to Castelldefels station to catch the R2S train here. We wanted to save the hassle with the suitcases towards Barcelona-Sants, if possible.
A cab from the airport seems to cost 20€ all-inclusive. If I enter the connection in the APP "AMB Taxi", I will get a ca. Price of 27€ shown, which would be reasonable.
Much writing, short sense: do you know maybe?., Whether this 20€ airport fee is included here or the APP is just "stupid"?
For an alternative tip I am of course also very grateful.

Thank you very much for your answer and greetings from Aurich/Ostfriesland,

Hello Holger,
thank you very much for your kind words. I’m very glad that the blog helps you out.
Concerning your question: You can either take the L99 bus from the airport to Castelldefels and get on the train there or you can take a cab to Castelldefels. The ride should cost around 20€. It is a 15 min walk.
I wish you a lot of fun in Barcelona,

Hello Laura- Lee,
if I have seen it correctly I can ,
change from the Aerobus in Urgell to the metro line 1 ?
Love greetings

Hello Doris,
seen correctly. & you can also get on the L1 already at Placa Espanya. As it is best for you.
Love greetings,

Hello Laura-Lee,
I will be there tomorrow (11.09.) arrive, probably already at Placa Espanya in
get on the metro. Since the Aerobus only stops at this stop after 3 pm
arrives. My question is if the metro runs L1 because of the demonstration
also restricted ? I must to the Gates Diagonal would have yes still the option with the train zufahren.
But stupidly arrive at terminal 1.
Dear greetings

Hello Doris,
I hope my answer is not too late. However, I can’t tell you 100% if the metro runs with restrictions. From my experience it can happen that there are delays, but the service is never completely stopped. If you want to play it safe, take the train. From Terminal 1 there are regular free shuttle buses between the terminals. Then you can take the train easz from terminal 2.
Best regards and have fun in Barcelona,

Hello Laura-Lee,
we could already take a lot of suggestions/tips from the blog – thank you very much!
We (2 adults + child 11 years) will arrive on monday (arrival ca. 10:00 am at BCN airport ) until Friday (departure approx. 12:00 at the airport) – so 4 nights/5 days Barcelona unsicher machen&
I have a question again about T10. Mainly is written here from the cheapest T10 – which is valid as far as I have understood only for Zone 1, but there are also for other zones – as far as understood. Would we be able to use exactly this card but for the bus line 46 from T1 to the hotel SB Plaza Europa? Because it always says that you can not use them for T9S. And why do most people take the metro, is line 46 so bad??
Or would it be better in relation to our hotel location anyway the HOLA card?
Hotel SB Plaza Europe
Planned to do the typical – including the gondola ride – and a lot of downtown
Thanks in advance for the answer&
Dear greetings

Hello Gerhard,
thanks for your comment.
The T10 card makes particular sense if you have your accommodation in the center and yes, it’s available for zones 1-6. In your case, I would therefore advise you to get the Hola Barcelona card, because you will take the train at least 2 times per day to get to the center. Very likely you will use public transport there one or the other time as well.
The bus line 46 is not bad at all. & If you have a lot of luggage, the bus ride is just not so pleasant, as it can get pretty crowded on the bus depending on the time of day. You will have to decide for yourself.
If you want to see the typical sights, maybe the Barcelona City Pass makes sense. With it you have the entrance to the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and the Hop-on/Hop-off bus in it and many discounts.

I hope I could help. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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