“Bergdoktor”-marriage out? Alexander falls in love with other woman! | season 15

In the 15. "Mountain Doctor"-Season stand Alexander and Vera probably facing their toughest test. Will their marriage stand it?

Become Alexander and Vera after "Bergdoktor"-Season 15 still be together? Photo: ZDF/Stefanie Leo

The love story of Dr. Alexander Kahnweiler and Dr. Vera Fendrich is truly not a straight. After many ups and downs, however, the two have now been more than just work colleagues for many years, but also a couple and parents. Despite all their opposites, the two always seemed to complement each other. But since the 14. "Bergdoktor"-Season their relationship gets cracks.

We remember: When the chief of surgery position was to be filled, Vera simply hired Dr. Frank Wittfoth instead of Alexander. Johanna Rudiger a. For the medical doctor, a no-go that he had a hard time with throughout the last season! The wounded pride has Alexander admittedly at the beginning of the 15. season down, which is probably also due to the fact that he now holds the head doctor post. Nevertheless, the marriage with Vera is put to a hard test.

"Mountain Doctor"-Season 15: Alexander at odds with Vera

In the first episode of the new "Mountain Doctor"-Season Vera instructs her husband, Dr. Firing Rudiger – for disloyalty. Vera still resents her co-worker for applying behind her back for the competence team of a medical luminary in Munich – the same one for which Alexander also applied. Alexander is almost glad that Martin keeps coming to him with patient concerns, because that way he can avoid the unpleasant task of having to call Dr. Rudiger to quit, delaying further.

In episode 2 üBut Vera takes over. Alexander and Dr. Rudiger is in the middle of thinking about a new medical case, in which the blonde doctor could contribute a few good ideas, when Vera hands her an envelope as she passes by. That’s what Dr. Kahnweiler long ago, Vera, as her nickname. When Dr. When Rudiger fishes the notice out of the envelope, she leaves stunned. Alexander angrily confronts his wife about it. She has stabbed him in the back, he reproaches her!

"Bergdoktor"-Season 15: Alexander& Dr. Johanna Rudiger makes friends

Later we see him sitting by the lake. He has retreated to this place to cool down. But he does not stay alone for long. ÜSurprised, he discovers that Dr. Rudiger has also chosen this place to get his mind off things. "I didn’t know you were a man of nature", so Dr. Rudiger’s dry comment when she sees her former boss. "You never stop learning. And you? Cover for your drug deals?", Alexander counters.

Slightly amused, Dr. Rudiger: "It’s a pity that I only got to know your sense of humor after I had thrown myself out in such a sneaky way." With this she hits a sore spot with Alexander. He apologizes, but Dr. Alexander also apologizes. Rudiger is sorry, she says: "It was pretty pathetic of me to try to steal your job in Munich."

Also interesting:

They decide to bury the hatchet. And not only that: the afternoon together at the lake seems to bring them closer together: The next day, Dr. Rudiger finds her in Alexander’s office, beaming with joy as "Eli", so her nickname, greets. The two hatch a plan to keep her in the hospital after all – Eli becomes Alexander’s second-in-command!

When Martin hears this, he can’t help commenting: "Do you have a death wish??", he asks his friend. An allusion to Vera, who is not at all pleased about this development.

"Mountain Doctor"-Season 15: Alexander& Eli fall in love

Vera, however, will be even less pleased in the weeks to come when. As the ZDF preview reveals, she watches increasingly jealously as Alexander and Eli get along better and better and spend a lot of time together. Her jealousy is not completely unfounded, also Martin notices that it crackles between Alexander and Eli. The two seem to fall in love with each other!

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