Bitterlove – how good are the drops from the “lion’s den”?

Bitterliebe is a start-up that offers a range of different products products with bitter brought onto the market. Hereby prevents attacks of ravenous hunger and especially the desire for sweets belong to the past. Accordingly, the drops can be a useful Possibility to lose weight represent. Known is bitter love not least from"The lion’s den”, where it is on the 8. October 2021was able to convince all the jurors and got a deal for funding. Today we tested the products and put them to the test. Here you will learn what matters…

Bitter love facts in detail:

Bitter substances increase well-being

Rejects those with a sweet tooth

Made in Germany

What is behind Bitterliebe??

What many of us do not know Bitters are very healthy. We just hardly know them these days. This has to do with the fact that bitter substances have been bred out of many vegetables and foods over time and have thus been lost from our perception spectrum. The entire food industry has trimmed all products more and more to sweet and savory flavors in recent decades.

Thereby bitter substances can play a very large role in how our Metabolism worked and our Gastrointestinal tract works. Digestion can be boosted and the Health becomes altogether positively affects. In particular, cravings for sweet foods can be kept in check and thus help you lose weight.

This is where Bitterliebe comes in, because the company has dedicated itself to bringing products with bitter substances to the market, which in particular are made possible by bitter herbs no longer familiar taste brings back. Actually, please belongs to our five known tastes in addition to salty, sweet, sour and recently also umami. The latter is a flavor that perceives especially meaty and savory foods.

But even if we take a look at common foods like arugula, radicchio or Brussels sprouts, we can hardly find any bitter flavors in them. They have simply been bred out over the past decades. What’s more, in industrial food processing (info PDF)we’re seeing more and more artificial sweeteners and a much higher level of to sugar process. This has improved our entire Body very accustomed to sweets. Bitterliebe would like to change exactly that and would like with its own products the consumers Get used to bitter tastes again and which Promote health.

Success on "Die Hohle der Lowen" (The Lion’s Den)

The founders of Bitterliebe have recognized that bitter substances have absolutely unrecognized Advantages and so far there has been no product offer worth mentioning for this purpose. Immediately the idea ignited to develop a concept together with the mother-in-law of Jan and Andre, who are behind Bitterliebe. The contact with bitter substances knew the two still from their childhood. Because there they had a small sip of bitters after each meal to stimulate digestion.

With the newly created products, the two have made a Start-up founded and are for funding on the VOX TV series "Die Hohle der Lowen" approached. There they have on 8. October 2021 successfully presented Bitterliebe and all jurors enthusiastic about the idea. Accordingly, they have a get deal, which successfully finances the company.

Bitterliebe test: this is how well the products really work..

The products of Bitterliebe are still very new on the market and therefore nothing was more obvious than to offer them to once to try out for yourself and to convince oneself of the effect. You can get the drops as well as the capsules of Bitterliebe meanwhile in the big drugstores like for example DM or Rossmann. We have taken the wayabout the Internet presence and directly on the website of Bitterliebe purchased.

The prices are absolutely fair and both the capsules and the drops are cheaper than you would think. For less than 15€ we have been able to try out the effect. We have decided for the Set of 3 drops for 39,95€ decided in the discounted price – so one vial is only 13,32€. From our point of view and according to the current state of most favorable price, for which there is the.

The first Impression is very positive and everything is very high quality and stylishly finished. In addition, the entire packaging sustainably produced and thus also still represents a contribution to the environment. So this fits very well into today”s. On the glass vial you can easily read the recommendation for the correct dosage and also drives everything to the ingredients used.

Our self-test lasted a total of one month, for which the size of a vial is also well calculated. We did not feel much in the first week, however, by the second week it was quite different. One feels more balanced and fit and at the end of the test it was absolutely clear that above all the Appetite curbed was. This craving for sweets and highly caloric foods, precisely snacking, was much harder to keep under control. We have taken the recommended 25 drops three times a day directly after meals.

Bitter love effect in detail

The bitter herbs used in Bitterliebe create a whole multitude of beneficial effects. We have listed the most relevant ones from our point of view here:

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