Blogging with strato: “i have realized a life goal with my blog”

Mio loves a life without white sugar – so much so that she started the blog freemii. How the 31-year-old manages to reach more and more people with the project, she reveals in the interview.

Hello Mio, chocolate, lemonade and candy: most people have loved sweets since childhood. Why do you renounce?

Just three years ago I was working as an industrial designer and was almost a workaholic. Sugar pushed me – a sweet particle in the morning, a cappuccino with three spoonfuls of sugar after lunch, an energy drink in the afternoon. But this sugar addiction came at a price: by early evening, I was already completely exhausted. It was like a roller coaster ride. I could hardly bring myself to do sports or meet up with friends. It should not go on like this.

The turnaround occurred when my friend started a Paleo diet – a so-called Stone Age diet. I joined the diet that eliminates white sugar, among other things, for his sake. The changes in my body blew me away! In one fell swoop, I no longer had a midday slump, but a higher energy level. I was more concentrated, could sleep better, got nicer skin. After a few weeks I stopped the diet, but continued to avoid sugar. The effect has remained. It was clear to me: My new vitality is related to the sugar renunciation.

What does your blog freemii have to do with your changed diet??

I was totally impressed with my transformation – so fascinated that I wanted to share my happiness with more than just friends and family. People all over the world should know about what I call liberation. That’s where I got the name for my blog: freemii. It is a play on words, a variation of "free me", translated as "free me. I wanted a positive name that captures my liberation experience and is playful at the same time.

Cheers Mio! The digital nomad travels the world. Right now working on her web project from Vietnam.

I have also realized a life goal with the blog: to find a project that is a matter of the heart for me. It fits perfectly into my life plan. I studied design, worked in an agency for a few years and am now a digital nomad. My boyfriend and I quit our apartment a year ago and sold the cars. Since then we travel the world and work on the road with our laptops – minimalist and without luxury. By the way, right now I’m on the other side of the world: in Vietnam!

Why did you choose STRATO?

I was so excited about my idea that I wanted to see results quickly. I compared several hosters. The choice fell on STRATO. With a package solution I was able to cover domain, webhosting and email in one go. Then I came up with a design in no time – benefiting from my training as a designer, of course. Finally I installed WordPress. Creating new images, posts and menus in the content management system was a bit tricky at the beginning. I got started with tutorials on YouTube and the STRATO service hotline.

Which functions of the STRATO solution do you like best??

In general I love the ease of use. It makes it possible for me to focus on the content of my blog in everyday life without technical problems distracting me. One example: recently it was about making my website more secure with an SSL certificate. It wasn’t an elaborate procedure, it could be done in one click.

It is just as easy to set up additional e-mail addresses. I was always a bit afraid that such steps would be too complicated for me. But they are quite easy. It is also great that the offer grows with my web project. When my blog gets bigger, I can switch to the next package. I never have to worry about a possible move because the hoster can’t keep up with me.

As a digital nomad, you travel from country to country. What does your daily blogging routine look like??

It was immediately clear to me: I want to publish podcasts – audio contributions that my followers can listen to while waiting for the bus or while jogging. I myself love this form of information intake. You don’t waste time and it works even when you are too lazy or tired to read.

On the blog tells Mio about her experiences with a sugar-free life.

Producing a podcast, however, is time-consuming. I read up on topics and invite interview guests online to share about their sugar-free lives. A podcast service assists me in editing the approximately 60-minute episodes. It allows me to fully concentrate on the content. So far I have produced 13 episodes, but I publish them irregularly. In the future, I would like to publish a new episode regularly once a week.

How much time do you invest in your blog?

At the beginning I put one hour a day into freemii. The rest of the time I worked as a freelance designer and freelance social media manager. However, in order to eventually make money blogging, I have now shifted priorities. I dedicate half time to my freelance work. The rest of the time I invest in the production of new posts and marketing for my blog. I use Instagram to draw attention to my blog. It is important to me to post qualitative content. I don’t just throw out food pictures, but provide facts worth knowing, such as about different types of sugar. Also, my podcast episodes can be found on Spotify and on iTunes. Facebook, on the other hand, I use less. Without paid advertising it is difficult to achieve reach.

What tips do you give to people who also want to start a blog?

Tip No. 1: Find a topic you stand behind 100 percent! Then it’s easier to see the project through over a long period of time and also get through difficult times.

Tip no. 2: Don’t wait too long! I myself used to find myself falling into the perfectionism trap more frequently. That is somehow typical German (laughs). But sometimes it’s better to make quick decisions and to make contributions. You can’t avoid mistakes. They are even important to learn faster.

Tip no. 3: Be confident! I used to have false beliefs in my head, like, "Who am I to be a little Mio that I can tell the world something?". Such an attitude is a stumbling block. And it is wrong. Because I am convinced that everyone has a special talent and knowledge that they should share. The belief system should therefore rather be: "I have a responsibility to share this knowledge with the world."

Tip no. 4: Don’t overwhelm yourself, otherwise you will quickly lose motivation. Rather take small steps. For example, it’s helpful to set working hours for the blog – like a kind of timetable. The following applies: the steady drop wears away the stone.

What do you plan for the future?

I want to continue to pursue my heart’s project and eventually earn money with it – but not just for myself. My dream is to use the money to build the world’s biggest platform for sugar-free living. With that, I want to tell many more people about this great lifestyle!

Thank you very much for the interview, Mio!

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