Bob hairstyles graduated from 50: find the modern and elegant cut for you!

Who says that women over 50 should be conservative in terms of haircuts? It’s not like that at all and actually women should still experiment with hairstyles at this age! A modern cut brings a woman not only a younger look, but also self-confidence and positive mood. Are you yourself beautiful 50 years old and looking for a new cut that suits your hair texture, style and face without looking much too extravagant? Then one of the following bob hairstyles graduated from 50 is just for you! Look at them all and choose the best for you depending on your taste and hair type. We guarantee that you will get all the attention with this cut!

Bob cuts are perfect for women over 50!

The bob is a chin-length cut with or without bangs, which can be either smooth and straight or angled and in steps. When combined with a matching hair color or highlights, the hairstyle has a further rejuvenating effect. Like actually all other hairstyles, the bob has its variations, which can be adjusted depending on the shape of the face and hair structure.

Women with a heart-shaped face can opt for a longer bob cut

Women with a heart-shaped face should opt for a medium-length bob that ends 2 to 3 centimeters below the chin line. In this face shape, the chin is pointed, while the forehead is broad. In this case, the bob should be only slightly stepped in the front part, if you do not want to emphasize your cheekbones too much. The straight fringe here perfectly completes the look. Light, casual volume you can create with about salt spray to give the cut more liveliness. Too much volume is not recommended here, so that the top of the head does not seem wider.

The middle parting brings balance to the angular face

If you A square face have a pronounced chin line, the stepped bob hairstyle is just for you! The steps should fall easily into the face, giving it a uniformity. you can style the hair with about texture spray or foam kneaded into the hair. Regardless of (or precisely because of) the "undone" look, this is one of the most popular bob hairstyles graduated from 50.

Who a round face has to choose a medium length bob without too much volume. Trendy for 2022 is still the stepped curly bob and not without reason. As the years go by the hair becomes thinner and finer, the volume is more and more welcome. This bob reaches to the chin line and the curls are formed with a curling iron. They should not be too small, so that the round face does not look wider.

To further elongate the face, wear the curly bob with side parting

As you have surely heard, women with oval face really lucky, because they fit all hairstyles. For the ladies with 50 and oval face, who also like to follow the fashion, we recommend the Boy Bob. Here we are talking about a cut that reaches the chin line or is about shorter. The tips here are rather angular, but the hair should be slightly stepped for more volume and fullness. The front part also has slight steps, while the hair at the nape is often shaved out. The boy bob is low maintenance and can be styled with a little sea salt spray or volumizing powder. Depending on your preference, you can also shape the hair with straighteners.

Helen Mirren has a beautiful oval face

The boy bob cut actually fits any face shape. But stylists recommend women with heart shaped face to add a fringe like curtain bangs.

Bob cuts 2022: This is now IN

It is clear that the bob cuts will remain popular in 2022, but there will be some changes. However, the women who choose a bob cut also want more volume and waves, while the smooth bob variations tend to remain in the background.

The 70’s bob cut for women over 50

This bob variation is actually very stylish and is not back on the scene for no reason at all. The haircut is perfect for almost any face shape and is especially recommended by hairstylists for women with thin, fine hair. Typical for the 70’s bob cut are the steps and the curtain bangs. This fringe style is also on point this year and fits perfectly here, as it adds further volume to the top of the head and has a slight lifting effect.

Wear the 70’s bob straight

The 70’s Bob is one of the most popular bob hairstyles graduated from 50, because the hair looks more lively and voluminous, while the Curtain Bangs frame the face, emphasizing the cheekbones. If you decide to choose such bob cut yourself, you should take the maintenance into consideration. In principle, it is easy to maintain, you can give the hair further volume if you blow dry the seasonings and bangs with a round brush.

Bixie Haircut

As the name suggests, this is a mixture of pixie and bob, which is about shorter than classic bob (reaches the cheek line), is stepped and voluminous. The Bixie is characterized by feathered tips and the rather strong, choppy layering and is slightly longer than the classic Pixie cut, but also shorter than the chin-length bob.

The bixie cut looks chic on women with thick, wavy hair

Curved Bob

Here we are talking about a classic cut with a little twist. Curved bob looks super elegant and feminine and is suitable for any face shape. The hair reaches to the chin line or is 2-3 centimeters longer. Most often the cut is combined with no bangs and can be worn with a middle parting as well as with a side parting.

The end of the hair here is shaped backwards

The twist here are the tips, which are turned inward with a straightener to give the face more volume horizontally, making the hairstyle perfect for women with narrow chins and wide upper half of the face are. Depending on your preference, you can wear the Curved Bob with slight waves or completely straight – both variants look chic!

What hairstyles make women younger? Bob hairstyles graduated from 50

bob hairstyles from 50 with bangs

The fringe can refresh any hairstyle and makes the woman younger. Depending on the shape and length, the fringe fits almost any cut, including bob haircuts. Besides, the fringe still does a favor to the older women and hides the fine wrinkles on the forehead. The Curtain Bangs for example, frame the face very nicely and unite smoothly with the remains.

Fringes up to the eyebrows refresh the classic bob cut stepped from 50 and brings more fullness and volume. When longer, such bangs look unintentionally casual and are popular for any season of the year. But this hairstyle requires more maintenance and you should visit your hairdresser every 5 to 6 weeks.

A new member of the "fringe family" is the Tilt bangs. It is a type of long, angled bang that swings to one side and reaches about below the cheekbone. It can be perfectly combined with an asymmetrical bob. Because the tilt bangs are worn to one side, you can choose a side parting here.

For women with thinner hair it is an excellent cut that gives more volume

Last but not least comes the Side bangs. It is cut at an angle and combed to one side. Sometimes this fringe can fall to the cheekbones. The side fringe is ideal for women who are new to ponies, because it grows out quickly.

Bob hairstyles from 50 thick hair

Women with thick hair are lucky ones. Or not so much? The thick hair needs more maintenance and not all hairstyles are suitable for them. If you yourself are blessed with thick, strong hair, you can choose from the following bob cuts stepped from 50:

  • Asymmetrical bobThe volume here is shifted to the front and if stepped, emphasizes the strength of the hair. You can have the back part shaved out if you are looking for a short, sassy cut. It is also particularly adaptable and suitable to any face shape. A bonus here is that the asymmetrical bob visually lengthens the neck.

  • A medium length, stacked bob is perfect for ladies with thicker hair who are looking for a shiny finish that requires relatively little maintenance.
  • Shoulder length bob with fringe is a popular cut for thick, full hair. Although it gives extra fullness, the hair in no way looks messy or too voluminous. Such a bob gives you a nice line at the bottom and can also be maintained without any problem. Apply a little hair gel or waxes as needed for a fringed look.

Steps with fine hair always look good!

Bob hairstyles graduated from 50 fine hair

For the fine hair there are also several options. For example, a bob with an A-cut gives the hair more volume especially when stepped. If you decide to get such a cut, have the back part cut shorter. This way the hair seems more voluminous, but without being artificial.

If you love a messy look, the graduated or stacked shoulder length bob is the right cut for you. A wavy texture gets the most out of the shaggy style and is not too time consuming for your daily routine.

An asymmetrical bob cut with a shorter back is perfect for women over 50 with glasses

Bob hairstyles from 50 graduated with glasses

A top hit among the medium-length bob hairstyles graduated from 50 with glasses is the Tousled Bob. Typical of it are the light, summer waves. which are slightly curly and have a "messy" look. For a messier look, you just need a little hair gel or wax to give the ends of your hair more shape and create a wild look.

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