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Hardcover book

Publisher-independent book printing in outstanding quality

If you’re looking for a way to make your own Print book If you want to have your books printed online without having to rely on a publisher, we have the perfect solution for you: At WIRmachenDRUCK, you can have your books printed in excellent quality and bound – of course at low prices. Whether cookbooks, reference books or children’s books: We print and bind your book online. But it’s not just for authors of different branches that our excellent letterpress optimal. For example, does your company manufacture complex machinery that requires extensive manuals or user guides? Since in such cases more space is needed than conventional brochures often offer, we recommend our book printing for this purpose.

Hardcover book with colored content

What options are available to me for my personal book printing?

In the online store of WIRmachenDRUCK you have two options regarding the cover: Decide entirely according to your taste for a Book with soft cover or hard cover. Independently we print 4/4-color cardboard picture books for the smallest ones. With soft covers and the hard cover variant you have the choice between color and black and white printing. If your novel consists only of text, letters in black and white print are perfectly adequate. For cookbooks, cardboard picture books and many other book projects, on the other hand, a color print is indispensable. We print the cover in full color – regardless of the choice of cover and page printing. Design it individually and let us customize your Cover in personal design print. Simply select the motif, upload the print data, place the order and within a very short time you can hold your high-quality printed publication in your own hands. Tip: Order individually printed bookmarks from WIRmachenDRUCK and wrap them together with your book in self-designed wrapping paper. So your readers can always take a break while browsing with peace of mind.

Softcover book

High-quality hardcovers and softcovers with different paper thicknesses

Also with regard to the paper, your online print shop offers you several variants. In addition to our top seller matte or glossy quality printing on paper with a grammage of 90, 100 or 115 g/m², we also print your hardcover books and softcover books on paper with other thicknesses of up to 200 g/m². If you want a special paper for your work, it is best to choose our models with natural paper or recycled paper. Furthermore, you determine whether the cover should be a cover with matte foil or glossy foil. As a further option, you can choose thread stitching for print runs of five or more copies. The advantage of this high-quality binding is that when you open the book, it stays open. Thread binding is mainly chosen for representative books, as this allows them to be used intensively and for a long time.

Of course we print High-quality books in various formats. In addition to DIN A4, we also offer book printing in the popular DIN A5 format – both formats are available as hardcover book and softcover book in both portrait and landscape format. A special highlight are our square books as well as our books in unusual formats such as 12.5 x 19 cm or 17 x 24 cm. If there is nothing for you in this selection, you can have books with hardcover printed even in free size. Regardless of the book format, we provide you with different numbers of pages: Between a number of 48 to 600 pages you are sure to find the perfect size for your content with us.

Our Cardboard picture books consist of 16 to 28 enormously robust pages made of chromosulphate cardboard with a thickness of 600 g/m². With regard to the size, you can choose from four formats here.

Black and white book pages

Useful tips for your first own book

If you are still at the beginning of your novel, non-fiction book or cookbook, we have something for you: Since every book begins with the first step, we have high-quality notebooks in various designs ready for your notes. In addition, you can find out online at WIRmachenDRUCK how you can easily apply for an ISBN for your book and what you need to bear in mind in this regard. Do you need further information regarding Selfpublishing? On our topic page "Self-publishing made easy" we give you many helpful tips on how to publish your book without a publisher and how to successfully market the finished book.

By the way: Since 2013, we have already had our writing contests and design contests, with which we would like to give especially talented creative people a chance to become part of a unique book project.

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