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In 2012, Brad became the first man to be featured in the cult perfume Chanel No.5 warb.

Brad has already been interviewed twice by "People"-Sexiest Man Alive" magazine chosen, once in 1995 and another time five years later. Besides him, only George Clooney and Johnny Depp also received this award twice.

A particularly vehement admirer, 19-year-old Athena Rolando had entered Pitt’s mansion through an open window several years ago, dressed in his clothes and stayed for more than ten hours before the alarm system went off. Since then, a court order prohibits her from coming within 100 yards of him.

The children determine the TV program: Brad Pitt revealed that he can no longer watch action movies, because there are only children’s films to watch at home.

During the filming of "Troja ruptured his Achilles tendon. Irony of fate: the Greek demigod, vulnerable in precisely that spot, was embodied by Brad in the film. As a consolation, the director compared his leading man to the ancient titan: "Achilles was a rock star of his time, so it’s logical to cast him with Brad Pitt."

Pitt had designed the rings for his wedding ceremony with Jennifer Aniston himself and commissioned them from the noble Italian jeweler Damiani. However, with contractual assurance that the exclusive models of white gold and precious stones should not go into series production. The goldsmith did not adhere to this, only a court case could stop the sale.

Several times Brad already had to have artificial tattoos brushed on in the mask. But he also has real tattoos. A Sanskrit prayer of protection that looks like two dark stripes, for example, adorns his lower back. That is to protect his adopted children. As a counterpart, Angelina Jolie had black columns engraved on her shoulder.

In his private life, Brad follows a strict fitness program, plays tennis passionately, climbs and rides a racing bike. But he knows all about his flaws: "I have a lot of scars. My knee is like a pizza. The scars are from my last accident, when I drove through the desert on Oscar night."

Hard to believe: Brad Pitt isn’t always happy with himself either: "Not so long ago, I couldn’t stand my face on the screen anymore."

Unfortunately, the Hollywood star often gets to feel the dark side of fame. "What my week looks like? Five days out of seven I have at least three paparazzi cars on me that I have to shake off!", he once lamented.

When it comes to his hair, the actor is quite experimental: from surfer blond to shoulder-length, dark and razor-short, mohawk, highlights or completely hairless – he has tried just about everything in terms of color and length.

When dad Brad goes bowling with the kids, he’s not afraid of daring stunts: when he tried to save a ball that had broken down on the bowling alley, he slipped and landed on his back like a bug. For the children it was the most fun, and Brad fortunately did not hurt himself in the process.

Great sight: Brad Pitt won a Webby Award (an Internet Oscar) in 2010 for the web presence of his foundation ‘Make It Right’, which collects and manages donations for his aid projects in New Orleans. Awarded in the same year for a great personal homepage: Comedian Jim Carrey.

When Brad sets his mind to something, he knows no pardon. This was also the case with the filming of "The Art of Winning – Moneyball": although there were numerous difficulties with the realization of the film, Pitt stuck to the project. "There were some tough days", he says. "But I was obsessed with the project because it’s a story about justice."

Brad is reportedly planning to build a hyper-ecological luxury resort in Croatia with business partners. After all, Mr. Pitt is familiar with travel and architecture. Pitt’s looking his best.

Because of his role in Seven Years in Tibet Brad was denied entry to China.

Biography of Brad Pitt

Sometimes Brad Pitt has a big mouth: "I’m one of those people you hate for their genes." Of course, a nice guy like him says such things only tongue-in-cheek. But let’s face it: in his mid-50s, he’s still so attractive that even heartthrob George Clooney grumbles, "I’m only two years older than Pitt. And I look much older!" He is still one of his best buddies.

And despite his reputation as a heartthrob, the many women who still fall for him have long been of little interest to him: Until the fall of 2016, after all, Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie lived by his side. After the separation he avoids publicly declaring a new life partner.

From beau to character actor

In his younger years, Brad was a calendar model and studied journalism with quite serious intentions before he played the irresistible hitchhiker Geena Davis in "Thelma + Louise" first seduced and then robbed. He was originally only the third choice for the role. He still plays the irresistible slyboots on the screen today. But he prefers serial killers, paranoid cops and aggressive whipping boys, with shaggy beards and greasy hair or battered dentures. Because if there’s one thing Brad Pitt is determined to do, it’s rebel against his image as a pretty boy.

That’s why romantic glories like "Legends of Passion" are so difficult to find today an absolute taboo for him. He prefers to show his edgier side, making films like Quentin Tarantino’s "Inglourious Basterds" or the war movie "Heart of Steel and now also has a hand behind the camera. He is a successful producer with his company Plan B: He co-produced "12 Years a Slave" was even awarded the Oscar for Best Picture in 2014. One of the five award winners: Brad Pitt.

As an actor, unfortunately, he can not yet call a golden boy his own, although he has already been nominated three times. However, if he continues to be so lucky in his choice of films, it will only be a matter of time before he also receives this honor.

Good looks are not everything

Brad never relied on his outrageous good looks in the past either. As a student, he got by with unusual side jobs, including distributing brochures in front of a fast-food restaurant in the guise of a giant chicken. Or drove a group of stripteasers by limousine to their performances. His looks undoubtedly helped him at the beginning of his career. With $325 in his pocket, Pittler, as he was known at the university, drove his car, "Runaway Sue" spontaneously to Los Angeles. And immediately landed in "Dallas". Though it took him a good ten years to make it big, fame came by the bucketload. So far, this has not gone to his head.

2013 In the film'World War Z' spielt Brad Pitt nicht nur die Hauptrolle, sondern hat auch mitproduziert.

2013 Brad Pitt is in Russia for a few days for the'Moskow International Film Festival' und nutzt die Zeit um mit seinen Tochtern Zahara und Shiloh durch die Stadt zu spazieren.

2013 At this year's'MTV Movie Awards' in Culver City, Kalifornien prasentiert Brad Pitt den Preis fur den besten Film.

2013 And another film in which Brad Pitt has also produced in addition to acting:'12 Years a Slave' lauft auf dem 'Toronto International Film Festival'.

Brad Pitt Sexiest Daddy Alive

Family man at Angelina Jolie’s side

Certainly, his family also helps him stay grounded. After a first marriage with Jennifer Aniston, the Hollywood star was married to his colleague Angelina Jolie and raised a real extended family with her. The two have three biological children – daughter Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne – plus adopted children Maddox, Zahara and Pax. Brad had met Angelina Jolie on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", when he was actually still married to Jen. However, it sparked not only in the film between the two: Brad separated from Jen and had been happy with Angie since 2005.

After nine years of relationship and endless attempts by the press to present the two as already secretly married, on 23. August 2014 in her chateau in France the yes-word. The kids decided the ceremony and painted the dress, and the party was certainly unlike anything Hollywood’s elite had imagined beforehand.

The tragic end of Brangelina’s marriage

But then followed after only two years of marriage first the surprising separation, then the divorce. On 20. September 2016, US media declared the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie failed. Jolie has filed divorce papers and demanded sole custody of the children. Brad Pitt remained only supervised visits – there were rumors of freakouts and alcohol, which he is now clearing up with the help of lawyers. The process around the custody dispute dragged on and was finally resolved only in 2019. Since then, we hear less statements from lawyers and more again from the film-making of parents.

New film success

In 2020, Brad Pitt won a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor in Tarantino’s film Once Upon A Time. in Hollywood." and also received an Oscar nomination for their work. And much discussed congratulations from ex Jennifer Aniston. At the award ceremony it was finally time: Brad was allowed to hold his first Oscar as best supporting actor in his hands! He dedicated his acceptance speech not only to Quentin Tarantino and colleague Leonardo DiCaprio, but above all to his children: "This is for my children, who make everything I do more beautiful. I love you."

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