Build a tree house yourself: how the large-scale project succeeds

If you want to give your children a real treat and at the same time enrich your garden with a real eye-catcher, you can build a tree house. After all, every child dreams of his own house high in the crown of an imposing tree, where he can play alone or with all his friends to his heart’s content. However, it must be pointed out directly that the construction of a tree house is a real large-scale project in which elementary aspects must be taken into account.

The perfect tree for the tree house

The large-scale project tree house stands and falls with the tree, which is not only the Load of the house The tree house must not only be able to bear weight easily, but must also be able to withstand the heaviest storms and should also be as fully grown as possible. Accordingly, conifers, fruit trees and birch trees, whose branches and twigs are already at lighter storms to break should be completely unsuitable.

More suitable, on the other hand, are oak, chestnut and maple trees, which, when healthy, can support even larger and correspondingly heavy tree houses can carry without any problems and also look particularly beautiful from the point of view of growth. Despite the enormous load-bearing capacity of the latter tree species, it would of course still be advantageous if the tree for the house were protected from the wind.

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The construction of the supporting substructure

As soon as a suitable tree has been found, the construction of the house can already begin. The most important step here is the construction of the supporting substructure. For said substructure, a total of eight planks with a thickness of at least 50 x 150 mm, four additional planks with a thickness of 50 x 100 mm and several key screws with a size of 10 x 100 mm are needed. In the first step, two of the 50 x 150 mm planks are placed parallel to each other on one side of the tree trunk with the help of the aforementioned screws absolutely horizontal attached.

Above these planks are mounted two more planks at right angles. Depending on the thickness of the planks, it is possible to notch the individual planks in such a way that they are Surfaces lie on one level. Around the four planks already attached, the four remaining planks will now be used to build a Frame formed. Finally, the remaining planks with a thickness of 10 x 100 mm are used as the roof supporting cross braces attached.

The actual house and the roof

The actual design or architecture of the tree house is the sole responsibility of the Builders and of course their clients (children). It is only important that the materials used are extremely stable robust and yet as far as possible easy are. In addition, regardless of the construction method, at least four supporting columns are attached.

With larger tree houses it can become gladly however also eight or even twelve columns. The roof is then erected on these columns. By far the simplest roof variant is to erect a sufficiently sloped roof with the aid of so-called OSB boards, which are fastened directly to the supporting columns and then sealed rainproof with commercially available tar paper.

Safety is always paramount!

In itself, house builders can give their Creativity completely free in the construction of a tree house. However, for all their creativity, they must always have a maximum of Security keep an eye on. This includes the fact that the planks used may be a maximum of 2 to 2.2 meters long. In addition, at the appropriate points, it is essential Railing even if they are at the expense of the visuals. Furthermore, it is unspeakably important to inspect the house and the tree for any defects at least every two years before the gardening season begins.

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