Build arm muscles: 5 effective exercises for defined arms

It is the part of our body that is most often seen without clothes: the arms. Of course, since many people it is important that these are tight and muscular.

To make this work and how to build your arm muscles, for that we give you some great tips here.

The most important in a nutshell

  • Building up your arm muscles not only helps your arms look firmer, but also makes you stronger and able to lift heavier things
  • The training of the arm muscles takes longer, you should not expect immediate results
  • Many exercises you can do with your own body weight, for a few you need weights

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The best pull-up bar for muscle building

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The best dumbbell set for muscle building

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Also interesting

What does building arm muscles mean?

With strong arm muscles, your arms look toned and athletic for one thing. In addition, strong arms help you to lift heavy things.

But how do you get strong arms? You should definitely have a training plan for this that combines a wide variety of exercises that all have one purpose: to strengthen your arms.

In addition, you should pay attention to the correct execution of the exercises and to a protein-rich diet. Routine and consistency is also important so that you stay on the ball and perform the exercises regularly.

Man trains with dumbbell

Background: What you need to know if you want to build your arm muscles

Before you start training, you should know some background information that will help you to build up your arm muscles properly.

These muscles define your arms

Anatomically, the arm – called the upper limb – is divided into the shoulder girdle, the upper arm, the forearm and the hand. In addition to the very varied functions of the hand as a gripping tool, the arms serve to balance the upright gait by means of the pendulum motion.

The largest bone of the upper limb is the humerus, the forearm is composed of the ulna and radius, two tubular bones connected to the wrist. In total there are 30 bones in your arm.

The most important muscles are the triceps brachii muscle (triceps muscle) and the biceps brachii muscle (biceps muscle). While the biceps is responsible for bending your forearm, the triceps muscle functions as an extensor – it is therefore the counterpart. The biceps is located in the front area and is the muscle that is typically seen.

The deltoid muscle, the largest muscle in your upper arm, which surrounds the shoulder joint from above, is responsible for arm elevation. Thanks to this muscle, you are able to lift your arm. In the forearm muscles there are pronators and supinators which are responsible for the rotation of the forearm.

The pronators provide inward rotation, the supinators provide outward rotation. There are also extensor and flexor muscles in the fingers, which are responsible for mobility.

How long does it take to build arm muscles?

If you want to build up your arm muscles in a natural way, i.e. without additional supplements, then this is a longer process. Many professionals calculate with years. However, you will see the first changes relatively quickly.

In a long-term muscle building you will build more muscle in the first than in the second. Year by year the build up is a little less.

It also depends on how you eat, what your lifestyle is like in general and much more.

What to do to build arm muscles: 5 exercises that work

In the following section, we have compiled five exercises for you that you should definitely include in your workout if you want to train your arm muscles.

Curls – exercise for the biceps

For this training session you need dumbbells or weights. You can also resort to everyday items like water bottles or a beverage crate.

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