Building instructions for nice bird house?

Would like to build a not so complex but beautiful birdhouse.

Do you have a good construction manual?

What to consider? Which wood to take?

How do I make the roof? cheap and beautiful?

Roof tile "look how to make it? or take what else?

Quasi I need only a feed surface and a roof. Feed dispenser and such do not need.

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This villa I built last fall – after Helga Meyer / Nistkasten und Vogelhauschen / Englisch Verlag. There are some other, also simpler models with picture and plan inside.



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The villa of you looks great. Super!

The others, however, are too colorful for me, too kitschy.

But the roof tiles, how did you make these?
It’s a lot of work to make them out of wood!

All single, then put together? How long were you at it?


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With the mini bricks one could build for example also a mini half-timbered house


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Fact. gibs also ready.

How much do I need for a roof area of 2 times 30 cm x 50 cm?

This will be expensive fun. Probably so 30 euros?

Thanks for the info!

There are also some models on Google Sketchup.
House bird feeder by Google – Google 3D Warehouse

Have myself already times a Nistkasten damit Konstruirt.
Was my first attempt. therefore..

Will but now build a birdhouse. I think it will be kept quite simple, because I want to build two, one at the front of the house, one at the back.

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Thanks for the compliment.
I have 50 bricks per 100 qcm set – yes, that goes quite into the money. Copper sheet or tar paper goes of course also.
I would advise you, build simply and fast and accustom the animals now to the feeding place. My house building took much longer than planned (opening end of December!) and the birds have completely ignored the rich offer, only in the spring they jumped on it. Bird experts say that this is so – in winter the peacock only goes to places that he got to know in autumn.

Greetings from Vienna


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Thanks Fritz for the info.

Have now thought to build two pieces of it.

How do you find this model!

Is just functional without special design aspects.

I do not like the roof, so only with wood.
What else can be changed, improved on the house?
Do you have any suggestions?

Since ever, I’m thinking about the roof of a birdhouse, but can’t find a simple, inexpensive solution that also has style.

Please write me something about it. What you say to these VH.

If you still have a better model, please link.
I do not find any.


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So my feed house looks in principle also. I will probably modify it to that effect or. build a new model, so that it can be approached from all four sides. Very simple: floor "railing (this is at the same time seat wood and edge for the fodder slipping out of the storage*), in the corners in each case a post, two sides with roof ridge, roof and in the center the storage for the fodder, roof removable to the filling.

The posts could be decorated with woodturning, the "railing" could be Provide with small curved circular sections/incisions, suggest a vertical batten boarding at the ridge, ev. below the single "slats round off. Then it becomes something more than just function.

To the roof tiles I have here already the idea(!), saw/mill/turn a solid piece of wood round on one side (in the latter case, of course, cut off the second round side or halve a slightly longer piece in the middle) and then cut off individual slices of it like a sausage. Another suggestion: I once took a Christmas crib from the bulky waste, the rectangular bricks were obviously created by splitting, because they have a more or less wavy surface. That would be real shingles.

And finally a result of my web search attached as a photo. A different concept, but surely also for you a suggestion in terms of "more than just function"

* The birds should not be too comfortable and can sit in the bird house. Otherwise you would dirty it much sooner.



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Hello Rainer,
thanks for your suggestions.
The attached picture, is not a birdhouse, but already a bird villa

If I start to saw like a log cabin there bars and trees purely. I do not know. That is then already a considerable expenditure.

Certainly beautiful, but it should remain functional. Look like a bird house and not like a Barbi& Ken toy house. Surely you could make it less colorful, then it would please me more.

I have to buy a router, I’ve always wanted to do so. I need them for the birdhouse above.

Think times I will probably take galvanized sheet metal as a roof. Wanted first copper, but that is too expensive.

How you mean it with the 4 sides approach modification, I can not quite understand unfortunately.

Thanks for your help!
Think there is in the whole web, no better construction plan. like this.
as it seems to me..


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One more try (yes, photo would be better . ): a very, very simple birdhouse, as you often see it. Floor, four supports and a roof. And in the middle of a feed silo is installed. The birds can basically enter from all sides.

For this in the difference is in the linked pictured feed house (p.s.: and in my later added feeder) the silo is extended on two sides to the bottom edge, so that the feathered can approach only from two sides .

A small difference only, but last winter prevailed in our "two-sided house" often such a crowd, so I thought about the small modification.

p.s. I have picked out two more photos . the house is such a normal birdhouse from the bulky waste, in which I have built a silo -a two-sided model. And the crowding downstairs, because upstairs is occupied .



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2 elegant versions.

a quite universal version for high birdhouses.


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the day before yesterday I also wanted to put up my feed house,
when I took it out of the shed . good night& no Beddl.
All warped, swollen, moldy, wobbly.

Well okay, of all things, the cottage was after the by now second
High water here, flooded for the second time.
2002 only the stand was affected, this year the whole house was under water.

long speech – short sense, the bird house had totally slipped my mind,
until I noticed the desolate condition the day before yesterday.
Yesterday I dismantled the house completely and checked what is still usable. That were two halved/coupled birch branches and the roofing felt.

Here are the two birch branches cut in half lengthwise, screwed onto a stinknormal one
Plank as well as the roof construction, 2 boards with bracing triangle:

This is how my shell looks like.
I tried to keep the substructure quite solid/stable,
then I can vary in the upper construction rather.

At this point only briefly: Menno, I miss my vice
and my little workbench!
Are unfortunately also drunk, so less the vise, more the underneath
For lack of which everything live zusammengezimmert.

On top of the raw construction now comes the lust construction,
practically the lightweights:

. and on top of it my ‘old’ roofing felt:

So far only ‘put on top’, but this is how it should look like.
The roofing felt comes only at the end, must me first still something for
the seating of the ‘colleagues’ superior.

Oh yeah something else:
Have deliberately left a rough corner at the side edges free.
So I can sweep the ‘room’ (with brush) and sweep out the dirt.

Up to here, is not a model of precision work,
more like improvision.

lg Nancy

ps: my nick fits almost to the construction


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You get a trophy for improvisational use of leftovers

not improtheater, but improtischlern.

Gaffa tape may not be missing of course ))


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2 elegant versions.

quite universal version for high birdhouses.

very nice, but this has more to do with model making than with birdhouses, I think. I would say that the construction takes much more time than a standard VH.
This is not something for everyone, but more for visierte model builders.
But very beautiful!


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I bought my wooden shingles on Ebay.

1000 pcs. Cedar for 24€ incl. Shipping

This is enough for approx. 5 Din A4 pages to glue.

bought: on ebay from a_unicat_a

I painted the shingles with weatherproof clear varnish matt.


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I have finished. It is not beautiful, but unique

Building instructions for nice bird house?

The decoration (yew) holds the season, next year something else,
I had already done so before.
Here still the old cottage, with jay and landing problems.

lg Nancy

Thanks for the cup, Winfried.
Now I also know what gaffa is, my inner ridge cover

Wolfgang EG

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Nancy, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. You must like it, it must serve its purpose in winter and the birds must like it. It is just pure nature.


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nice euphemism for "crooked and ugly"
But paint doesn’t help there either. If it works at least.

Let’s see, what I bring together. Decided that the KiGa will get 2 birdhouses for the winter – if there is enough firewood :rolleyes:


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something different.


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So I have now finished the birdhouses, and had to experience after 1 week a nasty surprise, that some glue boards had bent.

I don’t understand how you can put a building instruction (looks very professional, sponsored by big companies) on the net, and then recommend this wood for it, although a carpenter apprentice in the first year of apprenticeship probably knows, that glued wood is very bad for outdoors. and probably only lasts a short time.

Well, some of you have told me to use larch. but because the instructions said otherwise, I thought, they will know that, it will work too.
It is also the lousy workmanship on this glue wood spruce, you drill a hole, it splinters like stupid. if you only look at the wood crookedly, the corners already come loose.

Will probably have to build the two houses again, then with larch.
The gluing worked well, with these Pu glue D4. that will probably still hold in 100 years. Everything else. oh oh oh.

The HolzLasur from Jawoll Partywaren Shop, for 7 euros I can recommend but, brand is called I think Flamingo. this is top..also suitable for beehives, very low in pollutants, and looks great, covers the whole thing with a waterproof coating.

So builds blos no birdhouse, with these cheap spruce glue boards from the hardware store.
then leave it rather completely.

But it was not in vain, I have once again gained a lot of experience.
I also have to buy screw clamps, because the wood pushed apart when I glued it together. so I assume that you have to fix it with screw clamps. But you don’t need wooden dowels, the glue holds enough, with the weight.

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