Calculation of unemployment benefit after sick pay

Will unemployment benefits be calculated differently if you have received sickness benefits immediately beforehand? Do you get maybe even less money, if you have to go to the employment agency after the Aussteuerung? Less than if you would have had to register as unemployed if you had not been ill?

Does the receipt of sickness benefit influence the amount of unemployment benefit??

If you are absent from work due to illness for more than six weeks, there is no more money from the boss after these 42 days have expired. Afterwards, the health insurance company has to pay for your living expenses – however, the so-called sick pay is only available if you are on sick leave without any gaps. After 78 weeks at the latest, you are threatened with exclusion, and from this point on, the health insurance fund no longer has to pay any money.

What now? Even if it seems absurd at the first moment – first of all the employment office is responsible. Although there is no legal time limit in which you have to report there. However, we recommend that you present yourself to the employment agency at least two months before your sickness benefits expire. In this way, the authority has time to examine your application carefully, without you being without money for a while. In addition, after the appointment you can look a little more calmly into the future. Nothing is more stressful than not knowing until the last minute how much money you will have to pay the rent next month.

Am I still insured after the sick pay?

Yes, do not panic. Even if sick pay has run out, there is a full month of post-insurance coverage. Then you receive unemployment benefits and are a member of your health insurance fund in accordance with the rules.

Even after the end of the sickness benefit you enjoy the protection of your health insurance fund.

I have applied for a pension for reduced earning capacity. Do I have to pay back the unemployment benefit at some point??

Don’t worry, it is absolutely common that the EM pension is approved a few weeks, sometimes months after the sickness benefit has ended. You don’t have to worry about paying back sick or unemployment benefits. The relevant authorities will sort it all out among themselves – no one will contact you and demand money back.

Do I get unemployment benefits even without applying for EM pension??

Yes, although this point is sometimes a little "tricky" in practice. If you do not apply to the employment office within the framework of the seamlessness regulation, you must, at least in theory, make yourself available to the labor market after you are no longer insured. Although you still have an employment contract and are still on sick leave. You can read about what to look for in the interview at the employment office in this post:

How is my unemployment benefit calculated if I come directly from sickness benefit??

First things first: you have no disadvantages. Normally, the last twelve months in which you worked are used as a basis for calculating unemployment benefits. If you come directly from the Aussteuerung is not possible. As a rule, you were dependent on sick pay for about one and a half years – you did not receive a salary during this time.

If unemployment benefits were now determined on the basis of sick pay, you would receive significantly less than if you had not been ill.

For this reason, a different "assessment framework" applies after you have received sick pay: if you have collected less than 150 days of salary in the twelve months prior to the start of unemployment benefits, the employment office looks at what you have earned in the last two years. Example:

Harry W. from Quickborn is an employed painter and varnisher. In April 2018, he gets sick and initially receives six weeks of continued pay. Then he receives another 72 weeks of sick pay. Since he is now, at the time, the Aussteuerung, still not healthy, he reports to the employment office.

Harry has not earned any earned income in the last twelve months because he has been receiving sick pay throughout. Therefore, the unemployment office looks at the last 24 months to calculate unemployment benefits. The basis of the unemployment benefit is therefore the salary that Harry received before he became ill for a long time.

Anyone who falls seriously ill is already punished enough. There are a few obstacles lurking at the intersection of sick, unemployment, and retirement benefits that you should be well prepared for. One of the few pieces of good news, however, is that if you have to go to the employment agency after receiving sick pay, your unemployment benefits will be calculated based on your last salary.

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