Cannabis and its effects: how bad is cannabis? – how does it affect the body?

Cannabis legalization : Cannabis and its effects – how smoking pot affects the body

Cannabis effects - the ten most important facts at a glance

For some, smoking pot simply means relaxing. For others, cannabis use is a gateway to the drug scene. We reveal what you need to know about the effects of marijuana with a view to cannabis legalization& Co. need to know.

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For some, smoking pot simply means relaxing. For others, cannabis use is a gateway to the drug scene. We reveal what you need to know about the effects of marijuana with an eye toward cannabis legalization& Co. need to know.

In the article you will find info on the following aspects:

How quickly does smoking weed show its effects?

How quickly the effects of cannabis kick in depends on the dose, the method of ingestion, and the user’s tolerance. When smoked, cannabis has a rapid effect: the high begins after a few minutes. With oral ingestion it can take up to two hours.

When smoked or inhaled, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is responsible for the intoxicating effect, passes directly into the blood. With a joint, the effect is already felt after a few minutes.

Pain patients should experience a pain-relieving effect. However, it is also possible that the effect is too strong and instead you feel dizzy, can no longer converse intelligibly, your thoughts circle incessantly or you simply feel sick.

How long does the effect of smoking weed last??

Smoked as a joint, the effect starts after a few minutes and ends after two to three hours at the latest. When consumed as a hash brownie or hemp cookie, the effects come on more slowly. The high can take effect with a two-hour delay and last up to five hours.

If you smoke cannabis, you can better control the effect. For example, if users notice that the high is getting too strong, they can simply stop smoking. It’s a different story with cookies or brownies: If you accidentally consume too much, you can’t undo it. When the high hits, it’s too late.

How long is cannabis detectable in urine or blood?

THC is detectable in urine for days or weeks after consumption of the drug. A danger to pot-smoking drivers, even if the high has long since worn off. Because in the case of a control, it is not the intoxication but the THC content that is used as the basis for assessment.

In the case of a single consumption, THC can still be detected three to six days after smoking. With regular use, the active ingredient THC can even be detected in the urine for up to two months.

Directly after smoking a joint, you should definitely not get behind the wheel and endanger traffic and yourself.

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If a urine test comes back positive, police officers usually request a blood test from the investigating judge. Anyone caught with THC in their blood could face a fine and the revocation of their driving license. In a blood test, the THC content is no longer detectable around twelve hours after consumption. If high doses of the drug were consumed, THC may be detectable even longer.

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What can increase the effect of cannabis?

Drinking coffee before smoking a joint or smoking on an empty stomach can intensify the effect of cannabis. The different methods of ingestion are also said to enhance the effect: As a brownie, with a vaporizer or as a joint – here opinions differ.

It is certain that regular consumption builds up a certain tolerance to the intoxication. The consequence: the consumer has to smoke more and more in order to experience the desired high.

If you consume cannabis at the same time as alcohol, your reaction time will be reduced. For the human body, this is not a concern at first, but for your actions it is even more so: If you can no longer assess the risks and drink too much alcohol, a bad hangover will follow the next day or, in the worst case, alcohol poisoning.

Other drugs, on the other hand, can cause serious physical consequences or a psychological disorder: The mixed use of cannabis and ecstasy, for example, can lead to circulatory collapse, the mixed use of cannabis and LSD threatens in the worst case a psychosis.

What effect does smoking pot have??

What does smoking pot actually feel like? Experts say: It depends. Depending on the type of cannabis, dosage and intake, the effect can be quite different. Even every person feels the intoxication differently: Some are relaxed, others are happy, still others are depressed.

There are very different preferences when smoking pot. Many pain patients do not want to make their body numb, they just want to relieve the pain by consuming cannabis. Others relax on the couch after work with a joint.

But not everything is great when you are high: thinking under the influence of cannabis can also be confused, the psychological effect so strong that this leads to anxiety or even panic attacks. The euphoric mood can tip over into the opposite. Instead of joy, the person feels rather heavy or even depressed.

What does stoned mean?

If smoking pot shows its effects slowly but surely, users of cannabis and hemp feel as if they are in a frenzy. They don’t just talk about being high, stoned is also supposed to express their confused state of mind.

What side effects can smoking pot have?

In addition to possible brain changes in young people and the risk of psychosis, consumption over a long period of time can also promote chronic bronchitis. Unlike alcohol and nicotine, cannabis rarely leads to physical dependence. However, psychological dependence is possible.

What effects does smoking pot have on the adolescent brain??

Children and adolescents should not consume the drug under any circumstances. Because early use of marijuana can damage the developing brain. Therefore, in the case of cannabis legalization, there would also be strict age limits.

Studies have shown that the brain goes through a surge between the ages of 15 and 17. The brain reorganizes itself in this phase of development, certain nerve pathways are formed only during puberty. If cannabis gets into the brain during this time, it can have long-term consequences. Regular use of cannabis at a young age is said to lead to changes in the hippocampus of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for memory.

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In addition, the risk of psychosis is always lurking: a study has shown that the risk of psychosis doubles in young people. Thus, young people who smoke pot are more likely to suffer from mental disorders such as delusions, hallucinations, anxiety and, in the worst cases, even schizophrenia. Adults with psychotic symptoms or mental health problems should also not smoke pot.

What is the difference between female and male cannabis plants??

The female cannabis plant, or more precisely the flower of the female cannabis plant, is smoked. This contains particularly high levels of THC. The male cannabis plant, on the other hand, does not produce flowers and contains only a small amount of THC.

Is there a difference between hashish, weed and marijuana?

Cannabis has many names: Hashish, marijuana, weed and still others – ultimately, all terms denote portions of the hemp plant. Marijuana or weed refers to the flowers of the female plant that are dried and smoked. Hashish is an extract that is made from the "resin" of the plant Is obtained from cannabis.

In the flowers of the hemp plant, the marijuana flowers, the THC content is particularly high. Therefore, usually only these components of the female cannabis plant are harvested and dried. Hashish also comes from the hemp plant, but is somewhat more difficult to obtain: It consists of the plant’s resin, which is found on the stem in addition to the flowers.

The resin is separated from the plant by drying and refrigerating it. In the process, the resin falls off, which is now sieved and pressed. The pure cannabis resin may contain twice the amount of the active cannabis ingredient THC as the marijuana flower. Small quantities then already lead to a strong intoxication

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What happens when Ritalin and cannabis are consumed?

Ritalin is a drug against ADHD. If it is taken together with cannabis, it stimulates the user, while at the same time the high from cannabis consumption occurs.

Because of this effect, this mixture is often taken by young people in a party mood. But be careful: mixing different drugs and medicines is always risky, the consequences are hard to estimate. With heart palpitations, dizziness, anxiety and delusions, this mixed consumption can quickly degenerate into a bad trip..

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