Cannabis beginners: how to roll a joint?

Marijuana can be consumed in many different ways. Classically, however, most stoners reach for a joint. If you have not smoked much or at all, you may wonder how to roll a joint. Most of us get our first joint from a friend or take a drag from a communal joint. The joint roll respectively. Build can be perceived as complicated at first. Nevertheless, it is worth learning the correct technique. For many weed fans, rolling a joint is a basic and "meditative" process before consumption. So in this short guide we will tell you how to roll a perfect joint.

What is a joint anyway?

Most people know what a joint looks like. However, we would like to briefly explain what a joint actually is. Joint, spliff, dowel, bag or Johnny are all synonyms for a "cigarette" with special intoxicating ingredients. For a joint, cannabis is rolled into a cylinder together with tobacco (blend) or on its own (blunt) in a special paper (paper). Classically, the bag has a filter and widens towards the end.

A good Johnny should burn reasonably but should not flare as hot and fast as a regular cigarette. The perfect joint should be smoldering slowly to develop the ideal taste and effect. For this to work you need to build your joint well and correctly. We will show you how to do this step by step!

What do you need to roll a joint?

Before you start you should have some utensils and "ingredients" ready. For the perfect joint you need:

  • About one gram of marijuana
  • Grinder/Scissors
  • One pack of long leaves
  • A piece of thin cardboard to make a filter
  • Optional tobacco

Step 1: Leaf for your enjoyment

As a stoner, you don’t have to bother with the "normal" small leaves for cigarettes. Instead, there are long leaves which are ideal for your Johnny. These are available in hemp, paper or clear cellulose.

Your leaflets should already have a fold in the middle. It makes sense to make more folds in your leaf at the same time. This will make your paper sit better on the work surface. It will also make it easier for you to roll later if you prepare these folds.

Step 2: Make your own filter

A good bag needs a filter so that you don’t have your herbs stuck in your throat all the time. Filters can be made quickly and easily from a suitable piece of thin cardboard. Take a strip about one centimeter wide and five centimeters long. First fold two "Ms" like an accordion. Then roll the rest of the cardboard into a cylinder. Your selfmade filter is ready!

Step 3: Grinding weed made easy

Now you should take care of your intoxicating marijuana. In order to roll a good joint you need to grind your weed. For this purpose a special "grinder" is the perfect tool. You can also use your fingers to crush it instead. It is important that the size and texture is uniform. Your ganja should not be too coarse but also not too fine! You need to find the happy medium…

Step 4: Tobacco or Blunt?

Often some tobacco or other herbs are added to the weed. This can help the joint burn better. Also, understandably, the "strength" of the joint will be reduced. For beginners it can be useful to add tobacco to the mixture. We recommend to use organic tobacco in order not to ruin the good taste.

Step 5: Let’s go

Now you can start building the actual joint. To do this, you place your herbal mixture in the center of the leaflet. On one side there should be enough space for the filter. Spread your weed evenly on the leaflet. The small pile should be wider than the filter.

After you have spread everything out and placed your filter, take your joint between your thumb and forefinger and start rolling without pressure and open. Orientate yourself to the thickness of the filter. It takes some practice to handle your weed without problems.

Now comes the hard part: try to carefully roll up one edge of your blunt and work your way to a cylindrical shape step by step. When you have reached the end you have to moisten the glue spot with your tongue and then press it gently.

If the weed falls out, you can press it with a pencil. Here you should take care that your joint is not compressed too much. This will otherwise prevent a good burn. The upper end of your joint can now be twisted or folded.

Step 6: Ready!

If you did everything right, you should now have rolled your first joint. Even if it looks easy at first, it takes some practice to roll a perfect joint. So you shouldn’t be depressed if your Johnny looks a bit crooked or deformed. Practice makes perfect!

Video: Joint shooting explained vividly

The following short video clearly demonstrates how to roll the perfect joint. Many people can learn more easily with descriptive content. It makes sense to watch the following video until the end. Maybe it will even help you to watch some clips more often. We hope you enjoy the video..

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