Cat scanner

Just snap a quick photo or shoot a short video – with our Cat Scanner app, you can reliably identify your cat’s breed in just a few seconds! Our integrated camera with pinch to zoom and tap to focus makes scanning a breeze!

Of course, the Cat Scanner app also supports uploading pictures from your gallery.

If it is a mixed breed cat?

No problem, our app also recognizes mongrels and provides you with interesting data about the individual breeds.

All cat breeds in one app!

The Cat Scanner app currently supports about 60 different cat breeds. Our Database officially includes all of the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) recognized breeds and some more!

Of course, our comprehensive database with information and pictures of all cat breeds (including the unofficial ones) can be accessed at any time. Completely without scanning!

Not a cat in sight?

Do nothing! Simply scan yourself, your friends, your family or people from your environment and find out with which cats you have the most similarities!

Sounds funny, but it really works: Cat recognition also works with humans. Just take a selfie and find out what kind of cat you are yourself!

Become part of our Cat Scanner community!

Share your results and compare them with those from the community! Upload pictures of your favorite pussycat to our social feed and share with other cat lovers! View the profiles and photos of other users, like and comment on posts from our cat community and filter them by recency or popularity!

In addition, you can easily share your posts with your friends by sending a picture directly from the Cat Scanner app.

Collect all cat breeds and become an expert!

Collect all the breeds just like in Pokemon Go. An overview of the cat breeds you have scanned can be found in the app at any time. Master the challenges, earn virtual treats and become a real cat expert!

Compete with your friends and people from the community and climb to the top of our leaderboard!

Give us feedback on the Cat Scanner app!

Tell us in the app if the cat breed was correctly identified. If not, you will be shown useful tips to improve your own result. If you also specify which cat breed is in your photo, the app automatically learns to provide even more accurate results. Suggest further cat breeds or vote for (unofficial) breeds which should be considered in the app in the future!

Get your premium upgrade!

With our premium version, you’ll no longer see ads in the app and you’ll get your results faster. Furthermore, from now on you can choose yourself if you want your cat breeds to be recognized especially fast or especially accurately. In addition, with the premium version, your scans are also available in offline mode. You don’t need an internet connection anymore to identify cat breeds. With a voluntary in-app purchase of the premium version you will not only get many advantages, but also support this app.

Follow us on social media!

On our social media channels we regularly provide you with the most beautiful cat pictures from the community. You’ll also find lots of interesting facts about your favorite pet here. Of course we will keep you up to date about all new features in the Cat Scanner app.

Just give the Cat Scanner a try!

Download the Cat Scanner app anytime for Android in Google Play Store or for iOS in the Apple App Store Download for free! Despite the memory-friendly app size, you get full functionality and can identify cat breeds or access our comprehensive database at any time!

Have you ever seen a cat outside or at a friends house and wondered what breed it was? Maybe you even know the breed of cat, but just can’t come up with its name? Or you have a cat yourself, whose breed you still don’t know? Well, maybe you know that you have a mixed breed, but which breeds are really in your pet??

Before you consider ordering an expensive DNA test, the Cat Scanner app can help you with all these questions! Just scan the cat with the app and the cat breed will be automatically detected in a few seconds!


This app is not able to turn your smartphone into a whacky spaceship that can take a blood sample from your cat using a magic laser. This app makes educated predictions based on what it can see. In general, these predictions are already pretty accurate. Still, the results can only be as good as the picture or. the video, which is made available to the app. In addition, it is impossible to guarantee that every single cat is correctly recognized. Unfortunately, many people take it personally when this affects their own family cat. If you at least give the app a chance by scanning more than one cat, you’ll see that the app’s overall performance is impressive. Instead of having to pay a lot of money for an expensive DNA test, you can use the Cat Scanner app completely free of charge. Have fun with it!

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