Chancellor of germany: who is currently german chancellor?

After 16 years, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) hands over the office to Olaf Scholz (SPD) in December.

Dusseldorf Germany has elected. 60.4 million eligible voters were called to the 2021 federal election. You have the 20. Bundestag elected, indirectly deciding who will succeed Angela Merkel. This was executive until 8. December 2021 in office, then her successor was sworn in.

Olaf Scholz is the new chancellor. It was served on Wednesday, 8. December, elected chancellor by the Bundestag and received his certificate of appointment from Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. This makes Scholz the ninth chancellor in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Following the coalition negotiations between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP on a "traffic light" alliance, the new ministers to whom their predecessors have already handed over the reins of office have also been determined. Thus, the new government is in office, which for the first time at the federal level consists of three parties.

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD)

The new chancellor is Olaf Scholz. The 63-year-old can look back on a long political career. Scholz was Juso federal vice-chancellor in the 1980s, SPD secretary-general in the early 2000s and federal labor minister during the 2008 financial crisis. From 2011 to 2018, he was mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In the weeks leading up to the federal election, Scholz has gained a lot of ground on the CDU/CSU and was in first place in the polls before the election. In the federal election on 26. September, the SPD has won the most second votes and is the strongest force in the Bundestag. The election result does not allow a sole government of the SPD.

For a majority in the Bundestag it needs alliance partners. After the election SPD, Greens and FDP entered coalition negotiations. Now stands the coalition agreement of the so-called traffic light, which all parties involved have accepted in voting procedures.

More about the traffic light government

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. "good education should be decoupled from parents" so the message of a spokeswoman of the traffic light today in the Bundestag.

When I look around at the schools and classes here in the Rhine-Main area from Hanau to Offfenbach, Dietzenbach to Frankfurt, I can now understand these demands brought in by politics itself.

. "good education should be decoupled from the parents" was the message of a spokeswoman for the traffic light today in the Bundestag.

Yes, you can understand this more and more every day. Especially if you know the parents.

But to take the scepter out of the hands of all parents is stupid and superfluous "minority thinking" of our responsible politicians, as well as in more and more emerging phenomena, where often a minority drives politics.

Ideological thinking often has nothing to do with reality in Germany for a long time now. Sufferers are now our children, if they in the future at 17.00 go home to mom and dad.

Ask now these children from the elementary schools. The answers are often sad enough.

Just ask our French neighbors?

The current debates in the Bundestag are at least as sad, especially by those who can have no experience at all and who want to know what is good for our children.

Parents should and must be able to decide what is the way forward for their own children in their zunkuft. Unfortunately, however, it is a fact that the parents of the money because of i.d.R. work more and more full time and in part certainly have to.

Thus, an all-day school or an all-day kindergarten is a welcome offer for a better financial situation of these families. Whether this is also always correct and good for the children and will be, there I would have my surely justified doubts.

At the end we will see, whether we will have from the coming generations the personalities, which do not only break off their study, make a plagiarism with their graduation work and/or land in the XXL Bundestag or directly after the Abi let themselves be elected there.

Current the debates u.a. because of the all-day schools in the Bundestag.

What the parliamentarians want!

Just ask the children, who at 17.00 o’clock go home from school and what the "really" gladly in the "broad majority want.

Dear parents, this question goes to them.

And in 4 years then the chancellorship.

In the land of the many and the realities, anything is possible!

Our green leprechaun against the rest of the world!

Well then good luck!

It is a fact that the Greens – above all Oliver Krischer – serve their frustration of the last 16 years with moral sermons currently in the Bundestag, which are neither purposeful nor do justice to the current challenges and tasks.

Such politicians are by no means suitable in character for me to accompany public offices.

The traffic light stands now already on dark red, if one makes the trouble to listen to these Federal Politicians*innen.

So Germany is certainly going from the frying pan into the fire, as they say in our country.

This new Bundestag stands for quantity but unfortunately no longer for quality of politics in the Federal Republic of Germany.

And then it is not surprising if more and more turn their backs on this country or would do so if they could. One can really understand by now if more and more people reject this kind of politics or choose extremes out of frustration.

In the past, politicians made policy and the media reported on it. Today, the media make policy, and politicians execute it.

The political and journalistic personnel in Germany can do exactly what?

The article provides in the 3. Abs. wrong numbers: SPD 26.4%; Union 22.5%
In fact, it’s 25.7% vs. 24,1%

One knows from other articles that millions, billions and trillions are "confused will. But these numbers here make sad what has become of the trade paper.

Greens want Blackrock and Co. exclude from EU treaties
After criticism of the awarding of an EU contract to Blackrock, the Greens push for stricter rules. These are intended to limit the influence of large financial firms on legislation.

Even without a chancellorship, it’s off to a good start with the Greens!

We all know many quarrelsome Greens.

In politics, this will have consequences and implications. It’s just the beginning, where a small party with a measly 14 percent can become the land of the many, the land of many,many problems.

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