Changing baby boys correctly

When swaddling there are many things that need to be considered. Especially in the beginning, a feeling of being overwhelmed easily arises. In this article you will find special information about changing baby boys properly . I hope that this information will help you to quickly feel more confident and that you will be able to have a nice diapering time with your son.

For boys, in contrast to girls, the type of cleaning is not so important. The main thing is to clean it thoroughly. Difficulties arise here especially under the penis and with the skin folds on the testicles. The most important tip when swaddling baby boys is to keep the foreskin is taboo for you. It must not be withdrawn under any circumstances. Why this is so you will find out a little further down in the article.

Finger away from the foreskin

When changing a baby boy is certainly the most important point, the cleaning of the foreskin. Always remember Cleaning your baby’s foreskin never to pull back. It is not yet as elastic as in older babies and therefore tears and injuries can easily occur if it is uncontrollably affected from the outside. Let your child be naked again and again. Your son will "play" with his penis. It is important that you allow this. Only in this way can adhesions be loosened and the foreskin stretched in a controlled manner. Your son feels best what is okay and what is not.

It is important to keep looking closely at the tip of your sweetie’s penis. Of course without pushing back the foreskin. How to recognize possible infections under the foreskin in time.

You are probably wondering now how to properly care for and clean your son’s foreskin now. I have found a great video here that explains everything in detail. After that you will be able to clean the foreskin of your boy properly.

What to clean with

For the cleaning itself I would always rather To warm water with washcloths or disposable cloths respectively. -wadding advice. Wet wipes always contain various care products and fragrances. In addition, a slight residue will remain on the skin. This can lead to a damp climate in the diaper area of your baby. That againrum promoted all kinds of infections. For example, the Increase the frequency and severity of a fungal infection. In addition, others Bacteria better conditions to spread. Another reason to clean with water instead of wet wipes is that you can avoid the risk of a possible allergic reaction to ingredients.

The used "wiping aids", i.e. wet wipes or absorbent cotton, are best put directly into the diaper, which you then dispose of well rolled up in a diaper pail. In my Diaper pail test you will find in any case a suitable.

How to clean

First you take care of the residues on the bottom itself. Wipe here really often and thoroughly until there is no more fecal residue left. Directly at the anus always clean carefully with little friction pressure.

Important is the Lift penis and clean underneath accurately. Residues often form here, which can then lead to skin irritation.

Also Skin folds on the testicles are at high risk when it comes to light fecal residue. This should of course be avoided. You are probably now asking yourself the question of how best to do this. It is important not to be afraid of hurting your baby. The penis and testicles are not as sensitive in baby boys as in an adult man. You can stretch the skin thoroughly. This is also a very good way to remove impurities in the skin folds.

Make sure especially on the testicles and under the penis that the skin is really dried out before you put on a new diaper. Better to let your darling do some kicking with naked private parts. So everything can really get dry and you don’t risk a wet diaper area.

Always keep a close eye on your baby’s penis

As a tip, I can tell you when you open the diaper Put best a absorbent cotton or a washcloth directly on the penis of your son. If he stands up a little bit, it is often a sign that your son has to urinate soon. You can guess where that stream of urine ends up when he’s lying on his back in front of you.

With these two measures, however, hardly anything can still happen. Contrary to all the stories, we have had an accident like this maybe twice in our "diapering" career.

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