Cheer up it will all be good again poem

111 exciting toasts, for every occasion!

What was there first? The toast or the wine? Both have always existed and belong together like food and wine. They are for the happy moments. For people who enjoy life and like to create a good mood. For all those who like to laugh and have fun.

But not all. Some toasts can shock you! You may feel offended or irritated. They polarize and offend. Like a wine that has corners and edges. Humor is a matter of taste. Sometimes you hit it dead on and sometimes it goes horribly wrong.

You won’t find them all listed Toasts like. There are too many for that. Too many rough edges. Too many opinions, situations and applications. I don’t like them all either. Yet I list them all. Because there is. Because there are people who have their joy with it.

You have to select which sayings you like. I have collected, organized and structured the most famous toasts. Judge which you like and which you don’t, you may yourself:

Coffee because it’s for
Wine in the morning is!

Take a good glass of wine.

Without wine you come
you don’t come in here!

Coffee, because it’s too early for wine!

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For laughing – funny toasts

  1. Better to drink till you drop than to wave till you drop!
  2. Are you blind after puking. If the headwind was too strong!
  3. Where once was my liver, now is a minibar!
  4. An engineer who doesn’t drink is like an engine that doesn’t run!
  5. Better a belly from drinking than a hump from working!
  6. Delirium delarium – full like an aquarium!
  7. Starry we come together and starry we go apart!
  8. Dear moon you have it hard, have every reason to complain. You’re only full twelve times a year, I’m full every day.
  9. I am not drunk! I am by nature loud, funny and clumsy!
  10. A man without a belly is a cripple!
  11. A glass in honor no one can refuse.
  12. The little man’s sunshine is fucking and being drunk.
  13. Everybody has to believe in something. I think I’ll have another!
  14. Better in the darkest pub, than at the brightest workplace.
  15. You know what we need, we want to sip strong drinks.
  16. It seems to me that the greatest thing at a party is to have a good time.
  17. From the middle to the tit to the sack, bang, bang!
  18. A dog and a pig, entered into a marriage and the product of this union, we are saucy pig dogs.
  19. Drinking is a vice – but a fine one.

Booze sayings

  1. Who likes love and unity, who drinks also times ne small thing
  2. Our last will, even more per mille!
  3. Once your reputation is ruined, you can drink with ease.
  4. From the cradle to the grave, booze is the only true thing!
  5. My biggest enemy is alcohol, but in the bible it is written, you should love your enemies too.
  6. Enough drunk, now it is drunk!
  7. Sober I’m shy but full I’m great!
  8. Where boozing is an honor, puking can’t be a disgrace!
  9. A drink! As they say among men.
  10. Oh alcohol, oh alcohol, that you are my enemy I know well, but in the Bible it is written, you should love your enemies. So cheers!
  11. I’d rather be drunk and broke than sober and sick
  12. All shit all crap, if you are not drunk.
  13. Eat what is cooked, drink what is clear, speak what is true. – Martin Luther
  14. Eating is a need of the stomach, drinking is a need of the soul. Eating is a common craft, drinking an art. – Claude Tillier
  15. Man drinks, horse drinks: only today it’s the other way round.
  16. Who eats properly, should also drink well.
  17. You can never drink too much, but you can never drink enough! Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
  18. Whether I’ll live tomorrow, I certainly don’t know: But, if I live tomorrow, That I’ll drink tomorrow, I know for sure. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
  19. It hurts my heart so much, when I see the bottom of the glass.
  20. Sport is murder, only gas keeps you fit.
  21. Who dances just has no money to drink.
  22. Drunks and children tell the truth.
  23. Life is on some days, just in a drunken stupor to endure.

Beer toasts

  1. A beer always fits between the liver and the kidneys.
  2. In the morning a beer and the day is yours!
  3. Between liver and spleen always fits a pilsner!
  4. Instead of heating, rather a wheat beer!
  5. The first beer, that quenches the thirst. A second one makes me feel good. After three I don’t give a damn, so I just go on drinking.
  6. When the farmer milks his bull, the fool drinks too much beer.
  7. My head hurts, my feet stink. High time to drink a beer!
  8. Beer is tasty, beer is great, I prefer to be full!
  9. The smart man, believe me, does not talk and drinks his beer.
  10. Even water becomes a noble drop, if you mix it with malt and hops.
  11. Whoever gives beer away will be hanged!
  12. Tired I go to rest, cover up my beer belly. Father let the hangover be mine, tomorrow not so cruel. Please give me thirst again, everything else is sausage to me.
  13. He who sows hops will reap beer. – Wolf Dietrich
  14. Liquid bread makes cheeks red!
  15. Ex and hopp, in the head!
  16. Since hops and malt is lost!
  17. Fetch me a bottle of beer, or I’ll strike out here! Gerhard Schroder
  18. When I touch your neck, when I touch your mouth to mine, oh, how I long for you, beloved bottle of beer!
  19. Don’t be silly, raise your tankard!
  20. Beer belly? I can also!
  21. Between liver and kidney always fits a pilsner.
  22. A beer in the morning and the day is yours!
  23. Between liver and spleen still fits a pilsner.
  24. Instead of heating up, rather a wheat beer!
  25. The first beer, that quenches the thirst. A second one makes me cheerful. After three I don’t give a damn, so I just keep on drinking.
  26. If the farmer milks his bull, the fool drank too much beer.
  27. The head hurts, the feet stink. High time to drink a beer!
  28. Beer is delicious, beer is great, I love to be full!
  29. The smart man, believe me, he does not talk and drinks his beer.
  30. Even water becomes a noble drop, if you mix it with malt and hops.
  31. Whoever gives beer away will be hanged!
  32. Tired I go to rest, cover my beer belly. Father let the hangover be mine, tomorrow not so cruel. Please make me thirsty again, I don’t care about anything else.
  33. He who sows hops will reap beer. – Wolf Dietrich
  34. Liquid bread makes cheeks red!
  35. Ex and hop, in the head!
  36. You’ve lost all hope and all malt!
  37. Get me a bottle of beer, or I’ll strike out here! – Gerhard Schroder
  38. When I touch your neck, your mouth to mine, oh, how I long for you, beloved bottle of beer!
  39. Don’t be silly, raise your tankard!
  40. Beer belly? I can also!

For birthdays

  1. Let’s raise a glass, our jubilarian should live – carefree and full of pleasure – that’s possible, no, a must! – Lisl Guthoff
  2. Raise your glasses, raise your cups, let everyone catch their neighbor. Leave your worries at home and go out happily! – Lisl Guthoff
  3. Merry Christmas and happy days, a wine from the best location. Roast, cakes and coffee Guests from far away and close by! – Lisl Guthoff
  4. Birthday, be welcome to me! And I want to be merry with you, that’s what I’ve planned, and drink wine, and drink wine and sing songs – but birthday, come back yet. – Matthias Claudius
  5. Let the full glasses ring out to bring a farewell to the friend: pour the glasses full again, drink to the friend’s welfare!
  6. A feast day shall strengthen thee to thy workday’s work, that thou mayest bring to thy business fresh strength. Friedrich Ruckert
  7. When birthday joys beckon, it’s all right to have a drink. There’s truth in wine, says the custom, so stick to it and do the same!
  8. This for this and that for that. Many tables are set. No tongue should mock what tastes the other tongue. Let everyone have his pleasures, grant him that he refreshes himself, when he looks demurely and modestly at his own plate. But if at your table he teases and disturbs you impudently, then give him a wiper, so that he realizes what is proper. – William Busch
  9. It’s just nice when we see the friends coming. It is also nice when they stay and pass the time with us. – But when they finally leave, it’s also quite beautiful. – Wilhelm Busch
  10. Drink until your navel shines, bright as a carbuncle, so that you have a light in the darkness of your existence.
  11. I drink to drown my problems, but these damn bastards can swim!

Wine toasts

  1. The wine keeps nothing secret.
  2. Life is too short to drink bad wine!
  3. There are more old wine drinkers, than old doctors. (➤Red wine is healthy)
  4. Grab the glass and drink the wine, every man should be happy!
  5. Water is the strength of the ox, man drinks wine and barley juice. So I toast with beer and wine, who wants to be an ox?.
  6. Water makes wise, wine makes merry, so drink them both to be both.
  7. The good Lord did not want noble grape juice to spoil, so he gave us not only the grapevine, but also the thirst!
  8. For worries the dear life provides and worry breakers are the vines – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Toasts in dialect

  1. Sauf’ ma – sterb’ ma sauf’ ma net – sterb’n ma a, oiso – sauf’ ma!
  2. I am a Palatine, thank God, because if I would come from the onnre Lond, and measured from small glasses dringe, I think that would be gonz schaa schdinge!
  3. Farmers sell eichre Kia, donnst so saufn like mia.
  4. If Adam had eaten a Boar beer, he would never have eaten the apple!
  5. A glass in your hand, to your health!
  6. Don’t open your mouth uselessly, talk something good or get drunk!
  7. A meter in front of a meter back a meter up a meter up now let’s eat!

To vino
I never say no

Take a good glass of wine.

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  1. God invented the wine, God invented the beer, but the schnapps we distilled.
  2. Memory gaps are the main prize at the bottom of every vodka bottle.
  3. If the mother-in-law comes into the house and slips in the hallway, she’ll turn around right away, it’s worth a shot!
  4. We drink schnapps, we drink wine sitting, standing and lying down. And once we are angels, we drink while flying.
  5. Caipi, Beck’s and Jagermeister these are our spirits – Christoph Brakling
  6. There are two things a Highlander likes naked, and one of them is malt whisky.
  7. Whisky solves no problems! But neither does milk.
  8. One glass is fabulous, two are too many, and three too few. Schnapps, you noble godspark, rascal from Elysium, down with you, you scoundrel! Down into your Tusculum.

For women

  1. To the men we love and the bums we get!
  2. Long live the love, the beer and the drunkenness, the illegitimate coitus, the pope and the whorehouse! PROST!
  3. Benedictum, benedaktum, in Africa the women run around naked. With us they wear clothes. Unfortunately! But do not lose heart! We still want to drink properly!
  4. Cheers, Cheers, Cheers We’ll go to the monastery today and make little fathers out of all the little fathers.

Short and sweet

  1. In this sense, off to the gutter!
  2. Get rid of that shit!
  3. Cheers you bastards! Cheers you sack!
  4. So young, we’ll never get together again
  5. Eating takes, drinking gives enthusiasm. – Jean Paul
  6. Here’s to the broads! Zack! Zack! Zack!
  7. Prostate!
  8. Thirst comes with drinking.
  9. This glass to the good spirit. – Friedrich Schiller
  10. Don’t talk long, head inside neck!


I hope you could get some inspiration and memorize one or the other saying. If you couldn’t remember anything, that’s not too bad either. Just check back on this page whenever you need a suitable toast. If you are interested in wine quotes, I recommend you to read my article "56 exciting wine quotes you will love!"

Do you know others Toasts, which must not be missing here? Leave a comment now. If it’s a good fit, I’ll take him on.

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