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Before Chloe was born, God sent Amenadiel to earth to bless a couple who were having difficulty conceiving a child. Amenadiel later realized that the couple he had blessed were John Decker and that Chloe had been the result of that. Chloe was born later in 1981.

Chloe’s father was an officer with Dan Espinoza, who was also an officer with the LAPD. They later married and had a daughter named Beatrice (nicknamed "Trixie"). Eventually Chloe and Dan split up, as she believes he always puts work before his family and never has time for her.

In the series [ ]

At the beginning of the episode "The Devil’s Time Out" Chloe first meets Lucifer Morningstar after aspiring musician Delilah is killed in a drive-by shooting outside Lucifer’s club Lux. Lucifer had used his influence to lure her into the spotlight, and although he treats most of humanity with bemused indifference, he takes an interest in finding Delilah’s killer and becomes Chloe’s unwanted partner. Thanks to Lucifer’s powers of persuasion, he is able to get enough information about the killer from psychiatrist Linda and track him down. The perpetrator, Delilah’s manager Jimmy, wanted the singer’s untimely demise to increase music sales. In a fit of rage, Jimmy shoots both Chloe and Lucifer – the bullets have no effect on the latter, and Lucifer makes sure Jimmy gets his punishment before rushing Chloe to the hospital. While Chloe is recovering (and trying to figure out who this guy really is), Lucifer decides that it would be fun to see criminals in L.A. to punish.

In "The Devil in Therapy" Chloe is released from the hospital, but is on sick leave. She uses the time to snoop around Lucifer’s past and finds out that the person is "Lucifer Morningstar" which did not exist until five years ago. She also tries to find out why the bullets could not harm Lucifer. A new case, however, turns Chloe’s attention in a different direction, as the son of a movie star was killed in a car accident. Paparazzo Nick, who stalked Chloe at her father’s funeral, confesses to the murder, but Chloe doubts it. Lucifer uses his powers and gets the truth out of Nick.

In "Sin Eater Dan and Chloe get divorced for good.

In "Girls’ Night Out Chloe searches for a new home. After a few glasses of alcohol, she agrees to share an apartment with Maze. At the end of the episode, Chloe is hit by a car after finishing a conversation on the phone regarding her new apartment.

At the end of "Monster", when Chloe overpowers the killer, Chloe shows genuine concern for Lucifer, telling him he was stupid and reckless, but he saved a woman’s life. However, Lucifer tells her that he didn’t take care of the woman, and Chloe asks him if he tried to kill himself. When she realizes that this was exactly what he had in mind, she tells him that he is not so. Lucifer tells her she doesn’t know who he is or what he did. Chloe finds out that he wants to be punished for something, and that is the reason why he acted the way he did. She asks him to talk to her, but Lucifer tells her she can’t understand and never will. Chloe is hurt by this, but she tells Lucifer to talk to his therapist "talk to her before it eats you alive".

At the beginning of the episode "Stewardess Interruptus" Chloe and Lucifer eat fries and hamburgers together for dinner. Both feel a special moment and lean forward to kiss. Lucifer interrupts, however, and says that he ordered fries, but not ketchup. Chloe then says that she hates ketchup. The elevator opens and Janna, the stewardess – one of Lucifer’s former lovers – interrupts them and calls out Lucifer’s name. Chloe and Lucifer look at Janna in surprise and Chloe, annoyed by Lucifer, gets up and wants to leave. Lucifer stops her, however, and tells her that he didn’t know Janna was coming, and she replies that she’ll give them ketchup. This statement stops Lucifer from telling her that they had a moment and he doesn’t want her to be angry. Chloe claims that she is not angry, but glad that Janna showed up. Lucifer wonders about this statement and asks her why she is happy about it. She responded by saying that Janna had stopped her from making a mistake. Lucifer tries to shout something at her, but the elevator is already closing.

Towards the end of "Stewardess Interruptus" Chloe tracks down Lucifer via his smartphone. She finds him standing on the beach with his jacket thrown over his shoulder. She jokes that she still has paperwork to do, which Lucifer pulls into a "moment" transformed. To her surprise, Lucifer tells her that he’s going to stop trying to create "moments" like this to have with her and she deserves someone better than him because he thinks Chloe is special. Chloe says, "You’re probably right.", before she leans over to kiss him.

In" Once upon a time …", set in an alternate universe created by God, Chloe’s life is shown as it would have been if her father John Decker had never been murdered. In this universe, Chloe remained an actress because her father did everything he could to keep her from being interested in becoming a police officer like him, which led to her becoming famous as a car thief, as the car thief became police officer Bonnie Gennaro in the Weaponizer movie franchise. This led to her never meeting Dan and never having Trixie, which means she has no child in this reality. She also never met Lucifer, Maze, Amenadiel and Charlotte, although she knows Linda because she was one of her patients at one point. This led Chloe to help Linda start a reality show called Doctor Linda, in which she appears as a therapist to celebrities. When a friend of hers is murdered, she goes against her father’s wishes and poses as a police officer to get information, which led her to meet with Lucifer, who is also investigating the murder since it took place at the Lux. The two worked together to find the killer, and after her father said he was proud of her, the two humorously discuss the possibility of Chloe becoming a real cop while Lucifer works with her, suggesting that the two will end up doing the same thing in this universe as they did in the original one.

In" Tricking Lucifer and sending him back to hell.

In" I die with my limbs raised! " Chloe has to infiltrate a car show and asks Lucifer for help, which he keeps insisting is their last case together. She meets Eva and learns who she really is. After Lucifer and Chloe are held hostage at the Lux along with Eva and Ella Lopez, Chloe and Lucifer are forced to confront their partnership. Chloe risks her life to save Lucifer, which shows him how much she really cares, and he decides to continue working with her. Later, Chloe talks to Amenadiel and expresses that she feels Eva would be good for Lucifer, to which Amenadiel replies that the fact that she cares about other people, even after everything she’s been through, is why her father is so proud of her. At first Chloe thinks it’s a phrase, until she realizes that Amenadiel has met her father in heaven.

In" Saving Lucifer" Lucifer struggles with his own self-hatred, while Chloe encourages him to be himself. She discovers that Lucifer’s devil face is beginning to take over his entire body and that he is unable to control it, and she helps him cover it up as they work to solve a case. Eva helps, which impresses Chloe. She tries to distract Lucifer while the devil inside him takes over, and plans to question Father Kinley about the true meaning behind the prophecy to help Lucifer overcome what is happening to him. Father Kinley escapes custody, however, and Lucifer transforms completely back into his devil self. Chloe helps Lucifer understand that he must forgive himself to regain control, and once he is back in his human body, they believe they have overcome the prophecy.

In" Who is the new prince of hell? " Lucifer is happy after finding out he has control of his life again. Chloe encourages Lucifer to take time off from work, but Lucifer assures her that she won’t have to see the monstrous side of him anymore, which relieves her. However, when murder victims rise from the dead and Charlie is kidnapped, they discover that Father Kinley, who was killed by Eve, has been taken over by a demon to fulfill the prophecy and make Charlie the new king of Hell in Lucifer’s absence. Together, Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, Eva and Chloe face off against demons to save Charlie and thwart the prophecy. When Lucifer embraces his devilish side to order the demons back to hell, Chloe looks on with pride after finally fully accepting him for who he is. Lucifer, however, knows he must return to hell to prevent the demons from rising again. After confessing her love for him and begging him not to leave, Lucifer admits that they were wrong about the prophecy – Lucifer’s first love was not Eve, but in fact Chloe. He leaves a heartbroken Chloe to rule over hell again.

Lucifer’s Return [ ]

Chloe struggles with Lucifer’s absence in the months following Lucifer’s return to hell. She seeks out Maze to help with the investigation, hoping it would provide her with a connection to Lucifer. She is thrilled, however, when she sees that Lucifer has returned; in truth, she is unaware that Michael, Lucifer’s brother, is impersonating him.

Chloe struggles with the newfound "Lucifer" And questions him about his different personality traits. Michael, pretending to be Lucifer, realizes that time is different in Hell and thousands of years there have changed him. Chloe quickly tires of Lucifer’s newfound persona and realizes that this impersonator is not Lucifer. Shortly after, she shoots Michael and is glad it’s not Lucifer. Upset that Chloe has foiled his plans, Michael reveals that Chloe is a "gift from God." is created especially for Lucifer. This shocks her, but she tries to reject Michael’s comments.

Deepening the relationship [ ]

When Lucifer finally returns to Earth, Chloe questions him about the feeling, and when he reveals that Michael’s remarks are true, she has doubts that her whole life has been a lie – driving Lucifer and Chloe apart.

A short time later, however, they are able to overcome the notion and grow closer than ever before. Chloe and Amenadiel finally talk about the gift of God, when she realizes that Amenadiel was the one who had blessed her parents, it causes tension between the two of them. Amenadiel, however, suggests that the "gift" is not Lucifer is not Chloe, but the fact that she is able to see Lucifer for who he really is; that is what makes him vulnerable around her.

Personality [ ]

Chloe is a down-to-earth, highly intelligent and good cop who takes pride in her work. Unlike the irreverent Lucifer, Chloe appreciates creating order out of chaos. She constantly rebuffs his sexual advances in season 1 and questions his lack of abstinence approach to investigative work, as it’s clear he doesn’t really understand police work (except in a few cases where she sees him getting results). Because of her skepticism about the Palmetto case, Chloe is unpopular in her department and has few friends – no one wants to be her partner.

Despite all the abominations she has witnessed in her years on the job, Chloe has maintained a caring and friendly nature, especially toward her friends and family. She enjoys spending time with Ella, Linda and even Lucifer, and she loves her daughter Trixie more than anything and always puts her first.

Physical appearance [ ]

Chloe is a beautiful woman of slender build, in her mid-30s, about 5’7" tall, with blue eyes and blond hair that she occasionally puts up in a ponytail or knot, but also lets down at the shoulders.

In her early days as a police officer, she wore the uniform typical of entry-level police officers. Now, for almost 10 years, she has been wearing clothes that are authentic to her profession as a detective: plain collared shirts, casual pants, boots, etc.

Forces and capabilities [ ]

Forces [ ]

Probably due to the miraculous circumstances of her birth, Chloe possesses some mystical powers.

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