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If someone in your circle has lost a precious person? In this case, to create careful lines for stylish condolences is often harder than thought. With our condolence sayings we would like to support you in the design of your funeral card. Our condolences were written by our own hands and with great care. In this way we hope that the drafting of your condolence will be a little easier for you and that you will find the sensitive words for yourself that are appropriate in a case of bereavement.

Take a moment to let the extensive selection of our verses take effect on you. Then, pick the condolences you feel are best suited for the grieving family’s condolences. Thus your sensitive and with much sympathy written condolences will surely be a good success and will help your dear fellow men over their heavy fate.  

Dignified expressions of sympathy ✍️

The Lord is with you
Your message has shaken me very much.
Your dad has passed away.
The disease has tested him badly.

The Lord knows what he does.
He brings back his own,
And angels protect the mourners.

My sincere condolences

The circle of life

Has closed for xxx.
We are deeply affected and feel with you.
we too will never forget the beautiful moments with xxx
and always carry her/him in our hearts.
After the dark winter, spring is coming again.
And with it the light and the colors,
that will bring you new hope and courage to face life.

You stood by your granny so bravely,
it will remain in your fond memory.
Your life goes on, she’ forward!
That’s what she wanted so much from you.

From my heart – my deepest condolences!

When a loved one passes away,
your own world suddenly seems to stand still,
While the world around you keeps spinning incessantly.
But your world will keep turning too –
because xxxxxx will have a firm place in your hearts
and always be with you.

We send you our sincere condolences.

The earth will continue to turn
Life goes on and on,
Also your time heals deep wounds.
For nights on end you sat by his bedside
And you will never forget him.

Love conquers even sorrow
If the memory caresses you.

My condolences from the bottom of my heart!

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I am with you all the way

My dear XXX,

Yesterday I received your shocking message.
I cried with you. She was honest, faithful and loyal.

The Lord sometimes makes decisions we don’t understand.
Let us trust in him together.

My heartfelt condolences!

We wish you the strength,
To be each other’s support in your time of grief.
We wish you the memory,
more precious than all the treasures of this world.
We wish you the certainty,
that you will meet again one day.

Our heartfelt condolences –
we feel and pray with you!

The message about XXX. sudden passing has hit me very hard in the heart.
He was a true sunshine.
Dear memories no one can take away.
Sometimes doors close, others open.

I am with you in thought.
My heartfelt condolence.

The love remains
My dear, I am very moved,
But he has found his redemption.
Unfortunately he was called away very early, but the Lord knew why.
Everyone keep holding on tight. You can do it!

A heartfelt hug – my condolences!

I am very sorry,
to have to learn about the death of your brother.
I think to know,
how you feel right now.
It must be unspeakably hard,
to have to let go of such a great person.
But I am sure,
that he is now in God’s hand
and thus found his peace.
Even if the parting had to come unfortunately unprepared,
I know that with a smile
and the thought of you has left this world.
that from now on he will put his protective hand over you,
even if you can not feel it.
As in life
you are now despite his passing still firmly connected.
I will do everything possible,
to support you with all means in the next time,
if you want it.
Your brother I will always keep in good memory,
as he deserves.

Sends you a silent greeting, ..

The memory lives on
We have lost our best,
God had given it to us.
It will remain in our memory
live till the end.

The news is like a thunderstorm,
But the Lord says "Do not be bitter."
He hold your dear hand!

Your message has shaken me very much,
Stay brave and don’t be bitter!
Love trumps death
also through the memory.
Am with the heart completely with you
You are such dear people.

My dear friends – my condolences from my heart!

I am very close to you

Dear XXX,
Just read your message with tears.
One wonders "how can it be?"
She was so sweet and brought you much joy.
I understand you only too well and am with you.

My heartfelt condolences!

The person goes – the love remains
Your devastating news reached me today.
You are having a hard time right now, let us hug you tenderly.
I know he was your everything.
I can sympathize with you, as you know.

My condolences and comfort!

In sincere sorrow I share your fate.
A good man has traveled to the stars.
Knowing he’ll be better off there,
than when I was alive encourages me
and should also encourage you.
He is now free from his torment
and can wait peacefully up there,
Until one day you too will go your way.
Until then, I wish you a full life full of joy.

Silence has occupied my heart
When I held your message in my hands.
I could hardly believe it.
I feel with you from the bottom of my heart.
I know how it is.
He was so kind and sincere.

My condolences from the bottom of my soul.

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On the death of your dear xxx,

we would like to express our condolences to you.
We wish you with all our hearts,
that the memory of wonderful moments together
will one day displace the grief
and put a smile on your lips.
Memories and love never die.

We are thinking of you!

He will never be forgotten
I received your message today, which also shocked me.
I know you are going through a hard time, but you are not alone.
We will all never forget him and think of him with love.

My condolences from the bottom of my heart!

One day you will feel,
that your gratitude can conquer your grief?.
One day you will smile,
When you remember unforgettable moments.
One day you will know,
that xxxx is always with you
and never left you.
Until then we will always be by your side.

Our heartfelt condolences!

She remains in our heart
Your shocking news I had to digest first of all.
I feel for you as you feel for me.
I know how it is – you feel torn apart.
There are also dear people with you.

My condolences – the Lord comfort you!

on the terrible death of your child
I would like to express you my deepest sympathy.
I cannot and do not like to imagine,
what is going on in you at the moment.
The hardest thing in life is,
it to lose a child.
He / she has now become your personal guardian angel
and will watch over you.
It was only a short time,
that you could spend together.
This one, however, was always full of life and love.
I know that the pain will never be completely gone.
I hope however,
that one day you will be able to live with the loss of your child
and find your laughter again.
I am happy to accompany you on this journey.

Unforgotten in our hearts
An angel has carried him away,
it had its reason.
Trust our Lord, even in this difficult time.
I feel for you from the bottom of my heart,
but sorrow is followed by consolation.
I am with you all the way.

God give you comfort and blessing.

the death of my work colleague, your husband
and father I have noted with dismay.
He was not only a colleague for me,
but also privately a good friend,
which does not make it easier.
His warm-heartedness
and constant readiness to always stand up for others,
shaped not only our friendship,
but also our cooperation.
He leaves a big hole.
Both as a friend, as well as a work colleague am,
I am very upset about the loss
and share with you my sincere condolences.

With sad greetings xxx

Funeral wreath as an expression of condolence

Silence filled the room,
when your message reached us.
Hard times are ahead for everyone,
who was allowed to know your husband –
and yet yours will be the hardest.
It is not fair,
that fantastic people like xxx
have to leave this world first.
Our door is always wide open for you.

My heartfelt condolences

My heartfelt condolences on the death of xxxxx.

I feel so much with you,
I can almost feel the sadness with my hands.
But when I close my eyes
and thinking of him/her, there is no more death.
I look into joyful eyes,
hear a contagious laughter,
feel a firm handshake
or a warm hug.

Dear family ..,

my sincere condolences go out to you in this difficult hour.
To cope with the loss of a mother is certainly especially difficult.
I have always known her as a courteous
and friendly neighbor experienced.
Whenever it was necessary she was glad to help me.
Therefore I send you a silent greeting
and my thoughts are with you.
Should you need help in the near future,
I will gladly stand by your side.

A dear greeting
Your Max Mustermann

I was shocked and stunned to receive the news of your husband’s death today.
I am deeply upset and my thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
I wish you much strength and people who will stand by you.

My heartfelt condolences.

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We are with you and your dear deceased in our thoughts.
Our hearts are heavy, because we know,
what valley of sorrow you are going through now.
Please believe us that you are never alone.

Our deepest condolences for your loss.

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For your painful loss
we would like to express our heartfelt condolences to you.
We know how it hurts,
to lose a close relative.
And yet beautiful memories always remain,
that we can keep in our hearts.

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