Connect alexa with light: so easy you can set up your alexa lamps ” with step-by-step instructions!

You want your Connect Alexa with light or perhaps to another device in your home couple? Whether it’s the kitchen light, the coffee maker, the heater, or even the electric blinds – your cell phone or the Bluetooth speaker from Amazon makes it possible! Because the maturation of the smart or, as they say, "intelligent" home has been coming within reach for the end consumer in leaps and bounds for years now. Thanks to the always stylish and now affordable products for our futuristic homes, you can now start confidently into the future.

A smart home means, for example, that you can connect all sorts of devices that you have connected in your home and control them via your smartphone, your tablet or even via voice commands using Amazon ECHO can control.

By the way, stylish light plays a very important role in the smart home. Because did you know that remotely controllable light is one of the pioneers in the intelligent home? No? Then stay tuned, because we’ll show you how to connect Amazon Alexa to your lamp and test for you whether it’s really as smart as advertised!

Amazon Echo Dot

Set up Amazon ECHO: How do Alexa& Co.?

There is a lot of choice on the market when it comes to smart lighting. Amazon ECHO is one of the current top favorites for many people. Because the stylish speaker is a device that is ideal for flexibly combining all smart home components with each other.

With the right Amazon Echo App and other additional functions (called "skills" at Amazon) will certainly make your life easier. Whether you want to dim or turn on the living room light with electronic help, listen to music or control your coffee maker via smart sockets – your girlfriend Amazon Alexa is always at your side to increase your general living comfort.

Controlling lamps with Amazon Alexa

Just as smart as Amazon Echo: Paul Neuhaus lights can be easily controlled remotely via smartphone app! But back to the smart light: All you need for a remotely controllable light by Amazon ECHO is first of all the speaker itself and a compatible light source.

What makes Amazon ECHO special is its built-in female voice, "Alexa". You can actually communicate with it like with a human being, because Amazon Alexa picks up your acoustic commands via the 6 integrated microphones and passes them on to the executing components, such as a smart light fixture. They in turn use it to trigger an activity, such as dimming the lights in the living room. So you can easily connect your Control lamp with Amazon ECHO.

Amazon Echo and data protection

In terms of data protection, Amazon assures you that despite the 6 microphones in the speaker, Amazon ECHO only records what you say as soon as the activation word "Alexa" is uttered. Otherwise your microphones are inactive. By the way: The same technology is also in other devices, such as your iPhone, which also contains up to 3 microphones. Here, too, Siri only becomes active when you "call" her.

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