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Conquer a man – A life as a single man has certain advantages. You are independent, strong and can do whatever you want. If you just feel like it, you can also conquer a man. Somewhere it also stabs you in the heart every time you are in a celebratory mood and your friends tell you that they would rather spend a cozy couples’ night out. Well then, you think. Then I just spend the evening alone, cook a huge portion of spaghetti and cry myself to sleep afterwards. But this is not necessary, because it is easier for you to conquer a man than you might think. Sure, loose dates and short jokes with the gentlemen are easy to set up, you know that. But how can you really conquer a man?? In your ears conquering a man sounds like an elaborate and very complicated undertaking. Not, however, if you first give some thought to how you can conquer a man. With a few helpful tips it is not difficult at all. You will quickly realize that conquering a man is the end of your boring evenings alone. And how you can set this up and conquer a man, you will learn below.

Conquer a man: What exactly is "conquering a man" supposed to mean??

In principle, there are two things that can be conquered: Kingdoms, but also men. If you think about it, you’ll realize that it’s nothing like picking up a guy at a party who only wants to spend one night with you. Conquer, that sounds difficult and requires a well thought out plan. After all, the term "conquer" is often used in the military field and means to bring a certain territory under your control. So you must also imagine a man conquer. You don’t want to invite him politely for a coffee just for a short time. Your plan is to bring the gentleman of your choice under your control, so to speak. It doesn’t even mean that you have to start flirting with him right away. On the contrary, conquering a man requires that you keep him guessing for a certain amount of time. You conquer his mind – in bed, at work, everywhere. That’s why it needs to be planned when you want to conquer a man.

Conquering a man: First, your prey is carefully selected

If you want to conquer a man, you first have to come up with a strategy that promises a win. For this to really work, it must be individually matched to your object of desire. For this reason it is important whether you already have a certain gentleman on the screen or if you want to find one first. Situation A means: There is already for some time someone who has aroused your interest. Very good! Now you can work through the checklist, whether it could be possible or useful to want to conquer not only a man, but this man of all men. Ask yourself why he is not yours yet. If you have simply not dared to do so, nothing stands in your way. However, if he is in a relationship, you might want to refrain from your plan. Of course you can try to win him for yourself. However, in such a case you must be able to reconcile this with your conscience. You may even be able to steer him away from his girlfriend. You only have to be aware of the fact that your behavior would then be very unfair. Also, it is said that people who have left someone for you are more likely to leave you for someone else. So this case should be taken with a grain of salt. But if you have not yet dared to do so, now is your time. Conquering a man requires courage and self-confidence.

Conquer a man: Make the best of yourself!

You can wear baggy sweaters and sweatpants again if you have already won over the man of your dreams. However, since you want to achieve this first, you must first work on yourself. This does not mean that you should pretend and dress exactly according to the latest fashions. It is more important that you wear clothes that make you feel really attractive. And that every day. The clothes should underline your type and you should feel comfortable in them. If you feel good, you automatically look good.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have a health check-up. What does this have to do with conquering a man?? It’s simple: vitamin deficiency can drag down your mood and if you always feel tired and weak, you don’t have the strength to conquer a man. In addition, your health is also reflected in your appearance. Acne, dry skin, tired eyes and weak, brittle hair – all this can be related to your diet. Apart from that you should establish an extensive care routine. Not only because you will look radiant and beautiful afterwards, but because you will feel even more attractive if you know how much you value your appearance.

So the first step is made to be able to conquer a man. Make-up plays here actually only a secondary role. If you are simply not a fan of make-up, you can leave it alone. Because if you don’t feel good with makeup on, you’ll radiate it. This way the whole effect would be gone. Instead, you can simply take care of your skin and get enough sleep. Many gentlemen of creation prefer a natural look anyway. But if you like to put on make-up and present your best self with a meticulously composed make-up, go ahead! Conquering a man only works if you feel really attractive. Would you fall for your advances if you were unkempt and shy?? Probably not.

A good idea to make you feel especially erotic is perfume. It is best to choose one that you think suits you perfectly. So you get used to the scent quickly, but if you want to conquer a man, it can not hurt if every time he smells your scent somewhere else must immediately think of you. Note: You want to make sure that he cannot escape from you. Therefore, it is advantageous if you appeal to all his senses.

Conquer a man: attract attention, attract attention, attract attention!

When you have figured out how to feel like a goddess, it is time. Drama, baby! Of course, you can’t just introduce yourself and hope that the man of your dreams will automatically come after you. With a little acting and subtle flirting you can achieve much more and make sure that conquering a man is no longer a problem for you.

It is important that you make sure that he notices you. How you do this is really up to you. In any case, you need a lot of self-confidence for this. You will probably have seen a movie where the first meeting between the future couple is a clumsy collision. This can work, sure. However, there are also clearly less artificial alternatives. For example, you shouldn’t be ashamed to laugh openly around him. Of course, no fake laughter. However, many women make the mistake of thinking that loud laughter is unattractive. On the contrary, this is a way to draw attention to yourself. At the same time, a hearty laugh is sympathetic and demonstrates a sense of humor that is essential to conquer a man. If you notice that he is watching you – perfect! This is your chance to throw a welcoming smile.

If you have common friends with your chosen one, conquering a man is even easier for you. Let that friend tell you something about him and then introduce you to each other. In this way you will not be completely unprepared for the conversation and you may be able to find some common ground. Conquering a man is therefore really no art.

Conquering a man: speaking without words

Some of you who had to deal with Paul Watzlawick in school will probably remember the famous sentence: You can’t not communicate. The same goes for anyone who wants to conquer a man. Even if you do not actively communicate with him by talking, you can use your unconscious communication for your own purposes. Namely by means of your body language. Each of us, without being aware of it, is sensitive to unspoken symbols. Therefore, it is important to be able to control them.

The most important aspect is eye contact. Try to exchange glances with your potential victim as often as possible. You should not stare at him, but look over from time to time, and when you notice that he is looking back, smile if possible. Even in a conversation you should maintain eye contact. One tip is to look for your reflection in his eyes. This makes the look particularly intense and seductive.

Speaking of mirroring: mirroring is also very effective. You can copy your partner’s gestures during the conversation. Unconsciously, such a reflection is perceived as sympathetic. By the way, you can use tips like these also outside your love life: Mirroring also works in the professional world. Apart from techniques to make you look sympathetic, there are also certain gestures that help to conquer a man. For example, you can subtly draw the gentleman’s attention to your lips – for example, by moistening them or applying lip balm. Playing with a strand of your hair or stroking your collarbones can also help you to conquer a man. However, you must not appear uninterested and closed off. Therefore, you should remember to lean towards your conversation partner instead of turning away from him. Crossed arms or legs also have a negative effect.

Apart from the things that have to do with touching each other inconspicuously, after a while you can go on the offensive. For example, you can tell a story about your perfume and ask him to sniff your wrist or neck. You can also put a hand on his shoulder or thigh while you are talking. In any case you should overcome your fear of contact.

Conquer a man: now we’re getting serious!

If everything went as planned, after some time you will notice his interest in you. Now you can cleverly thread that he also notices that this is mutual. It is optimal if he only hears this from a third party and is therefore not sure if it is true. So he will be forced to find out for himself by going out with you. One strategy is, for example, to involve a friend who is a friend of both of you. So she should accidentally drop in a conversation that he pleases you.

If you are too impatient for such games, you can also invite him to a meeting. Still, it’s best to do things that don’t sound too obvious for a date. Maybe you can tell him that you have some time before a date and if he wouldn’t like to keep you company over a coffee. The date can be fictitious. At this point you can get creative if you want to conquer a man.

Conquer a man: Take the initiative

You want to conquer a man, not be conquered. That’s why at your meeting it’s up to you to take the first step. Instead of waiting for him to come out of his shell, you can try getting close to him. For example, it is smart to tell him you are cold. Of course, only if it is not exactly 30 degrees Celsius. If he makes no effort to warm you in any way, take him calmly in your arms! This does not immediately suggest that you want to win him over. However, it will leave an impression on him if you go on the offensive.

If after a few meetings you finally want a kiss and he is still not ready, you can, for example, get very close to his face and show a slight smile. If you sense that he is interested but doesn’t have the courage to go all the way, kiss him lightly on the nose. After all, conquering a man means that you take the active part. Depending on the situation, you can also just grab his hand, for example, if you supposedly think that he is walking too slowly or you want to show him something.

Conquering a man: staying mysterious

After you have had your first, second or third meeting, you should not write or call him all the time. Sometimes it makes a more interesting impression if you make yourself a little scarce. This is also a good strategy to find out how much interest he has in you. If he keeps trying to contact you – congratulations, you’ve done it! You could conquer a man! But even if you get less from him than you hoped for, it doesn’t mean that you can’t conquer a man. After some time you can try to write him a message casually. His reaction will betray his pleasure in any case.

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