Corona pediatric days: how to take them and what application is needed?

Working parents now get extra pediatric sick days to care for their children when schools and daycares are closed. We show what you need to know.

Working parents who need to care for their children due to closed schools and daycare centers will now receive additional children’s sick days in lieu of special Corona leave*. And retroactive to 5. January 2021. This is what the Bundestag and Bundesrat have decided. The law may soon come into force after being signed by German President Frank-Walter-Steinmeier (As of 19. January 2021) . What you need to know about entitlement, application and amount of children’s sick pay you can find out here.

Who is eligible for pediatric sick days?

Working parents are entitled to children’s sick days not only when their children are sick, but during the Corona measures even if the Care at home will be required. About when

  • School, daycare center or also the facility for people with disabilities closed due to pandemic is,
  • individual classes or daycare groups in quarantine must contact,
  • if the facility is open for business, but authorities Compulsory attendance suspended have,
  • if parents are required to keep their children pandemically if possible at home to care for.

This applies expressly also if Parents in the home office work.

The prerequisite is that parents are employed and insured by law are entitled to sick pay themselves and have a Child under 12n need to care for. This age limit does not apply to children with disabilities. Anyone who can assign a person from the same household to take care of the child has no claim.

Parents with private insurance and those eligible for assistance must file their claim under Section 56 of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG), the federal government says on its website.

How many children’s sick days families receive per year?

In 2021, fathers and mothers will each receive 20 children’s sick days per year and child, that is, for couples, a total of 40 pediatric days per child. Single parents receive double the entitlement, i.e., 40 days per child.

From the third child onwards, the entitlement increases once again by 10 days to a maximum of 90 children’s sick days. Other children in the family are not counted.

Amount of children’s sick pay: This is how much money parents receive

During the children’s sick day taken, parents will be paid instead of the regular salary the Child sickness benefit paid. This amounts to up to 90 percent of the net lost wages.

Do I have to apply for the children’s sick days to my employer?

Entitlement to children’s sick pay does not depend on the consent of the employer, in this respect there is also no need for a separate application. However, employees must inform their supervisor inform immediately that they are taking children’s sick days. „What immediate means always depends on the individual case – for example, on how quickly or since when an employee knew that he or she would not be able to meet the childcare requirements elsewhere", says Bjorn Otto, specialist lawyer for labor law at the law firm CMS Germany to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa).

How to apply for children’s sick pay?

To apply for children’s sick leave benefits, all you need to do is submit a Certificate from the institution or school, That it is closed or not attended. You submit the certificate to your health insurance company. (as) * is part of the nationwide Ippen Central editorial network.

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