Corona: quick test immediately shows which products are safe

Health : How safe is my Corona rapid test?? How to find out in the store

How far can you trust the result of the Corona test? The new self-test provides information about this

Trier In the store, there are often different Corona quick tests for home use next to each other. The customer may already suspect that not all work equally well. Now you can immediately check which test is better.

Robert Marlander

There is a long list of antigen rapid tests that are approved in Germany. Which of these work most reliably is unfortunately not apparent to the customer in the store. There are drastic deviations between the results of different products. For some, the efficacy is below the threshold that the government Paul Ehrlich Institute considers acceptable.

A new online tool now makes it possible to quickly check with a smartphone what a particular Corona rapid test is worth.

How can I do the quick test online?

The consumer only has to quicktest the site.en call. There are two options. First, you can scan the barcode of the quick test package. It is easy to do with the camera of the smartphone. The page then automatically finds the product and can display the result. The second option is to search by entering text. For this, the consumer enters, for example, the name of the test or the name of the manufacturer.

If the result shows a green tick, the test has met the requirements of the Paul Ehrlich Institute (Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Products). also shows some more information about the measured reliability of the Corona rapid test.

Who is behind and where the data comes from?

The Paul Ehrlich Institute had already presented an evaluation on this topic in November 2021. The institute is responsible, among other things, for the government control of various drugs. However, the results of all the studies were only available as a large, unwieldy table. A fast, digital reconciliation was hardly possible for consumers. This gap has now been closed by the hacker collective "zerforschung" with the quick test test. Thanks to the voluntary efforts of the contributors, the existing data are made easily accessible for the first time.

What does the score say about the individual Corona rapid test?

The reliability of a rapid test also depends on the individual case. Therefore, the tests use a predefined viral load value at which the rapid tests must pass on average. The sensitivity of a test is considered acceptable if it is at least 75 percent positive for a high viral load. The measured value for the sensitivity at lower viral load is also given by the rapid test.

Why can’t I find every product in the quick test??

The makers of "zerforschung" explain that the database will not provide a result for every barcode. This is not because products are missing from the Paul Ehrlich Institute’s data. It is due to the fact that not all packages for all Corona rapid tests have been recorded yet. The same test can be sold in different package sizes with different barcodes, for example. In such cases, "zerforschung" asks to send a picture of the package and the code so that the database can be replenished with it. However, it may take some time for the update to show up on the website. Entering such data is not only done on a voluntary basis, but also by hand.

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